Archbishop Lenga fires back!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The sign of a man is that he fights back when his cause is just. The sign of a Catholic Bishop is that he not only calls a heretic, “a heretic”, but that he treats him as one, that is, as one who has no jurisdiction in the Church. This is the true and ancient faith: a heretic loses all jurisdiction in the Church ipso facto. This is also the teaching of Pope John Paul II in the Code of Canon Law of 1983, canon 1364.

Accused of saying things which are improper and publicly denounced by the local Bishop — who is a former Intelligence officer of the Polish Communist State — Archbishop Lenga has gone on the warpath!

Here are some of the quotes, in English translation, attributed to him in the NCR article, entitled, Retired Archbishop says he wont keep quite about pope as ‘heretic’, on his response to the demand of the Polish Bishops’ Conference that he be silent:

Christ gave me authority through the Church to proclaim the truth, and I’ll do so as long as I live.

I won’t yield to (canonical) degradation by those whose own statements and actions are entangled with heresy and sectarianism.

What right do they have to recall what pertains to the Church when they themselves have never upheld it?

The context of these comments appears to be this, that Archbishop Lenga has called Bergoglio and those advancing his agenda of Apostasy what they truly are, heretics. The NCR reporter, Jonathan Luxmoore writes of Archbishop Lenga:

He added that he had no wish “to belong to a church run by Protestants, Islamists and Jews,” and believed his critics should “form their own church, rather than usurping power in the Catholic Church.”

And again,

In a book-length interview, circulating in Polish on YouTube, he said he still recognized Pope Benedict XVI as pope and had dropped the “usurper and heretic” Francis from his prayer intentions after concluding he was spreading “untruths and sins” and “leading the world astray.”

In a Jan. 20 Polish TV interview, he said “many bishops and cardinals” lacked a “deep faith” and had adopted “an attitude of betrayal and destruction” by seeking to “correct Christ’s teaching,” adding that current confusion in the church indicated “the Antichrist is here.”

Archbishop Lenga is acting perfectly as a Catholic Bishop should. Let us pray to God and Our Lady, that more bishops join him and Bishop Gracida in denouncing the heretics and usurpers in the Church!


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a photo of Archbishop Lenga from June of 2013, taken and used with permission of its author according to the terms stated here. The quotes in English attributed to Archbishop Lenga can be found in the Article cited above, and are used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary. — In the quotes attributed to the Archbishop, FromRome.Info has added the honorific capital to the term church, referring to the Catholic Church, since the practice of writing, church, instead of, Church, is a masonic practice of international journalism, which FromRome.Info entirely rejects in principle.

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17 thoughts on “Archbishop Lenga fires back!”

  1. AMEN. As Catholic men, we need to stand and support Archbishop Lenga in treating Bergoglio for what he is, a usurper of the Holy Throne of Saint Peter, a schismatic and heretic, perhaps the greatest assailant of the Chair of Peter since the time of the crucifixion of Saint Peter in second century A.D.

    I am calling out the effeminate prelates and laymen of Trad Inc. who have thrown Archbishop Lenga under the bus when they should be standing with him and supporting the cause of the Church, that is, if they are still even Catholic.

    Duc In Altum!! … ¡¡Viva Cristo Rey!!

  2. May God Bless Archbishop Lenga and embolden him even more to speak truth to the world about anti-pope Bergoglio. Hopefully he will encourage a few more Bishops. And they should speak out if they have any faith and are concerned about Judgement Day. After all they have little to lose and eternity to gain.

  3. Thank God for the two truthful, transparent disciples He has now given us to publicly make all Catholics aware of the utterly satanic administration that has been working within His Church for decades without any working member of the Hierarchy being prepared to confront this situation & call out PF for what he is – a heretic of the highest order! If the entire Laity doesn’t fully back Bishop Lenga, Bishop Gracida & the call for an international investigation into Vatican corruption, then we don’t deserve the presence of Our Lord in His Bride, Holy Mother Church, any longer & we shall be doomed. He will not come to our rescue when NWO PF & his cronies fully implement their devilish desires. We will be on our own!

  4. Trad Inc loves burke and Schneider, but we now have Archbishop Lenga who thinks and believes as we do. Well, Marshall will be interviewing Schneider on his youtube channel, wish we could interview Lenga!

  5. Thank You Lord Jesus for Archbishops Lenga and Gracida. Totally unafraid to speak the truth.. Lord, please send many more to defend Your Holy Church. God bless them. Absolutely fantastic.

  6. Praise be Jesus and Mary! We simple lay people in the pews, who have no blogs, no Twitter or Facebook, have little influence on the world around us. But prayer is our weapon. For so long now we have been like the Cristeros in Mexico, having no general to lead us, but now TWO brave men have stepped forward and confirmed for us what we have believed for so long, that which – to paraphrase Scripture – he who has eyes and ears can see and hear: that be it due to a failed resignation and false conclave or to rampant heresy and outright apostasy (or both), Jorge Mario Bergolio cannot possibly be a TRUE Pope. Archbishop Lenga and Bishop Gracida have made it easier to trust in Christ’s promise that He will be with us to the end of the age. My morale and spirits are greatly lifted, and I will continue my “battle prayers” with renewed vigor. May God bless and preserve them and all of us foot soldiers in this battle with Darkness.

  7. The unfortunate thing is that there is no way to fight these heretics effectively when they are in power. Are you going to be able to depose a heretical pope? How? There is no way to do it. The laity have no power in this hierarchical church, and the clergy do not have the courage to do it. The college of cardinals is never going to admit that they made a mistake 7 years ago in electing Francis.

  8. If only Catholics could erase from their minds that PF is, or ever was, the pope it would make our efforts to have him & his cronies deposed all the more simple. He, & they, are ecclesiastical criminals who by their cunning over decades & coercion of PBXVI have succeeded in procuring the PO for a time. It is essential they be excommunicated & run out of the Vatican & its Episcopes where the damage they have caused can only be overturned by the Divine intervention of Our Lady’s Triumph who has promised us a complete restoration.

  9. I had never heard a Bishop speak as did the Apostles. When I read what Bishop Lenga said it was as if I were reading scripture. A Bishop who is a faithful successor of the Apostles who is truly pleasing to God! WOW! I love this site!

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