Trad Inc. thinks you are a donkey

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When Bergoglio was elected, Rorate Caeli published within 24 hours a devastating critique of him by an Argentine correspondent. During the Last 7 years we have seen the Remnant, Catholic Family News, the Fatima Center, One Peter Five, LifeSite News, the National Catholic Register, and nearly all the Italian Bloggers criticize Bergoglio heavily with every new perversion, heresy, or sacrilege he issues. Then comes the petitions or the public letters or denunciations. Then comes silence. Then they pretend to wait. Then they just pretend to oppose. Then they praise and fault those who say something more should be done. Some of them are even now praising what Bergoglio has done. They say he is acting like a pope should!

The only constants with Trad Inc. are their insistence that Bergoglio is the Pope, whether he be a heretic or not, whether he be a schismatic or not, whether he be a Freemason or not, etc. etc. etc.

BUT DON’T YOU DARE judge Bergoglio! Only they have the right to do that!

AND DON’T YOU DARE demand that he be removed or put on trial for heresy!

The High Priest of Trad Inc. yesterday told us that we are pelagians if we want to solve the problem of Bergoglio like all the Fathers and Saints of the Church in similar times did.

We must rather wait for Divine Intervention – so they say.

The other day a group of Catholics published a call for an Inquest on the canonical problems in the Vatican, to start the ball rolling towards an imperfect council to depose Bergoglio and restore Benedict.

Trad Inc. ignored it.

Trad Inc. ignored the only canonical solution for all the problems they have lamented for 7 years.

Why do they not want a legal solution?

Trad Inc. instead published Bishop Schneider’s porridge of falsehood and presumption: LifeSite News, Rorate Caeli, and One Peter Five. Steve Skojec even went to so far as to say that Schneider should be the next pope! — He just said a man who denies the Catholic Faith on the effect of heresy should be the next pope!

Trad Inc. has been constant in one more thing. They are constant in treating YOU like a donkey, a jack-ass. Because they toss a carrot of Catholicism in the air in front of you, but always out of reach and expect you to move in that direction, but you never get the carrot, it always has strings attached. And the carrot is always snapped back, when you start to actually move in the direction it was tossed.

They talked about an imperfect council 4 years ago. And now they run quasi heretical screed to distract your attention from a call to start the process.

I thank the Catholics who have exposed what we have long suspected about Trad Inc.. They are on the take. There is big money supporting them and it actually does come with conditions on how to react to Bergoglio. It insists that Bergoglio is the pope and that they toe the line with their readers, deceiving them of the facts and denying the truth or even ignoring the news.

I have spent 35 years reading the publications of various members of Trad Inc. I feel profoundly disappointed. The feeling is not as intense as a boy who has been raped by his local priest, but its similar. They have intentionally misrepresented their motives as Catholic. Their motives are otherwise, much more base. Maybe they do not all get money out of it. But they have chosen Bergoglio despite of all the laws and facts to the contrary.


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9 thoughts on “Trad Inc. thinks you are a donkey”

  1. Agree’ Confirming the Trad, Inc position of see no evil is their long term defense of Vatican II which is the foundation document that his given Bergoglio his special privilege of heresy by giving voice to the Vatican II heretical ambiguities and interpretation of dogma which have been present now in the Church for over 50 years. Take marriage. The Church’s annulment process is nothing more than Catholic divorce. Contraception is ignored by most Catholics. Heretical theologians act with impunity. We are all pretty much Protestants now by not standing up for Catholic Orthodox teaching.

    In a way I am happy that Bergoglio came along to make clearer what has been present in the Church. He is there for all to see and to condemn. But few will. Jesus said this would happen as well as His Mother and many saints.

    Keep up your good work Br. Alexis.

  2. Well the Donkey was a very important animal in Biblical times being the main means of transport & has always been depicted as the chosen animal of conveyance by The Holy Family, so if we are defined as donkeys then we must be getting the message across the world in ways Trad Inc. are not. Long live the donkey!

  3. It really is a lack of faith on Trad Inc’s part. They need to fast from each other!

  4. It may very well take Divine Intervention to resolve this crisis. BUT – I have one question for Bishop Schneider: Why in heaven’s name should we wait for Divine intervention, when God has given us, through the writings of Church Doctors and through canon law, legal means to act to depose this usurper? There is an old joke about a man who is caught quickly in a flood and as the waters rise he goes up to the second floor of his house and prays to God for help. Along come folks with a boat who say “climb in and we’ll save you.” The man says no thank you, God will help me. As the waters continue to rise he climbs onto his roof and prays again. Another boat comes and he repeats his refusal, saying God will help him. The waters rise to his waist; he prays again and a helicopter flies over lowering a rope, but he refuses to grab on, saying God will save him. He drowns of course, and as he arrives before God he asks Him, “Why didn’t you save me”? God replies, ” I sent you two boats and a helicopter; what more did you want”? The solution seems pretty clear to me, Bishop Schneider; and, I think, to many others.

  5. What makes me sad and what I fear is this: two sides which appear to be (for 7 years) on opposing sides but really they are the same side. They are two sides of the same coin. So the apparently conservative/traditional lead even more people into error and perdition; they the promising half of the church astray. that’s the unbearable tragedy unless we: remind them all that man’s opinion is fallible- even if he be Schneider. That, by contrast, God is infallible. That we must seek the facts and pray for the humility to have the “light go on”. And having helped them be predisposed, no matter who they are, we must give them the facts they need. The only thing that gives me heart is that there is actually a remnant army. Thousands of prayer groups exist around the world who pray daily for Pope Benedict. And From Rome has started its own prayer community as well; to pray in solidarity and unity for Pope Benedict. Because of this we will always have priests who offer Mass for us in communion with the true pope; even if none live near us.

  6. I rather be the lost sheep who knows the voice of the Good Shepherd and follows him, than to be the donkey that took Jesus on Palm Sunday and upon hearing the cheers and applaud from the people, thinking that the adulation was for him, stood up on two feet and threw Jesus off his back.

    That is the image that comes to mind as I think about how Bishop Schneider has fed his own pride with the constant adulation, travel, Pontifical high masses, and attention from Trad Inc.

    Next time you see Schneider being vested for a Pontifical High Mass, ponder about how none of those accidentals are worth anything if he turns his back on the True Pontiff, Benedict XVI, the vicar of Jesus Christ.

  7. It is really so strange what they are doing , that in some cases seem to be working as instruments of Bergoglio, or they are just COWARDS that don’t want to face the Truth.
    Schneider essay , is a sort of schizophrenia writing, and he has demonstrated , not once, but many times, without any doubt , that is a COWARD, trying to show as a prudent Bishop, regarding his “Pope”.

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