The implicit blasphemies of Bergoglians

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There has been much written about the blasphemies which come forth from the mouth of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as a torrent out of a mouth of a dragon intent upon destroying Holy Mother Church (cf. Apocalpyse, chapter 12).

But little has been written about the blasphemies implicit in the position of those who insist that he is the pope or a member of the Catholic Church, and not separated from Her in virtue of Canon 1364, ipso facto a thousand times over.

Blasphemy consists chiefly in attributing evil to God. It is the most outrageous attack on the Divine Majesty because God is infinite Goodness and there is no darkness in Him.

For this reason, if any rational creature, Angelic or human, were to hold as true something which implies God is evil, he would be guilty of implicit blasphemy or blasphemy in causa, as the moralists say, because the assent of his mind to the evil reason would be the cause of him inevitably verbally blaspheming God, a thing which is happening more and more with those who refuse to examine the abundant, clear and incontrovertible evidence of history and law, that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope because he never resigned in accord with Canon 332.

But since these horrible sins of blasphemy are overlooked by the controlled Catholic Media, it is a necessity that they be exposed for what they are by the Catholic media which is not controlled.

Falsehoods which imply and cause blasphemy

Here I will list just a few, I am sure you can think of more. Just add your suggestions in the comments:

  1. That a true pope can hand over 30 Million Catholics to be persecuted unto death, simply because he wants good relations or financial support from a Marxist Dictatorship, and still be the pope.
  2. That a true pope can blaspheme God and the Saints and still be the pope.
  3. That a true pope can alter the Our Father.
  4. That a true pope can abandon Apostolic Teaching on the Sacraments.
  5. That a true pope can work to overthrow the teaching of the Church against sodomy, abortion, contraception.
  6. That a true pope can institutionalize idolatry in the Church.
  7. That a true pope can replace the Gospel with the Agenda of Globalism.
  8. That a true pope can authorize any of the above.
  9. That Jesus Christ, Who promised Saint Peter and His successors, that He would pray for them, that their faith NEVER fail, is praying for Bergoglio.
  10. That the Most Holy Trinity would give us such a monster to be His Vicar.
  11. That Jesus Christ would want us to obey such a monster as His Vicar.
  12. That the Most Holy Trinity and the Saints of Heaven are in communion with such a monster.
  13. That God thinks it is a sin to NOT name Bergoglio in the Canon of the Mass.
  14. That God reckons as sinners, heretics or schismatics those who separate themselves from such a monster, denounce him or fault him for his abominations and sacrileges.
  15. That God could tolerate as His Vicar a man who refuses to kneel before Himself in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
  16. That God could tolerate as His Vicar a man who blasphemies His Holy Immaculate Mother.
  17. That God could regard as His Vicar a man elected in the lifetime of His Vicar in contravention to canon 359.

So when next anyone tells you that the apologists for Bergoglio or those members of the the College of Cardinals, College of Bishops, Catholic clergy or the Catholic media, who insist Bergoglio is the pope, ARE NOT INVOLVED IN GREAT FRAUD and evil, recite to them this list of blasphemies.

Note well: anyone who does not think blasphemy is a sin, either is an atheist or a devil worshipper.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is Albrecht Dürer’s, the Beast of the Apocalypse, which is in the public domain. It shows the 7 headed Beast spewing out blasphemies against Holy Mother Church and Our God.

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9 thoughts on “The implicit blasphemies of Bergoglians”

  1. Just a few more suggestions to add to your list.

    18. That a true Pope would regard the vile abortionist Emma Bonino as one of Italy’s “forgotten greats” & allow her permission to speak in catholic Churches.

    19. That a true Pope would ever tell Catholic mothers to stop breeding breeding like rabbits.

    20. That a true Pope would publicly state that Hell doesn’t exist.

    21. That a true Pope would ever sign the Abu Dhabi Declaration that God wills diversity of religions.

    22. That a true Pope would openly forbid evangelisation of the Catholic Faith for fear of offending others, thereby acting against the Great Commission.

  2. There is an element of pride in those who after reading this post, close their eyes, and twll themselves that Bergoglio is the true pope no matter what.

    Oh, but wait, there’s more!

    23. That a true pope can declare Luther as great among the saints, contrary to the severe condemnations of the heresiarch by previous popes.

    24. That a true pope can profane the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar by subverting the liturgical colors to “all black” and adding satanic symbols such as it happened with the liturgy held in Fatima on the occasion of the 100th anniversary and “canonizations” of some of the Fatima seers.

    25. That a true pope can be a freemason and still be a true pope.

    26. That a true pope can elevate sodomites and heretics to the highest sacred positions of the hierarchy contrary to Divine Goodness.

    27. That a true pope can permit a scandalous and outrageous schism as he does in Germany without proper condemnations or sanctions.

    28. That a true pope can still be elected as such despite grave violations of various norms of conclaves of “Universii Dominici Gregis” by hia violators; norms which if violated, not only nullify the election of a pope but incur penalty of excommunication upon the violators.

    29. That a true pope can be called such when in fact he is not a true pope.

  3. Also that Our Lord overlooks canon law and binds Himself to whomever some journalist or the cardinals say is pope.

    The Bergoglians say the pope is the supreme lawmaker, but imply that canon law doesn’t apply to him. But they actually deny Pope Benedict’s genius by insisting he can’t deliberately pretend to resign the office.

  4. I’m sorry – the first paragraph should have said ‘Also that Our does not bind Himself to canon law.’ Could you change it before posting the original? Thanks for your patience.

  5. I’m sorry, you are right about nearly everything, but the ‘changing of the Our Father’? That is wrong. I am Portuguese [I live in the UK] , a language that like the Italian, French and Spanish come from the Latin, hence are more similar to Latin. The English version of the Our Father is REALLY incorrect because it implies that God is able to ‘tempt’ someone = “…and lead us not into temptation…”! God does never leads anyone into temptation because God is 100℅ pure love and truth! Our version is the correct version, which translated directly to English is = “…and don’t let us fall into temptation…”! Totally different as you can see! As much as from day one I knew Bergoglio was an impostor, an ecclesiastical freemason, I’m afraid to say he is right on this one, and you guys from the english speaking world are wrong!!!
    Despite this piece of information, many of my many US friends on Facebook choose to completely ignore my humble correction…I get the feeling that they believe everything on earth has to be in English…

    1. You simply do not know your English. °Lead us not into temptation° does not mean to tempt us, but to put us to the test. English preserves the Latin sense as an archaic usage. That is why your English friends ignore you.

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