Doesn’t that mean, he is still the pope?

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

So a little old man who is as frail as any 93 year old man might be — though some are in better health and others not so — writes 100 pages in small folio about the Catholic priesthood and emphasizes that chastity and celibacy are part of the Sacred and Divine Tradition regarding priesthood.

And the entire Catholic world goes into an uproar. Nearly all praising the little old man, but with a vicious back draft from the hateful Main Stream Media who want him to shut up and hateful liberal clergy who likewise want him to go away, and from hate filled self-proclaimed Trad writers, publications and priestly institutes who are upset he keeps intervening and have always hated him more than you would imagine. — Do they not remember Summorum Pontificum? Guess not.

And the end result is that the evil plans of Bergoglio at least for now, regarding anti-celibacy and anti-priesthood, have been shelved. Cardinal Marx is announcing his retirement.


Does that not mean that the little old man is the katechon (2 Thessalonians 2:7), that which holds back the spirit of the Antichrist, according to the Apostle Saint Paul?

And does that not mean, that he is still the one and only true Pope and Vicar of Christ?


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a close up of the front cover of the English edition of Antonio Socci’s Book, The Secret of Benedict XVI, by Angelico Press, about which FromRome.Info published a review, and is used here to remind everyone of that books historical importance.

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8 thoughts on “Doesn’t that mean, he is still the pope?”

  1. “… the evil plans of Bergoglio at least for now, regarding anti-celibacy and anti-priesthood, have been shelved.” Not at all. See Louie Verrocchio’s analysis at

    1. Being shelved in English, does not mean that they have been destroyed, only that they are not on the desk. I agree 100% with Louie on his analysis. But Benedict kept it from being said openly and that means he mobilized a lot of opposition among the Hierarchy. — And that could not be except by the grace of God — which I recognize and can see, and so can many others, even if some cannot.

      With an evil Jesuit, they never go away, they always plot to come back again some day.

  2. Amen, Fra Bugnolo!

    Benedict XVI is holding back the coming of the Antichrist, and is revealing the hearts of many who are complicit to the false prophet, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

    Why do the amazonian, tribal, Trad Incas, freak out whenever Benedict XVI speaks out against their Chief Eagle Feather Bergoglio? I conclude the following given my personal experience.

    The people in Trad Inc. freak out because they have certain endeavors that they operate (whether ministries, charities, apostolates, blogs, websites), all of which involve money and social gatherings. Whenever the true pope Benedict XVI speaks out, and whenever some pestilent pro-BXVI-er comes around their way, they panic because they fear that their projects and endeavors will be destabilized or threatened. This is because they need to make it seem as if their churchey operations are happy-clappy, in full communion with the pope (in their minds Bergoglio), otherwise, they fear losing stability in their audience and ultimately lose the… wait for it… you guessed it! MONEY. It’s all about the MONEY!

    This is why they persecute any pestilent Catholic who knows that Benedict XVI is the True Pope. In other cases, they’ll try to use control tactics try and pin down pro-BXVI Catholics, but DO NOT fear Trad Incas. They are scrambling scared and terrified of losing the little bit they have left.

    Our Lord tells us otherwise: “For to him who has will more be given, and will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has left will be taken away.” (Mt 13, 12)

  3. I agree. Benedict is doing the best he can to hold back the tide of evil coming from Bergoglio and Vatican II. He is acting in the face of on-gong retaliation thus he is doing what a good and courageous Pope would do helping to show he is the legitimate Pope while Bergoglo is a usurper. Thanks be to God and our Blessed Mother.

  4. “hate filled self-proclaimed Trad writers”. I like that Br. Bugnolo calls them out for who they are. Those self-proclaimed Trads have caused as much damage to the Church as have the Modernists. They forget that St. John Paul ll from the beginning of his Pontificate set out to restore the Traditional Mass and as Br. Bugnolo points out, they also forget Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum.

  5. This is a great point. Every day the next crash of the Modernist wrecking ball can be delayed is a chance for more of the faithful, lay and clerical and consecrated alike, to see through the smokescreen.

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