To give or not to give? That is the Question.

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As a Franciscan Hermit I am disposed to totally agree with this tweet:

But as someone who loves the Church and realizes that such institutions are giving a horrible example of craven self serving compliance to apostasy, I have to actually agree with this tweet:

Because, in truth, if we love God more than ourselves and more than appearances, we have to love the Church more than ourselves, and that means loving what is conducive here and now to solving Her worse and most urgent problem, which is, by far, what those in communion with Bergoglio won’t talk about: the removal of Bergoglio from the Vatican.

If Convents, Monasteries and Priestly societies feel the pinch because they prefer to remain silent while Holy Mother Church is raped and Jesus Christ is crucified by institutional reforms to promote sacrilegious communion, that is only justice! It is far less that what the Church is feeling!

I for one am most grateful for the support received for this apostolate, FromRome.Info. I hope it serves as an example to clergy and religious everywhere, that speaking the truth does not have to be the exclusive provenance of layman. God has blessed you if you can do this work without seeking help. Those of us who would be literally living on the sidewalk without it, however, are grateful.

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3 thoughts on “To give or not to give? That is the Question.”

  1. Praise the Lord for he always provides for his children. Only pagans worry about what to eat, drink, or what to clothe. And only the Lavender Mafia steals the goods of the Church to build more businesses that will sustain their sinful structures, fund their works of evil, and subjugate other victims like lay run non profit organizations, Catholic media platforms, etc.

    Is it morally permissible for a Catholic to donate money to their Bergoglian parish any longer? Or to any website and/or organizations that are “required” to give a cut of their fundraising money from campaigns, subscriptions, or events, over to a Bergoglian bishop, a parish pastor or diocese?

    Why would I give that complicit website or organization any money if I know a chunk of it will end up where God does not want my money to end up??

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