The true ‘spirit’ of Vatican II, at last, exposed

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The average Catholic never imagined the depth of depravity and mendacity which could exist in the hearts of so many priests, Bishops and Cardinals. But at last the masquerade has ended and the perps are removing their masks.

There is much to be lamented in the Church since Feb. 28, 2013. But at last we know who has been behind the Aggiornamento, the Liturgical Renewal, and everything which is Vatican II.

As someone trained in Anthropology and who has done some translating from Latin to English, I always kept a part of my mind on neutral, presuming that there was some sort of good intention behind Vatican II: such as helping everyone understand easier the things of God. I readily recognize the problems the average person has in understanding Latin and in not being able to hear the teaching of the Church in the Liturgy in their own language on a daily basis. I wrote off the bad translations as ignorance, for the entirety of my adult life conceding only here or there, that bad will must have played a role.

But the universal acceptance and praise for Bergoglio’s advent by the Hierarchy and Clergy have finally convinced me that I was naive and overly trusting.

Bergoglio is the quintessence of everything wrong in the Church and of everything which needs to be excised from the Mystical Body of Christ. The Church has no need of fakers. There are plenty of opportunities in the secular world for men like that.

It is with Bergoglio that I finally understand why so many priests have hated me, throughout my life for simply believing the Catholic Faith. I remember my days in Minor Seminary, when I was accused of being rigid for only receiving on the tongue. I remember my days in the Monastery, when I was scoffed at for keeping the Rule. And I cannot forget the student from Steubenville University, at a ProLife March, who told me that the desire to be a saint was a sign of serious egomania.

I believe the Catholic Faith, everything in it. I have the utmost respect and reverence for the Catholic Priesthood and for the Episcopal dignity. But I do not have this by my experience. It is God’s gift, because, I can honestly say, I have never known personally a priest who inspired me to be holy, to follow Jesus, or to keep the Faith. I learned all these things from Scripture and the lives of the Saints, and the example of my parents’ simple unquestioning faith.

But with Bergoglio, its obvious to everyone, that the real reform in the Church which was necessary and which is necessary, is the Catholic priesthood. As Ann Barnhardt suggested the other day, the vineyard is so overgrown with rot, that the Church needs to start clean.

The true spirit of Vatican II is at last exposed: it is one of disbelief, hypocrisy, double-dealing, deceit, trickery, subterfuge, manipulation, pedophilia, sodomy, sacrilege, hatred of God, hatred of Our Lady, hatred of law and all honesty. It is the spirit of the clerical careerist who never had faith, of the Freemason, of the satanist and idolater.

The way to respond to Bergoglio, then, is jettisoning totally the propaganda of Vatican II. We need a Council of Trent reboot!

I say, “Council of Trent” and not “Pius XII” or “Saint Pius X”, because we need to return to the high ground of Catholicism, where the proposals come entirely from the bosom of the Faith and have nothing of the errors of modernity, modernism and marxism, and are founded on the most sober and sane doctrine of the Scholastics.  We have to get out of the idea that the Liturgy needs to be reformed or that progress is the natural course of history. And get into the idea that the clergy need to be reformed according to the image of Trent. And those who do not want to return to that Catholic norm: I think the salvation of souls requires that they be booted out of every institution in the Church, if they will not repent.

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11 thoughts on “The true ‘spirit’ of Vatican II, at last, exposed”

  1. Agree 100% Br. Alexis. Vatican II is a catastrophe for the Church which was the intention of its architects. That intention was to Modern-ist the Church by downplaying dogma, easing up on sexual morality, making the Mass basically Protestant and emphasize community participation reducing sacredness and respect for priests. Overall, a desensitization of orthodox Catholicism via Liberal interpretation of murky and ambiguous worded Vatican II official documents.

    The result has been a catastrophe. Most active “Catholics” are now de facto Protestants. Vatican II must be abrogated in its entirety. Our man Bergoglio is the personification of Vatlcan II where the Church’s goal has become making a heaven on earth via Progressive politics and largely ignoring eternal life.

    Surely, Vatican II was conceived by the devil. And possibly it is a self-induced punishment because John XIII refused to reveal the contents of the 3rd Secret of Fatima and take actions necessary to avoid its consequences. Vatican II must be abrogated in its entirety.

  2. Br. Bugnolo, realizing that anything you say on this point is reasonable speculation, how do you see the “booting out of those who will not repent” taking place? From my little spot in Catholic geography, like so many other places around the world, I and Catholics like me are the ones who are being “booted out” at this time.

    While I understand that being booted out of the anti-Church is actually a good thing, at the same time, I do not trust myself to not be carried into some protestant-like faction deciding and sifting the Truth on my own while waiting for some CATHOLIC Bishop or Cardinal (other than Bp Gracida) to lead like St. Athanasius did. (I apologize for whining.)

  3. I was born in America and baptized a Catholic in 1951. Our missals were written both in Latin and English. Easy to read and easy to follow the priest during mass.

    The sermon was given in English. By 10 years old I could follow it blindfold. Barely speaking a word of Latin outside of the Kyrie eleison and Et cum spiritu tuo. A person does not have to speak Latin only the priest does and he does it for us. He speaks, we follow.

