What spirit is really behind Trad Inc.?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Bergoglio’s recent heretical document, Querida Amazonia — beloved Amazonia — is an outstanding example of jesuitical deceit: while not saying openly what many expected it to say, it approved of it. But worse of all it insisted that use of idols is not idolatry! And advocates their use in the Liturgy!

For anyone who knows the least thing about Catholic Tradition, that should be the last straw, because the opposition to idolatry is at the core and foundation of the Catholic Religion in all the examples of the ancient Martyrs of the Church and in all the works of art and architecture!

But now, you have Trad Inc., except for a singular case here or there, praising Querida Amazona. They are going so far to say it is a victory, a catholic document!

Over at Chiesa E Post Concilio they are even saying that its publication has shown that Bergoglio is at last acting like a pope! — I have to barf!

Why is it that as soon as Bergoglio began with the public idolatry that Cardinals Burke and Sarah and now seemingly Trad Inc. have all of a sudden found that there is absolutely no doubt that Bergoglio is the pope, that he is catholic and that he is acting like a pope!

Have they all lost their minds? Or do they now recognize in him something primal in their own religiosity?


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the Traditionalist Blog mentioned in this article, and used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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10 thoughts on “What spirit is really behind Trad Inc.?”

  1. Trad Inc. believes they were perpetually absolved from pachamama and idolatrous complicity when they crowned and championed the young Hungarian (Tshugguel) for tossing the pachamama statues in the Tiber. They processed him as a sort of living incorrupt saint (dooming him to receive any reward on earth and not in heaven), so they processed him all around Traddyndom, so now they don’t have any matters of conscience, and neither should any of us because they settled it once and for all! See!?


    The spirit that is behind Trad Inc. is a spirit of lukewarmness and of false human respect for Bergoglio. On the one hand, they don’t take him seriously. In fact, they’ll ridicule him and call him a buffoon here and there. One the other hand, they’re stuck with him because they don’t accept 1983 Canon Law which invalidates his legitimacy. What’s left? Call him pope and who cares what he says or does? (hence the false human respect)

  2. My guess is that Trad, Inc. is taking this position because they would lose what they perceive to be their credibility if they didn’t. This is probably true at the present moment. But they are wrong.

    Yes, by speaking the truth they would lose credibility among many of their followers and thus become irrelevant, lose money, and be unable to accomplish the good work they think they do. But by denying the truth, or even the possibility of that Bergoglio is an anti-pope, they become acolytes of the devil. For the good of their souls they should become martyrs for the truth, costly as it is . We should pray for them.

  3. This is maddening!! Don’t they realize that destruction of the Mass and invalidation of the Consecration is the endgame for the satanic Bergoglians? What does it matter whether the “presider” (gag) is a man or a woman, or how many deaconesses are NOT orbiting around the altar if the Mass is invalidated by their so-called inculturation? Bergoglio doesn’t love the Amazon, he’s merely using it as a bludgeon with which to beat the Mystical Body of Christ.

  4. Lynn, I wonder if Trad, Inc., is content because they (for the most part) have access to Holy Masses, a comfortable professional role and the respect of their circle.

    It might explain some of the disdain and mockery that they bestow on Catholics less blessed than they, those who live and worship in a wasteland of Novus Ordoism. A certain accedia, perhaps, has come upon them.

    They cannot see it, for their compatriots are all infected, too. It is much nicer to live with the idea that one need not trouble oneself about the deeper implications of a present antipapacy, but simply await a future declaration.

    In the meantime, it is permissible to complain of all this antipope does, for it gives them clicks, an audience, perhaps even accolades.

    Those who sincerely believe Pope BXVI is indeed the Pope, are a very noisome bunch who put at risk Trad, Inc’s personal and professional comfort, and raise issues they cannot cogently refute.

  5. This document was a classic example of Peronist misdirection. First they built up expectations on the “left” and fears on the “right” with the grotesque behaviors at the Sin-nod and the even more grotesque final document (which most likely was completely written before the apostates began assembling in Rome). Then Bergoglio threw a deceptive bone at the “conservative” and Trad Inc. wing, not explicitly mandating ordination of married men or of women as “deaconesses”, and giving lip service to traditional doctrine on the priesthood, while nevertheless “presenting” the awful Sin-nod document, and expressly declining to “replace” anything in it. One can almost see the “wink-wink” happening as one wades through the word salad of the “exhortation.” And while nearly everyone, left and right alike, pays all their attention to the red herring of ordination, Bergoglio praises and tries to excuse blatant idolatry, and proposes that it become part of the liturgy. It doesn’t really matter if he only proposed it for “Amazonia” because the damage to the Bride will have been done, and has been done, and once adopted anywhere it will inevitably spread worldwide. Meanwhile, ordaining women and married men has simply been postponed, not ruled out. The man is brilliantly devious.

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