There are 4 priests at Rome who name Benedict in the Canon

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

FromRome.Info has collated through all the information we have received in the last 6 months and we can now affirm publicly that there are at least 4 priests at Rome who offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on a daily basis in communion with Pope Benedict XVI. That is, when they name the Pope at Mass, they name Benedict, not Francis.

However, since our sources are limited, I think one could rightly estimate that there may be dozens who are doing this.

Others are publicly showing their displeasure by choosing Eucharistic Prayers in which there is no mention of the Mass being offered in communion with Pope Francis. Still others are praying for Francis and all the other Bishops of Rome. Still others chose to celebrate and delegate to the co-celebrant the duty of saying that part of the Canon in which the name of the Pope is mentioned.

There are many reports all over Italy of priests who are saying, For Popes Benedict and Francis, or Pope Francis and Pope Benedict.

Lest us continue to pray for all priests, so that what they know to be true, they begin to say openly.

Publicly, however, that is without any hesitation to make known their identity and that they do offer the Mass in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, there are only 2 priests, to my knowledge: Don Alessandro Minutella and Don Enrico Maria Roncaglia. Though I have heard rumors there may be a half dozen more in Northern Italy.

God bless Catholic Priests who find lying insufferable!


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photograph of the High Altar at the Basilica of the Most Holy Savior, Saint John Lateran, here at Rome, taken by Br. Bugnolo.

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  1. Amazing! Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich said that during the time of the dark church, if only 1 priest in all of Rome celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the dispositions of the Apostles (in union with the True Pope), God would spare the faithful from all the chastisements. Such is the mighty power and majesty of the Holy Mass in union with the True Pope!

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