    My grandmother’s prayer book was in Latin and Lithuanian. My husband’s grandmother’s was in Latin and Croatian. There never lacked in understanding the holy sacrifice of the Mass no matter what nationality or age.

    Pre V2 was and still is the true Catholic church.

  4. Well, four Cardinals put forward the Dubia but reportedly got no public response from PF – maybe they got a private one that prevented the formal correction from being activated. The countless open letters (one had 14,000 signatures), petitions, fraternal corrections all to no avail.

    Whilst I agree to giving it a go I get the impression of general malaise having set in. My recent encounter (& there have been many over the past six years) was after the Pachmama idolatry in the Vatican. I queried the continuing silence from the Cardinals & asked why was PF, a Freemason & Communist, allowed to usurp the PO & why was PBXVI a hostage in the Vatican precincts? I was informed there was no penalty (excommunication) for being a Freemason, that he was properly elected & if I didn’t accept that position I was excommunicating myself from Jesus Christ & His Church. I replied that I was an ardent follower of Jesus & as long as PBXVI lived I considered myself a fully paid-up member of the OHC&A Church He founded. When Pope Benedict passed on I would have to review the situation if it meant having to accept PF.

    The clergy in the main have lost the faith as Our Lady predicted & I have witnessed carless handling of the sacred host leading to It being dropped & then put back into the ciborium to be given to another receiver. In pre VII times there would be a great flurry – the host would have to be consumed by the priest & he would have to say certain prayers at the spot it landed on. Council of Trent II cannot happen soon enough!

    1. Not all men can see the problem in a thing. Those who are not trained in Scholastic theology and philosophy are in regard to things of this kind like blind men who feel their way around a room and have no idea of color at all.

  5. Amen, Brother Alexis, to your editorial and to your replies to the comments.
    If I may presume to offer an additional reply to Mr. Covens: this question has bothered me, too. But seeing past the shell of “conservatism” that both men projected, and I think sincerely, both made serious mistakes which perhaps can be traced directly to their total acceptance of V-II. In other words, qualitatively they were “products” of V-II no less than Bergoglio is, although arguably they were quantitatively less so. Hindsight is 20/20 but that doesn’t mean it is always wrong, and I do not purport to know the hearts of Wotyla/JPII and Ratzinger/BXVI at any point; further, I happily agree that both did many wonderful things for the Church. But these good things were in addition to their serious mistakes, which I take the liberty of enumerating as follows: 1. JPII permitted the sacrilege of communion in the hand to spread worldwide, and he could have stopped it if he wanted to; 2. JPII also authorized the use of girls as altar servers, which has “served” to torpedo vocations to the priesthood as well as further eroding the Divinely revealed limitation of Holy Orders to men, despite his two excellent written defenses of that limitation; 3. JPII perpetrated the sacrilegious scandal of kissing the Quran within the Vatican itself, which was photographed in high-res detail and is proven beyond any reasonable doubt, despite the attempts at denial by many Novus Ordo apologists (see ; yes, I know this is a sede website, but they also present a lot of worthwhile information); 4. JPII promulgated the Vatican-II-ridden 1994 “Catechism of the Catholic Church”, which contains all of V-II’s errors yet was touted by him as a “sure norm for teaching the Faith”; the most pernicious of these errors was, I submit, the essential abandonment of the dogma of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus; 5. Both JPII and BXVI appointed hundreds upon hundreds of essentially faithless, extremely liberal bishops, and then proceeded to give many of them red hats, which remains inexplicable to me unless they were trying to be “balanced”, something our enemies never do; 6. Despite BXVI’s Summorum Pontificum and JPII’s few statements in support of the traditional liturgy, neither took effective action to force the Church back to the 1962 Missal, which belies full appreciation for what was taken away by the Novus Ordo that was imposed on the whole Church by “Saint” Paul VI; 7. Both JPII and BXVI took no effective action to force reform of the seminaries, which they HAD TO KNOW were seriously infested with modernist (a/k/a heretical) teachers and teachings, and were in many cases dens of rampant sodomy and sodomitical abuse; 8. Both men sat by and did nothing to rein in the rebellion of “Catholic” universities and colleges against the Magisterium. There are probably more examples I have forgotten right now. By “effective action”, in items 6, 7 and 8, I mean using the power of their office to cleanse the Body through excommunications, suppressions, removal of the right of institutions to call themselves Catholic, removing bishops, taking back the red hat from cardinals, reforming Canon law, issuing decrees—doing all the things a pope is able and should be expected to do in defense of the Faith. Instead, we got some nice speeches and some good and even a few excellent encyclicals, letters and exhortations, but very little else.

    I love them both. But they were Vatican II Popes through and through.

    1. TXT Cathohlic, the idea that John Paul II kissed the Koran is actually and urban myth, I have it from a Lebanese priest that what he kissed was a Syriac copy of the Bible.

  6. Vatican ll was supposed to be a Council as great as Trent. 9 schemas were prepared and approved by St. John XXlll. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre stated that if the Council would have gone as planned we would have had a great Council. Cardinal Bea influenced the Council Fathers to abandon the 9 schemas of St. John XXlll and to create their own schema. The Council was Hijacked!

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