How Bergoglians blaspheme

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Bergoglians are blasphemers like their father.

The latest blasphemy was published over at One Peter Five, written by Dan Millette and published by Steve Skojec, in an article entitled: If Benedict is Still Pope, the Papacy dies with him.

Can you think of a more diabolic title for an article on website which takes as its name a passage from Saint Peter the Apostle?

Over at One Peter Five they have abandoned the Catholic Faith on the origin of the Papal Office and the Nature of God, Who upholds with His Providence all His works.

The entire article by Millette exudes the presumption, that there is NO Divine providence, there is only the work and power of men who side with Bergoglio!

Millette is so certain of his heresy, that he prophesies the future. He seems to want that:

  1. Benedict will not speak about what He did.
  2. Cardinals will  not change their mind and recognize the renunciation was invalid.
  3. The College of Bishops will not take any action.
  4. The Clergy of Rome will bury Benedict physically and metaphorically.
  5. The Holy Spirit of truth will not defend the truth or inspire men to follow it or adhere to it or profess it.

In other words, Millette would want us to give up all hope that there is a God and that the Catholic Church is founded by the Omnipotent God.

Millette is an Apostle of Despair.

To Millette, I have only one question:  When did you join the Masonic Lodge?


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the Article cited in this Editorial and used here in accord with fair use standards for such commentary.

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5 thoughts on “How Bergoglians blaspheme”

  1. It’s amazing how profoundly the men who follow Bergoglio continue their work lacking knowledge to their own peril.

  2. Here is the comment I made on One Peter 5 regarding ‘If Benedict is Still Pope, the Papacy dies with him’.

    “These are specious arguments Dan Millete. No Pope is much better than a false pope like anti-pope Bergoglio. And Benedict may very well be the last true Pope. So what?

    If this is the case we are probably in or on the threshold of the End Times and may have to survive this period with no Pope at all. The Church would then divided into those following a new false Pope and an underground orthodox Catholic Church claiming the Seat of Peter is vacant. I would regard all of this as a very good thing as it would bring clarity to the catastrophic disaster Catholics have endured since Vatican II.”

  3. Comment on One Peter 5 to my observations on Dan Millete’s article:

    JPCactus Michael Dowd • 9 minutes ago

    “Michael, what you are saying here is actually what the Saints prophecies tell us will happen. Most will follow the usurper into schism. Those who remain loyal will be few, and we will spent some time without the sacraments – 20 months is what I remember reading.”

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