Those who reject Benedict have no Bishop with a canonical argument

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For 14 months, Catholics who have demonstrated and sustained that Pope Benedict XVI is still the true pope have been ridiculed with the assertion that we have no Bishops to support us. I do not know how long Ann Barnhardt and those she led back to the truth on this question have been so ridiculed, but probably much longer.

Now that Archbishop Paul Lenga, a hero of the Soviet Era underground Church, and Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, a hero for moving the Magisterium to define complex questions on the care of the terminally ill, have publicly stated Bergoglio is not the pope and has never been the pope, because the resignation of Pope Benedict is doubtful, and therefore invalid, the enemies of the truth are irked.

So they trotted out Bishop Athanasius, who in the most charitable assessment simply does not understand the controversy, to support them. But he failed badly. So badly that the criticism of his argument has been left in the air, with no response.

So now the tables are turned: those who say Benedict is no longer the pope HAVE NO BISHOP OR CARDINAL WHO CAN MUSTER A CANONICAL ARGUMENT to support their claim. They are actually trying to sustain their position on silence and publicly proven errors, lies, mistatements, falsehoods.

They try to defend Bergoglio at all costs and  they become Bergoglio.  Their supporters in praising them have become like Bergoglians too. Praising a Bishop for falsehoods, denials of Catholic teaching, canon law, facts and for citing fake news reports. They insist his is personally holy and should be the Pope some day, for the merit of what he attempted to do.

But Bishop Schneider is now objectively even more dishonest that Bergoglio. Because Bergoglio has never attempted to canonically justify his own claim to the Papacy. Ardent Bergoglians and all of those in the Vatican have remained likewise silent. They are smart enough minds to know that you do not enter a battle field if you cannot win.

The Truth has won 3 battles

The Renunciation has been shown to have no canonical effect but to remove consent by Pope Benedict to everything they have been doing in the Vatican since Feb. 29, 2013. That is the first battle. The canonical defense of this truth, which has been expressed clearly by Ann Barnhardt in 2016 and by others since then has has no canonical counter-reponse. Those who disagree, remain silent, or hurl unfounded assertions or non pertinent facts, when they are not hurling insults. This is the second Battle.

There is now a collegial act in the same week by two members of the College of Bishops declaring Bergoglio is not the pope and that Benedict is still the pope. This is the the third and Huge victory.

The rest of the war will be a mop up exercise

The number of Bishops and clergy and religious and laity returning to Pope Benedict’s allegiance will grow. If Benedict is in error this will help him see it. If he is not in error but waiting for support this will fulfill his desire.

Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich foresaw it all 200 years ago. The evil dark pope will flee Rome. The Church of Jesus Christ, whom she saw in vision as a tall Lady, will humble herself by accepting the truth. We shall have victory!

Therefore, let us amass supplies, volunteers and support to bring it about sooner. