Does Chris Ferrara think he is a judge on the Roman Rota?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In recent months, the traditional Catholic Attorney, Chris Ferrara, has come out strongly against those who judge that Bergoglio is a heretic or that Pope Benedict is the pope, basing his position that private individuals have no authority to make determinate judgements on the matter.

His arguments are vague, in my opinion, so I will simply rebut here the general errors which it appears he seems to appealing to.

First, it strikes me as completely absurd that an Attorney-at-law should demand that everyone who knows of a notorious public crime and about which crime the evidence is manifest, public and equally notorious, should shut up and stop making pronouncements about guilt or innocence.

I can understand how the defense counsel for the alleged criminal(s) could take such a position, certainly. And I can understand how a judge of the case has to take such a position, because the juridical process of adjudication requires impartiality.

But none of us are the defense counsel. And none of us are the judges.

Even Chris, I think, has not been retained as counsel for the defense by any party involved. And as far as I know he has not been appointed a judge on the Roman Rota or the Apostolic Signatura — the highest courts in the Catholic Church, which however, do not have the competence to judge cases of failed papal renunciations or papal heresy.

So where does Chris get the idea that we or he should be impartial and await judgement from such future tribunal? Does he think Bergoglio is not a heretic? If so, why not say so.

And since such matters can only be judged canonically in a Synod or Council of Bishops, Cardinals or the clergy of Rome, where does he get the idea that all who might attend such a Council or Synod have to be impartial beforehand? Or that those of us who want such a meeting to take place have to be impartial?

Does being impartial now mean being honest and just in Attorney Ferrara’s mind? Or is Chris letting his habit of mind, as a defense counsel, inhibit his exercise of the virtues of faith and justice in regard to the solution of the Church Crisis?

I agree, Chris, that we are not the final arbiters of the canonical settlement which will put the Church back in working order. But I have to ask you, why you are acting like a Judge on the Roman Rota? Are you merely parroting the arguments of some former occupant of such a position

Please explain to the rest of us then, since you have taken such a position, why you take it!

Second, I would like to publicly ask Attorney Ferrara what purpose or effectiveness does he see in lamenting the problems on a weekly basis in his published editorials, but NOT seek a canonical solution to them? And why is it that he writes article after article about the problems in the Church if he seems so adamant about telling those who want corruption removed — like Ann Barnhardt — to shut up? Simply because she does not lament to lament, she decries and demands justice be done?

He is renowned for seeking justice for Catholics in U.S. Courts. As a Catholic, Chris, do you not feel the slightest tinge of obligation as an attorney with such a reputation, to demand, call and advocate for all Catholics to have a real solution to the problem? — Yes I have seen your public comment that you think Catholics have a right to call for such a solution. BUT why is it that YOU are not calling for it?

Third, as a Catholic and a citizen journalist, I want to ask, you, Chris, a public question? Are you acting under counsel or orders from Cardinal Burke to stifle any move by Catholics to call for the intervention of the College of Bishops and, or, the College of Cardinals to investigate the problems with the Renunciation or with Bergoglio being a heretic? And if so, what reasons does he give for such counsel or order?

If you think Chris should answer these questions, you can hear him speak and perhaps get a question in at the Keep the Faith Conference on Feb. 22, in Monterey, California, USA. For more information see:


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a partial screen shot of an Appeal by Attorney Ferrara for his Catholic Lawyers Association which provides free legal counsel to Catholics who are being persecuted for their religious expression in the USA. As such Attorney Ferrara has done some marvelous work defending the Faithful against injustice. Image used here in accord with fair use practice for editorial commentary.

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7 thoughts on “Does Chris Ferrara think he is a judge on the Roman Rota?”

  1. Chris should advocate that Catholics cry out in a loud voice the evil doings in the Church and the Vatican and for an investigation as to whether Benedict or Francis is the real and legitimate Pope.

    Silence is not golden under all circumstances, in fact it is an evil.

    “Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it; and indeed to neglect to confound evil men, when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them.” — Pope St. Felix III

  2. Someone has triggered this response from Chris Ferrara just as they pulled the rug from under the feet of the Dubia Cardinals. The Laity are encouraged to speak-up against the vile atrocities by the present incumbent of the PO & his cronies but when they do they are either blocked or called nasty names like racist, demonic, schismatic etc. for so doing. Those of us who have added our names to countless Petitions, & Open Letters with the signatures of renowned prelates & academics have seen them treated to the contempt of complete silence, not worthy of a response. We have also witnessed the excommunication of stalwart Catholics like Dr. Galat & Fr. Minutella & the demotion of Fr. Weinandy because they dared call it as it is.

    The reason for all this diabolical confusion is because we are not fighting human beings as such but human beings taken over by Satan to do his bidding. It is clear as daylight to a minority (it would seem) of Catholics who can see that the Holy Ghost is with PBXVI whose joint book with Cardinal Sarah From the Depths of Our Hearts definitely had an impact on the Querida Amazonia.

    The Great Apostasy hasn’t as yet played out but our prayers are making a difference. If only Catholics worldwide would join in the nightly effort of Br. Bugnolo at midnight European time & say the seven Our Fathers with him in front of the Basilican di Santa Maria Maggiore in response to Our Lady’s request it would be a collective call to Heaven for a Divine intervention which, in the end, is the only antidote to Satan.

  3. What do you believe to be the chances that Francis will step down from the papacy and that Benedict actively will re-assert his papacy?

  4. This is certainly not the time for “Catholic” attorneys to play wannabe Attorney Generals or a wannabe Judges of the Supreme Roman Rota, and to tell us how to “non think”. We don’t need a Chris Ferrara in the Church right now, throwing gag orders at people. Chris, please read the stupendous article by Br. Bugnolo on St. Ivo of Kermartin, and maybe you can chew on it during Lent…

  5. I wonder if Chris Ferrara thinks clear mindedly. As for, “determinative judgments on the matter”, Chris and company never stopped hounding St. John Paul ll and Pope Benedict XVl, always attempting to determine how these two holy Popes were wrong about everything. Chris and his people were among the greatest threats to the Church. Their traditional Catholicism was not Catholicism at all. Before the Popes spoke, Chris and company were more than ready to condemn. I couldn’t tell which was worse, the Modernist heresy or Chris and his schismatic friends. They were NOT in union with St. John Paul ll nor Pope Benedict XVl. Now, it doesn’t surprise me that Bergoglio is their darling.

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