Frank Walker: Heretics need to be deposed

Frank Walker: We need the Church to act, but we can make a judgement beforehand. Bishop Schneider’s Essay is a desperate attempt. Archbishop Lenga is acting reasonably.


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8 thoughts on “Frank Walker: Heretics need to be deposed”

  1. Brother Bugnolo, perhaps you need to address Mundabor. I do believe he writes the exact opposite of what you have written. This article is currently highlighted by Mr Walker on Canon212.

    1. However, if one begins with the premise that Benedict is still the pope, then no deposition is needed. I think Mr. Walker may have cherry-picked Mundabor to use as clickbait for his website. I hope I’m wrong.

      1. There is formal deposition, when one removes a person from office. That is impossible for the pope. But for one who is antipope, he can be deposed, since his claim is false. So as I said, we are on track for the Second Synod of Sutri. All honest voices are converging….

  2. In Mundabor’s article that Canon212 made the main headline today, he wrote: “it is, cela va sans dire, not for us to decide who is pope in the meantime; particularly when there is no other person even claiming Francis’ job, or declaring him an usurper, or even rebuking him publicly and officially” — How can Mundabor say this and it not come across as a lie? And to write this only a few days after Archbishop Lenga DID declare Bergoglio a usurper, rebuking him publicly AND officially, is all the more egregious!

    “Christ gave me authority through the church to proclaim the truth, and I’ll do so as long as I live.” — Archbishop Lenga

    Of course, too, there is a preponderance of evidence that Pope Benedict XVI did not give up his claim to the Papacy, beyond any dispute, and the Vatican knows this.

    1. Mundabor is first of all a political conservative. He used to have a photo of Ronald Regan at his blog, now he has Pius XII, but he has not changed his ideology. Conservatives never buck the narrative of the left, because they are secret lefties.

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