Despair, Control and Do-nothingness

By. Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Resisting and breaking free from a cultural of propaganda requires understanding what it does to those who keep listening to it, without reacting virtuously.

The goal of the pro-Bergoglian propaganda is to get you to stop resisting him, to break you down with constant scandals, so that you give up hope for the Catholic Church and begin to accept what you are told to do to deny Jesus Christ. It is like the Aggiornamento on steroids.

I explained the utter malignancy begin the spirit of the Aggiornamento in my essay, The Downfall of Luciferian Pride. Now, it is time to do the same for the Bergoglian Church.

The Causes are Systematic but not Institutional

The causes of the current Crisis in the Church are systematic, not Institutional. That is, the Church has from God just as much favor and grace as She has always had, and the graces and fonts of holiness in those Orders, Monasteries, Congregations and Societies founded by Saints are just as present and vital as ever.

The problem rather is systematic. That is, it is the classes of persons who have been put in power in the institutions of the Church or accepted as members. And it has been a long process of filtration of candidates.

Necessary in all of this was Vatican II and the aggiornamento. The Anti-Church needed a way to set up a litmus test whereby they could exclude Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious and Laity from the power structures of the Church, and yet do it in the light of day in the name of being faithful to the Church. The means for that was  Vatican II, because at Vatican II the Gospels are replaced by the documents of Vatican II, and Catholic Tradition is replaced by the Aggiornamento. Now anyone who says that fidelity to the Gospels or Tradition means we must oppose this or that of Vatican II, or this or that interpretation of Vatican II, is “resisting the Holy Spirit”, “opposing the Council”, “not faithful to the Church” etc. etc. — I do not have to recite it, you have heard it for 60 years.

So we have to recognize that the people we are dealing with, either the Bergoglians who are actively destroying the Church or those who do nothing and allow them to destroy the Church, are NOT the persons they should be: and they most likely are so far from God in their personal lives that they have not the grace of God or the Faith of the Church in them, to cause even a small reaction. They are dead. And it is no exaggeration to say that they are spiritually dead, because in 7 years we have not seen a truly Catholic response from them. Many of them may not even be members of the Church on account of heresy, schism or apostasy, which they have done in public, but just has not been reported.

Class warfare

The real class warfare, then, of this class of walking but dead Catholics is against those few Catholics who are still living their faith. We are the target because it comes almost naturally to us — by the grace of  God, not by our own doing — that we

  • Find Bergoglio revolting
  • Recognize that he has not the Faith
  • Recognize that such a man could never be the Pope
  • Recognize that he is the greatest enemy of the Church in 2000  years
  • Recognize that what he is doing is demonic
  • Recognize that he is a False Prophet if not The False Prophet or the Antichrist
  • Recognize that he must be opposed at all costs
  • Recognize that the cult of which he is the Head is not the Catholic Church
  • Recognize immediately that Benedict is still the pope because he did not resign the Petrine Munus, as canon 332 §2 requires
  • Recognize that it is grave sin to compromise and collaborate with Bergoglio

Consequently, this dead class of individuals who sacrificed God, Faith, Friends and Family to betray everything for their career, are just the kind of men to be asked to buckle down and destroy more souls as a sign of loyalty to the Godfather of the Ecclesiastical Mafia.

Once you understand that, you can react in a more catholic way and with a lot less confusion and control from them.

Catholics who live the faith must understand that the Church belongs to us more than to them. And that no office in the Church has the authority to command what is against the Gospel, Sacred Tradition or the perennial magisterium, let alone what is in favor of that which is harmful to souls or promotive of demon worship or moral perversion.

Moreover, any Cardinal or Bishop or priest who knowingly rejects canon 332 to justify his adherence to the Antipope has lost all office and authority in the Church. So it is not even a question of refusing them obedience, they have no title according to which they can demand it. And pretty soon, all those who continue to name Bergoglio in the Canon will be in formal schism as well, because all those who could have known but refused to know will partake of the sin of schism and lose their offices.

So, we should take heart: God is on our side. And they only have death at their back.

Tactics of Control

The constant stream of news of scandals and sacrileges is intended to cause you to despair, to make you think the Class of the walking dead will win and that there is nothing you can do. They want you to move from shock to despair to surrender.

And then from surrender to compromise, silence and then to praise and applause.

We can see what they do and what the effect is if we just take a look at one blog like Rorate Caeli and how they have changed in 7 years. I know this case very well, as I was an avid commenter there, when they allowed comments, before Feb. 28, 2013, and I was the most ardent anti-Ratzinger commenter there, who was not a sedevacantist.

But the day Bergoglio was proclaimed pope, Rorate, who had defended Pope Benedict XVI ardently and praised him daily for Summorum Pontificum, now took the position that Bergoglio was the worst possible candidate to be elected and published a devastating and highly accurate and indeed prophetic denunciation of Bergoglio in the first 24 hours, if I remember correctly. KNOWING nothing about Bergoglio I took the position that we should not presume to judge the pope but give him a chance to show what kind of a man he will be — I was wrongly presuming he had just received the papal munus and that the prayer of Christ would now obtain for him great graces — neither had happened.

