Skojec & Delinis troll Tosatti with vile insults

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The moral and intellectual depravity of those who say that Bergoglio is certainly the pope, just sunk to a new low today, with their vile public contumely hurled at one of the most eminent and respected Vaticanista in Italy: Marco Tosatti.  His “crime” is that he quoted an anonymous source at the Vatican saying that Benedict regards himself as the Pope and most of the Roman Curia know this.

Then Denlinis goes for the juggler and says Pope Benedict XVI has lost his mind:

Skojec then doubles down in the vile insult:

Then Denlinis calls Tosatti a liar too:

I think you can see who here is honest and who has embraced Hell.

My question is, why do you love Bergoglio and his agenda so much, that you would resort to public contumely of such a honorable man?


Some people are reading the title of this post as if the the ablative of means (with insults) were the verb (troll):

So if they do not even know English grammar, what value could their opinion be about a Latin Declaratio and the text of the Code of Canon Law? Steve and company need to get out of the victim-hood complex and recognize that they are the victimizers. Serial calumniators of all who ask them to be rational. It is beyond juvenile. And it is likely to stoke a complaint to the IRS about One Peter Five, for private inurement, because its public tax filings over several years raise serious questions.


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12 thoughts on “Skojec & Delinis troll Tosatti with vile insults”

  1. Translation of Skull-joke’s reactions to Tossatti’s post:

    “What do you mean “Bergoglio-is-definitely-the-pope” was only a scam?? This is how we’ve gotten away with being faithful Catholics and running our online business for so long!! How could you say this Mr. Tossatti?? What about my online scamming business!!?? What about all of my daily (189 average), tweets in the last 7 years that everyone knows are infallible and sacrosanct!!?? What now?? I’ll be a total embarrassment and complete loser before my parish, my lavender mafia bishop, my colleagues, and my own family!! Awwww..nooo! You’re lying! You’re lying! You’re lying Tossatti! Please say Benedict doesn’t think that!

  2. I don’t know what happened to this James Delinis guy, but I’m pretty certain he was BiP until not too terribly long ago. He had a site called campofsaints that’s no longer up. He’s done a total 180. He’s Canadian.

  3. I just looked it up. Jan 22 James tweeted that he owed Bergoglio an apology, because he is the Holy Father. I can’t see nor remember exactly what he said, he’s blocked me now, but note, this 180 was very recent….Jan 22. So very sad the fruit of the FiP position.

  4. Em S.

    You have nailed it. Exactly my thoughts. Such vile calumny from countries where gentlemanly conduct is pitiful. As Shakespeare, a faithful Catholic by the way, said: The lady doth protest too much methinks. They know their game is up and their fake ecclesial pedestal is about to fall.

  5. Ohhh…so that’s who ran Camp of Saints. That blog was pretty good and all of a sudden, poof, he apologizes for speaking the truth and now backs Bergoglio 100%. These are crazy times, and it now is becoming clear there are a few people who have blogs who are either playing both sides for profit or just trolling around starting fights for more clicks. Either way, it’s getting disgusting and I’m sick of all these dramatic arguments about nothing. Were I a person of distinction such as Marco Tosatti I would not dignify either of these men with a response. Who do these guys think they are, the arbiters of who’s in and who’s out?
    I no longer listen to these men, these bloggists, they have gotten way ahead of themselves and this in-fighting is unbecoming of Catholics and absurdly effeminate. I can get this kind of middle school yammering by just hanging out with the teen girls in my family.
    Knock it off guys. We’ve got enough out here without this mess.
    You’re embarrassing us.

  6. Kono: The Camp of Saints appears on to-day’s Vox Cantoris Blog List. I remember a post approx. sometime in January that was very apologetic for considering PF an antipope but it was not under that title. Of course, he could be running two or more websites, as many do.

  7. Tells me this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. What’s in the hearts of all men is now being exposed, and indeed its an ugly picture!

  8. Not to worry all. Did not Simeon prophesy just that: That “Your heart a sword shall pierce that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.”

    Anyone spewing the hatred, high disdain and haughty contempt of Mr. Skojec and his compadre–not to mention the foul language (and that toward a lady and a prince of the apostles not to mention the venerable Successor of St Peter)–is, clearly, not of God.

    More later. Met a modern saint yesterday–the Ven. Joseph Card. Zen.

  9. Brother B: What is in your parenthesis summarizes my thoughts exactly.

    Let these people be a warning to never forget our manners. The times are grave, true, but that is no excuse to be less than gentlemen – or better yet, saints.

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