ABC in 2013: Benedict planned never to leave the Vatican

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A lot of information about what happened in 2013 merits to be look at again, with an impartial eye. Here is just one report, filed by ABC News on Feb. 12, 2013, the day after Pope Benedict read his Declaratio:

There is something stunning in this report, namely, that Pope Benedict had the Monastery Mater Ecclesiae restructured for months prior to his Act on Feb. 11, 2013, with the intent never to leave the Vatican. His brother is also interviewed as saying that the Pope was prepared months in advance and well thought out his act.

As a side matter, it says that Pope Benedict XVI had a pace maker installed in his heart, in the Fall of 2012.

The problem with the testimony of this report and that of his brother, is, How on earth can you prepare to resign for months in advance and still end up reading a Latin text with more than 40 errors in the Latin and at least 10 canonical errors in the formula of resignation?

We must return to the highly authoritative testimony of his brother: It was well thought out and no one forced him to do it.

The only conclusion possible is, then, that Pope Benedict XVI never intended to renounce according to the norm of Canon 332 §2 and leave the Vatican as Cardinal or Bishop Joseph Ratzinger. He fully and deliberately intended to remain the Pope.

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One thought on “ABC in 2013: Benedict planned never to leave the Vatican”

  1. If in truth PBXVI didn’t intend to renounce the PO or to leave the Vatican as his brother has stated, then it is his duty at this stage of such blatant corruption in the once Holy See to come forward & explain his action of only resigning from the ministerium but not the munus. By so doing he could in one short statement rectify this whole demonic situation & commence restoring the CC back to tradition by nullifying all PF’s exhortations, anti-Catholic doctrine, appointments etc. in one fell swoop. By remaining silent he is allowing this scourging of Our Lord to continue unabated. Surely he doesn’t want to leave us with an imposter pope who hates Mother Church & all who adhere to her, especially as he most likely hasn’t too much longer in this world. By our prayers we urge God to give him the graces necessary to set us all free from this tyrant Marxist/Masonic infiltrator & all his cronies so that the next generation will be properly catechised in the One True Faith passed down to us by the First Apostles.

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