Munus vs. Ministerium: the case of the Roman Curia

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Three Questions and only Two Answers

The Roman Curia is the entire bureaucratic institution of Cardinals, Bishops, Monsignori, Priests, Experts and other officials, who run those individual organs of Papal government over the whole Church. Most of their offices are on the Via Conciliazione, but some are in the Vatican or scattered throughout the city of Rome.

All of those who are in the Roman Curia agree with me on one point. If you ask them if it is the duty of the Roman Curia to assist the Pope in his Petrine Ministry, they all respond with a resounding, Yes!

If you ask them, if the Pope alone holds the office or munus of the Roman Pontiff, or of Saint Peter, they all respond with a resounding, Yes!

But if you then ask them, How can Pope Benedict no longer be what he is, if all he renounced is what the Roman Curia does?

To that, third, and final question, you get no response.


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7 thoughts on “Munus vs. Ministerium: the case of the Roman Curia”

  1. Quinquagesima Sunday/
    Feast Day of St. Peter Damian
    23 February 2020 A. D.

    Excellent question, Bro. Bugnolo!

    Reducing your adversary to silence–or better yet a spluttering silence–clearly shows the truth of the matter.

    I think they may arrest you again with a couple of mire questions like that. Remember what Socrates got for asking a lot of questions, in addition to the nickname “Gadfly.”

    Happy Feast Day–of the Anti-Saint of Anti-popes, and other such pro-homosexual clerics from antipope on down!

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!”

  2. That Benedict abandoned the Roman Curia to its own perilous fate and destruction is a very noble and honorable blessing to the Church. We may not see the blessing now as we may in 50 years.

    With an invalid resignation to the Petrine Office, Benedict broke with any human responsibility and compromise to the elements of the Roman Curia which did not pertain to the work of the Lord, but to the works of Satan and his now vicar, Bergoglio.

  3. I have always have always looked up to the Vatican/Rome from my station in life. Its a scandal that this site and the news it produces aren’t on every Catholics lips and further its disturbing to see that there are so many in the highest stratosphere of the church that put the respect of persons,money,wicked pleasures,comforts,envy,anger,cowardice and a host of vanities well and truly above their love for Our Blessed Lord. Sorry to lament I don’t mean to discourage anyone.

    Brother Alexis or someone who posts comments here may have the answer, Do you know if any Bishop in the world that has gone on or off the record to recognize Pope Benedict’s invalid resignation?

    As a side note I’m still wondering why Archbishop Vigano since he has turned whistle blower and gone into hiding and has demonstrated he has a conscience why he hasn’t said something.

    1. Bishop Gracida has publicly said that he doubted the validity of the renunciation from the moment it was announced, and likewise that of the Conclave. per consequens. I was told by several persons who have second hand knowledge, that Archbishop Vigano holds that Benedict XVI is still the pope.

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