A Generation unfit to be members of the Catholic Clergy

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There are a lot of reasons to call an extraordinary Synod to put the Vatican back in order — where a Pope is a de facto prisoner in a Monastery at the center of Vatican gardens, and an Argentine Jesuit is ruling the roost from a Hotel on the southern border. — No I am not writing a novel!

But one thing no one is talking about is the global or radical solution for the crisis of pedophilia in the institutions of the Catholic Church during the last 70 years. The numbers of victims world wide may be over a hundred thousand. That is not clear. But it is clear what generation of clergy perpetrated these horrible abominations and betrayed the most sacred trust in all of creation: being a Catholic priest of God.

It was the generation which wanted, enacted, promoted, promulgated, implemented and enforced Vatican II.

Every problem in the Church right now was either directly or indirectly caused by that generation of clergy.

What needs to be said is this: they are not fit to be clergy; they are not fit to rule the Church of God; they are not fit to be entrusted with the formation of the faithful in anything. They are completely morally bankrupt, and in recent years are showing everyone that they are also completely spiritually and theologically bankrupt. Very, very few of them can even calla spade a spade, anymore.

Until the Church deposes that entire generation, the Crisis will not be over. We are in and headed for truly apocalyptic scenarios of institutionalized devil worship on the altars of every Catholic Church in the name of obedience to this corrupt and perverse generation. We are already in an apocalyptic scenario, inasmuch as 99.99% of clergy offer their masses in communion with the Apostate, Arch-Heretic, Arch-Blasphemer and Idolater, as if he were as valid a pope as Saint Pius X and more valid than Jesus Christ, while ignoring the true Vicar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI!

They are a generation of fakers. The Catholic Religion means nothing to them other than appearances. And they need to be told that by the faithful, to their faces.

Being a priest requires that you are honest. The egomaniac, the psychotic, the pyschopathic and the sociopathic should not be admitted, let alone rule. Those who would sacrifice the whole content of our Holy Faith to keep up appearances are no less unworthy. And those, who wont do anything about it, are even worse! because knowing that there is a problem and recognizing it as a problem, they do not react as if it were a problem. Theirs indeed shall be a more weighty punishment!

I love Jesus Christ and the Priesthood He has shared with men. But I cannot ignore it when I see men unworthy in the most radical and fundamental measure to that MOST sacred duty. It would be disrespect for Christ and the priesthood to remain silent about these things any longer.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a detail of a photo by Br. Bugnolo of the Altar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, here at Rome.

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11 thoughts on “A Generation unfit to be members of the Catholic Clergy”

  1. The seeds for this generation of perversion of the One, Holy, Catholic And Apostlolic Church was laid by previous generations and centuries in the making. There is a remnant of faithful people.

  2. I would that the exorcists who now work would put the questions of who is the Supreme Pontiff and Vicar of Christ, the Visible Head of Jesus’ Church to the demons that they exorcise.

    1. Islam, it is contrary to the will of Jesus Christ that we seek testimony from demons. They are liars on principal and have no right to give testimony in His Kingdom. We do better to seek it from the Saints.

      1. Yes, of course, Br. Bugnolo. However, as part of his training to be an exorcist, our pastor recently participated/was witness to an actual major exorcism wherein the demons were asked questions and were bound to tell the truth. Similar to the cassette-taped sessions of ‘Emily Rose’ in the 1970’s wherein demons revealed how pleased Lucifer is with Communion in the hand, altar rails ripped out, and other nefarious novelties, it struck me that my pastor, at least, while he won’t consider the information I continue to give him regarding BiP would probably consider what a demon would have to say.

        Yes, they lie but because of the proper use of the direct line of authority from God they also can be made to tell the truth and even to sing Marian Hymns, apparently. (The singing of hymns was used in this instance as a tool to weaken the demons, apparently.) All creatures will adore God whether they want to or not. Right?

      2. Well if you pastor heard such things and does not begin to correct things in his parish, remind him that he will be doomed to be tormented by those same demons for all eternity.

    1. There is a lot of talk about Benedict being the Katechon, but it is not gospel truth. Its the assertion made by some of our contemporaries. As for the office of Peter it will not disappear ever, because the Church of
      Rome has it as right to elect its own bishop, even if all the clergy go into apostasy.

      1. I don’t know what either of those things have to do with the Great Apostasy that Paul said would happen, and is clearly happening. As for the Katechon in 2 Thess 2:7 (not 3), Paul uses a word that could mean “He” or “That” as you know. Nobody knows for sure what it means. Could mean both. We’ll see.

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