In Italy there is Universal non-Acceptance

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In Italy, wherever I go, I either meet Catholics who recognize that Bergoglio is not the pope. Some knew he was not the pope the day he was elected, as soon as he said, “Good Evening!” instead of imparting the Apostolic Blessing. Others recognized it when he refused to call himself the Roman Pontiff, and styled himself merely, Bishop of Rome. Others recognized it when he went to live at Santa Marta and not in the Papal Apartments. Others, when he began to preach Marxism instead of Christ.

Universal non-Acceptance

There is no universal acceptance in Italy. I would say that about 15% of practicing Catholics consider Bergoglio to be the true pope. That would not even win you an election!

And since according to some, universal acceptance is an infallible sign of a legitimate papal election, we must conclude that the election of Bergoglio was illegitimate for some reason.

Universal Acceptance

However, if you consider what Catholics think, here in Italy, once they are shown the actual text of the Declaratio and the actual text of the Canon on papal resignations, then you would have to say there is Universal Acceptance, however, but not the way Sisco or Salza want the reality to be. Because in such cases, and I have had more than a dozen occasions to test this as an Anthropologist, there is 100% unanimity that Benedict XVI is still the pope.

So, the next time you hear any supporter of Bergoglio, who cannot give a canonical argument in response to the question, Why is the Declaratio of Pope Benedict canonically effective of his loss of the petrine munus? and they take refuge in the theory of Universal Acceptance, remind them of the facts and the reality.

A Challenge to a Public Debate

I have challenged publicly the entire Catholic world to debate the Renunciation for more than a year, I think. No one has ever taken up the challenge. This is because they have neither the facts of history, nor of law, nor even the principles regarding the interpretation of laws on their side. A Public Debate would disprove their position logically, canonically, legally, philosophically, theologically and even on the principle of Universal Acceptance. And their refusal to debate me proves it.

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6 thoughts on “In Italy there is Universal non-Acceptance”

  1. Here is another aspect of the problem which may be widespread in the clergy:

    “The invincible ignorance fallacy[1] is a deductive fallacy of circularity where the person in question simply refuses to believe the argument, ignoring any evidence given. It is not so much a fallacious tactic in argument as it is a refusal to argue in the proper sense of the word, the method instead being to either make assertions with no consideration of objections or to simply dismiss objections by calling them excuses, conjecture, etc. or saying that they are proof of nothing; all without actually demonstrating how the objection fit these terms (see ad lapidem”

  2. I firmly believe that this is spiritual warfare which does not conform to the rules of debate. The vast majority of clergy have been easy prey for Satan as they have become flabby in their spiritual lives. They don’t offer the services they should to their congregations or urge them to keep the first Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, & make themselves available to hear confession (in a confessional) more frequently to enable them to meet the usual requirements. They no longer offer Benediction or personally lead the Rosary before Mass or in the evening – that is left to a member of the laity as is visitation of the sick who therefore miss out on confession before reception of the Sacred Host. Annual Retreats & Last Rites are no longer offered. There used to be a barrel of Holy Water with a tap for people to easily access which was used in water fonts & to drive demons from homes on a regular basis. That practice has long gone as is the use of sacramentals in general.

    I am convinced that until Tradition is reinstated by the Vatican nothing will change. In order to make the necessary U-turn PBXVI must speak & this could happen when Our Lord tells him to. He left because he experienced a ‘mystical moment’ so another could lead to his return. These times have been predicted by Our Lady & many saints so they must play out. The power to overturn evil is not ours but our prayers are always heard so we cannot afford to give up.

  3. Something that still strikes me is the phenomena of what Catholics who love the Church sensed on the announcement of Bergoglio as Pope. All around the globe Catholics sensed a deep disappointment and a sense of darkness during and after the announcement of Bergoglio. I sensed it extremely. I could not understand why I was so disappointed when Bergoglio was announced, and the strong sense of darkness I had. Then I found out I was not the only Catholic, but it was millions who had this same experience. I believe it was God the Holy Ghost who was giving us a warning and preparing us for what was to come from this anti-Pope.

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