The February 28, 2020 Proposal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As Catholics who are loyal to God the Truth, lovers of Jesus Christ and unwilling to see Holy Mother Church raped on a daily basis for even another day, we have an obligation to do SOMETHING real and effective towards solving the Crisis in the Church which began seven years ago with the departure of Pope Benedict XVI from the Vatican.

There has been enough lamentations and analysis and research. Now is time for action.

Here is my proposal, which I hope and pray will be accepted by all who share this same desire to protect Holy Mother Church and promote the salvation of souls.

The proposal is simple and easy:

  1. A Unified and Universal Appeal by Catholic websites, Blogs, FaceBook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Forums etc.., all to be published on Feb. 28, 2020, the seventh anniversary of the departure of Pope Benedict from the Vatican,
  3. At which the evidence for 1) a failed Papal Renunciation, 2) an invalid Conclave and the 3) the self deposition by reason of pertinacious manifest formal heresy by Jorge Mario Bergoglio,
  4. Will be presented to the invited Catholic Bishops and Theologians and Canonists, in the presence of journalists
  5. At the end of which there will be a vote to call or not to call, on the basis of the evidence presented, an Extraordinary Synod of the College of Apostles (all Catholic Bishops),
  6. to judge the cases presented at the Inquest and hand down Anathemas upon all who resist the norms of Canon Law against rectifying the problems denounced therein.
  7. To which end, each participating Catholic website or social media account, on Feb. 28, 2020, will ask for volunteers from among Catholic professionals (Legal & Publicity especially) to organize and fund the International Inquest, invite Bishops and Canonists and Cardinals, and manage the contacts with the International Press.

To adhere to this proposal, copy and paste the text of this proposal and publish it with the title: THE FEBRUARY 28 PROPOSAL.

If you are going to participate in the publication of this appeal, leave a comment here below using a real email address so I can contact you. Note well, do not include your email address in the comment, but use it to register to make the comment. That way I can see it, but the public cannot. In your comment include a link to your website, FB page or social media account or blog, so we all can keep tract of the participants.

In the mean time share your own news about this event with all your readers so we can recruit as many participants internationally for this Feb. 28, announcement!


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  1. Between “international” and “inqust”, add the word “ecclesial” or “church” or “ecclesiastical.” I thought you were calling on international law enforcement. I support your initiative.

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