Jacob Obrecht: Missa Maria Zart, Kyrie

Today, as we peruse the sacred repertoire of Obrecht, we feature the Tallis Scholar’s performance of the Kyrie from Jacob’s Missa Maria Zart.

An interesting fact about the invention of sacred polyphony in the 14th and 15th centuries, is that the centers of its production were in the rich mercantile cities of Flanders and neighboring towns and among the courts of the nobility in Northern Italy. The common desire to glorify God as part and parcel of the manifestation of the magnificent of their towns or families went hand in had. Decried by others in more barbarous times and nations, this is a true Catholic approach to God, family, city art and music, making an ally of all in the service of the Divine Majesty. — Another reason why those who hate God on principle, likewise hate Catholic culture.

Every evening at 5. P. M., Rome time, FromRome.Info features a selection of sacred music from Catholic composers of fame in past ages, to edify our readers and help them understand how profoundly contrary to the right notion of the aesthetic the liturgical reforms of Vatican II are and have been.

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