The Rock

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Luther, a corrupt Augustinian Monk, led half of Germany and all of Scandanavia into apostasy, from which they never recovered. Calvin, the son of a simoniacal priest, led half Switzerland at the Netherlands into Apostasy from which they never have recovered Henry VIII who ably defended against the heresies of Luther, when he fell, he dragged all of England and Wales into Apostasy from which they never have recovered.

There is ample evidence. No part of the Catholic Church is immune from apostasy and damnation. It has happened before. Men with less universal acclaim achieved it.

But no part of the Church has even fallen into a Apostasy when it remained united to the true Pope.

That is because the true Pope is the Rock.

Today is the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, established to thank God for the wonderful gift of the Papal office and munus.

Without the Successor of Saint Peter, no matter how learned, or how holy, or how ancient is the faith of your land, you can be led into Apostasy.

This is why now 99.99% of the Catholic Church is being led into Apostasy. Because they are no longer united in reality with the true Pope, though many are still fooled about this.

And this is why Bergoglio has such power. Because the first sin, which gives him power over you, is in holding that Pope Benedict XVI resigned the papacy, when 5 minutes of examination of Canon Law and the Papal Declaration can prove that he never resigned.

All those who refuse to do that much study to save their soul deserve to be damned, because they value their soul worth less that $1 of work.

And those who do this can run their mouths on Social Media until Hell freezes over, but it will never be a sufficient excuse.

The Power of the Rock

However, those who remain in communion with the true Pope have built their house on rock. That is the meaning of the parable of Jesus.

I saw a palpable example of that, last night, at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Since Feb. 15th, Catholic men have been joining in the prayers Against the Church of Darkness. All of them hold that Pope Benedict XVI is the true Pope. I never met them before and I do not know how they heard of it.

Last night, a couple from Croatia were walking by and joined in the prayers. By the time they ended at 12:24 A.M., the husband wanted to confess his sins.

I have never seen such a thing in my life. My only sadness is that there was no priest with us to hear his confession.

Just as power went forth from Jesus to heal and cure, so power went forth from Saint Peter to heal and cure and cause repentance. So also with Pope Benedict.

If priests want to be truly effective, you need to return to communion with the Vicar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: Pope Benedict XVI. Bergoglio will never have that effect, because he is the Vicar of nobody, but the vain imaginations of giddy Cardinals who were, as Pope Benedict XVI implied on Feb. 11, 2013, not competent to elect his Successor.

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5 thoughts on “The Rock”

  1. Repentance is what the world needs now and should be preached by the Pope and all Bishops. Confessions should be available every day in every Church. It would be great if a few Bishops did this in their diocese beginning Ash Wednesday, 2020.

    As you say Brother the time is short.

  2. God is proving to the world, but this time perhaps definitively, like He did in the time of Noah, that if He lost 99.9% of all ordained men to the apostasy, that is, to follow Bergoglio (the king of sodomy and idolatry), but if the few remained faithful to The True Pope Benedict XVI (like our Noah) and they entered the Ark with him (Mary), then The True Church would survive and the anti church would be destroyed.

  3. The first Protestant invasion failed by bringing their deviations to the impenetrable Catholic wall and breaking themselves against it in their attempt at forced entry. The Council of Trent spelled their doom.

    The current protest uses different tactics and strategy. They took longer to be “better”.

    Strategy: Get inside the walls by guile, not forced entry and attack. Pretend to be one of us, (mostly) orthodox. Over time, infiltrate and aim for the Throne itself and all the supporting royal Offices along the way. Thus: bottom to top infiltration – the long march.

    Tactics: Don’t try to overthrow Dogma. Change its meaning. Over time, insert Protestant deviations into it, and through the growing support of your allies within … make the Protestant deviations = Dogma; Dogma = Protestant deviation.

    Presto! Orthodox Catholics who support one Pope are seen as heretics. Catholics who attend TLM are subversive. Failure to worship Baal is idolatrous. Etc. Orthodox Catholics are now the Protestants who revere Luther and Calvin. The new Luthers and Calvins are now the orthodox Catholics. The revolutionaries who have conquered within, who are changing everything (two Popes? well, duh! Of course!) are now the defenders and guardians of the Faith.

    The schism is an ontological reality. It already is. Now it is just a matter of choosing sides.

    No matter where this goes; how confusing and divisive this will be (It is going to be epic) … I will stand on Tradition, orthodox, Dogma, Sacred Scripture. I worship Jesus Christ my Lord. No one will ever convince me to turn.

  4. There can only be one pope. One visible head of God’s Church on earth. its really quite simple. There can’t be two or more, otherwise we can have a gangs of popes and as many popes as Catholics just like the protestants where everyone is the pope. Benedict didn’t resign properly by substantial error to say nothing of the fear and duress they compelled on him.
    Want proof of clerical duress one example of their handiwork is Cardinal Pell unlawful imprisonment he’s totally innocent. Basically he was reverse black-mailed by worthless scoundrels and is rotting in gaol for interfering with boys, the very crime men like McGarrick and his ilk committed.
    Thus its null and void and a group of compromised cardinals “stitched-up” a counterfeit.

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