Thank you for making FromRome.Info’s first month a success


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I write this editorial to thank each and every one of the readers of FromRome.Info for their interest and support in this new media initiative for Catholic News, Commentary and Information: the only one of its kind in communion with Pope Benedict XVI.

In this last month, FromRome.Info has had 120 thousand visits from 41 thousand visitors, with more than 1000 likes and 750 comments. During that time, FromRome.Info has published 210 articles, reports, editorials, videos and commentaries at FromRome.Info and an additional 59 videos at its new video channel, From Rome Info Video, on YouTube. The 210 articles represent nearly a third of all articles published at From Rome since its foundation in 2013.

With the generosity of those who have sent support, I have been able to pay all the bills, acquire a new cellphone-camera and tripod and do the first live 3-hour broadcast from Rome. More than 500 of you have subscribed to our Youtube Channel and when it reaches 1000 subscriptions I will be able to do multiple live broadcasts daily, turning FromRome.Info into an online TV station from Rome, Italy.

I want to particularly thank the most generous supporters and each of the writers who have offered to publish at FromRome.Info:  Attorney Frank Magill, Andrew J Baalman, Attorney Christopher P. Benischek, John Hanneman, and Austin Walsh. I wish to thank also, in particular, Lynn Colgan for her work as graphic designer and Andrew Baalman who is a tireless promoter. Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all my informants and sources, who wish to remain anonymous and yet keep feeding me the news no one else is reporting on.

A special thanks to all those bloggers who regularly share the published material from FromRome.Info, including Bishop Gracida (USA), Betta of Passaparola (Italy) and Yvette of Magazine La Voix de Dieu (Caméroun) and many others in Australia and beyond.

My hopes for FromRome.Info are to grow in into the pre-eminent Catholic source of news about the Church and the Vatican in the English speaking world: which is not controlled by the Vatican or any particular interests but serves Jesus Christ, the Eternal Truth Incarnate.

I ask, therefore, your continued help, and if anyone or more of you would be interested in investing, I ask you to contact me (leave message below), because incorporating this work is the necessary step for making it last and grow, so I can hire those needed to keep the news coming 24/7.

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9 thoughts on “Thank you for making FromRome.Info’s first month a success”

  1. You are more than welcome, Brother Alexis! Thank YOU for all of the hard work you are doing for Christ the King and His Immaculate Queen!

  2. Thanks Br. Congratulations! Now that I understand the importance of subscribing to YouTube channels, I have subscribed to yours. Even though I actually rarely ( if ever) watch YouTube videos.

  3. What do I prefer? I prefer to support your work somehow, perhaps in more ways than one, because I really appreciate what you are doing. It is not immediately clear (to me) how to do that.

    In the absence of direction, I will continue to support Ordo-Militaris. God bless you, Brother.

  4. I consider this blog a work of Heaven through the docile and brave instrument, Br. Bugnolo. Thank you! Thank you!

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