Frank Walker: Trad Inc.’s ridiculous claims

Frank Walker give some constructive criticism of Trad. Inc.’s sustained claims about itself and attacks on Catholics who speak the truth, and exposes the agenda of the Amazon Exhortation as an attempt to put all Catholics under control of globalists and Arabs.

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3 thoughts on “Frank Walker: Trad Inc.’s ridiculous claims”

  1. I was the one to alert Mr. Walker on the bash session Eric Sammons and Ryan Grant was having on Twitter, calling how Mr. Walker calls things out and speaks un-polished as having a mental illness. So I began to hit back, “you telling me, because Frank Walker is speaking like our President, un-polished, not afraid to call out the evil doers, that you think he has a mental illness?” I then tagged Mr. Walker. He jumps into the fight, blasts them, and one thing I remember, “If I told him to put your pants on to go feed the sheep, he would still think it is an attack against his family.” Speaking about Ryan Grant and how Grant didn’t like some comment previously. Then I fired back again, “Share the Faith, Defend the Faith, but no more insults, no more of these nasty attacks, which has hurt Catholic Twitter.” They didn’t like it. My final attack was this, “your attack here reminds me of how Anti-Trumpers attack our President and want him to stop doing what he is doing.” Then either Ryan Grant blocked me or has hidden his Twitter Account.

    1. I think you may be right. When Michael Matt compared calling a Synod to remove Bergoglio to Impeaching Trump, my alarms went off. I think these Bergoglio is certainly the Pope, Americans, have to come clean and admit whether they are Democrats or Never Trumpers.

  2. Same attacking positions as the Never Trumpers, when I noticed that, I fired back. I got notified of a reply from Grant before he blocked me calling Frank Walker Misguided and other things “if what he sees is what he calls out.” Yeah, diffidently Anti-Trumpers.

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