AP squashes reporting on Vatican’s persecution of Catholics at Grex Vocum

Rome — Feb. 15, 2020: On Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020, more than 20 Catholics came to the Piazza San Pietro to attend the event known as, Grex Vocum. The event organized by Catholics of the Diocese of Rome was to be an occasion in which the faithful would respectfully express — in accord with their canonical rights granted in Canon 212 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, promulgated by john Paul II — their disapproval for the course of events in the Church in the last seven years.

As soon as the event began at 11:30, numerous policemen descended upon anyone in the Piazza whom they thought might be attending the event, and if they admitted such, their passports or identification papers were taken and held without cause. Then if any cause could be found they were escorted out of Vatican territory. This happened regardless of whether the persons were speaking or not.

In one case, a woman from Northern Italy was asked to leave the Piazza because upon opening her handbag the Police found pro-life literature against euthanasia! This testimony was given FromRome.Info Video last night.

Br. Bugnolo, as has been reported, was taken away for questioning.  Br Bugnolo is a citizen journalist and editor of this News Site. Bugnolo was told during questioning that whatever claims he would make would be communicated to the Vatican Secretary of State. His detention on Vatican soil was a gross violation of the rights of the free press in addition to his rights in accord with the international Charter for Human Rights regarding freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom to cross international borders.

Yet, as of today, to the knowledge of FromRome.Info, the Associated Press has not published any report about the Vatican’s persecution of peaceful Catholics on its own sovereign territory nor about the expulsion of legal non-immigrants from its territory.

According to the testimony given Br. Bugnolo, the AP had a camera crew in Italian territory capable of filming the harassment and persecution of Catholics. His apprehension was witnessed by another faithful who captured it on camera. In his photos are images of the Associated Press reporter who witnessed it all. The AP reporter has Br. Bugnolo’s contact information, yet failed to contact him as of this morning, even though she asked several times for an interview and promised to contact him for one.

All of this raises serious ethical questions about the Associated Press’ collaboration with the Bergoglian regime at the Vatican which suppresses the rights of Catholics in broad daylight in the presence of their reporters and camera crews!


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo taken by Br. Bugnolo in the Piazza S. Petro, minutes before being accosted by the police.

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4 thoughts on “AP squashes reporting on Vatican’s persecution of Catholics at Grex Vocum”

  1. This is why people like President Trump and Kellyanne Conway, will continue calling out the fake media for who they are. But what about “Catholic” media? They’ll report on Bergoglio gay-slapping a woman or Michael Matt stunt-protesting in Munich (if the tree fell but nobody saw it did it make a noise?)

    Did Br. Bugnolo actually get treated like someone would in Auschwitz or Communist China if the Catholic media didn’t report it? Eh, then again… look who their pope is…

  2. Br. Alexis: Such is the treatment one should expect from totalitarian regimes but not from Holy Mother Church. The fact that you received such treatment is a clear indication and additional evidence of the present evil within the Bergoglian false papacy.

    And it also an indication that you are doing the work of God. Let us all pray that you are given the fortitude to continue your mission as long as God wills.

  3. Gnats and mosquitoes though annoying can be tolerated but stinging hornets must be driven out. But with enough of them they will be the ones doing the driving out. It’s the TRUTH on this ULTIMATE ISSUE that is the real sting to this Amorite king in the Vatican ! Joshua 24:12

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