But yesterday Rorate told the world not to financially support any public commentator who is not declaring Bergoglio’s Exhortation on the Amazon a gift from God.

It is a 180 degree about face, and no reason really is given for it, except this, that Rorate refused to investigate the validity of the narrative given to the world by the St. Gallen Mafia, even after they admitted the St. Gallen Mafia was in control and are inveterate liars. They preferred to buckle down and accept the position of the FSSP that Bergoglio is unquestionably the pope.

Trad Inc. has pretty much followed suit. They are much more willing to attack faithful Catholics now than they are to question the narrative. They have accepted the narrative and won’t risk the slightest bit of social alienation from their group by daring to do so. They want everyone to work together, with them who wont question the narrative, and the only condition they have is that you stop questioning the narrative!

I think if you have half a brain you can see where that will lead.

In Conclusion

We need to pay much more attention to the Narrative Control techniques. There is such an endemic culture of lying that praising lies is considered the only moral norm left.

And we cannot hesitate to call out the apostates as they reveal themselves. You will see them sprout up among the population of do-nothings, because silence is consent. That is, those who refuse to take a position are not what we might want them to be, those struggling with coming out and joining the forces which oppose the AntiChurch, rather, they are more likely to be those who have no problem with it or think that by playing a waiting game they will not be changed.

But if you do not declare evil evil, and lies lies, then you have changed. You have betrayed the most fundamental duty of your Baptism: to reject Satan, his pomps and his false promises.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo by Br. Bugnolo of some street art at Rome.

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8 thoughts on “Despair, Control and Do-nothingness”

  1. It is the duty of every member of the Remnant Faithful to try to open the eyes of the”walking dead” – to open their eyes; to help them not to give in to despair, or fear, or criticism, or pressure from friends, loved ones and even clergy who may mean well but are like blind Bartimeus. God will give us the graces we need, but we have to ask -especially for courage, discernment and perseverence; I might add – even joy.
    We are God’s army and we are fortunate because we know we are on the winning side.

  2. That’s right. Let us ask the Divine Physician to breathe life back into the dead church, to revive those dead souls and give flesh to their dried skull and bones, with the power of His Holy Spirit. May He rekindle their first love for Truth, Tradition, and Church, that they may take a definitive stand against the diabolical regime of Bergoglio, for the salvation of souls.

  3. Agree 100%. I would add an 11th item to your list:

    —–Recognize that Vatican II has been a catastrophe for the Church and must be abrogated in its entirety.

  4. It’s like climbing the Himalayas in flip flops. How are we as individuals to make contact if every website is taking the wait & see position? I have even been called ‘diabolical’ on one site without any correction by the monitor who admitted he often keeps back for days the posts of those he is not in full agreement with in order to control the subject in hand. Also, on his admission, his site receives a lot of money from Opus Dei which is held in disrepute here in Spain & that site has never reported the many abuse cases they were involved in.

    Then there is the problem with those sites who appear to be Traditional in that they publish articles that are hard-hitting against the Vatican Mafia but when it comes to their readers supportive responses in similar vein their ‘scam’ systems completely obliterate them. This is also a type of systemic control which doesn’t allow conscientious opinion to be published & discussed.

    One has to questions what is Tradition? To me it means Orthodox – keeping to the traditional teaching of the OHC&A Church as instituted by Jesus Christ & not interfered with by Masonic Marxists who have no love of Our Saviour (probably no belief) & who want to rid the CC of its Doctrine, Sacred Scripture, Ten Commandments, Sacraments etc. to make way for the Anti-Christ. Keeping people quiet & obedient to their bidding is vital for their success & so far they have been very successful.

    1. Don’t waste your time writing websites. Write to your Bishop and speak with the local clergy. Use the information in the Handbook I wrote, for Saving the souls of the clergy See Right margin, top most link.

  5. How many Bishops & Cardinals does one have to write to? I have lost count of the actual number I’ve contacted & have received no response. It is a futile undertaking as they are all in the PF Camp or are easily blackmailed. As it is vital to get the average pew-sitter on side, the only way to do this is to persist in asking for an honest appraisal of PBXVI’s resignation with regard to the Canons governing papal resignations & an authoritative ruling on the hastily called conclave that followed it which ignored PJPII’s rules & the presence of a live incumbent of the PO residing in situ wearing the full papal regalia. It is nonsense for the PF crowd to suggest there can be a bifurcation of the PO giving us an acting pope & a silent prayerful one with the tag Emeritus. This is demonic & unfortunately held by many active canon lawyers on the Trad.Inc side.

    1. It is not futile. But you should record the names of those whom you have written. I think it is time for Catholics to start mapping out the Apostasy, bishop by bishop, diocese by diocese….

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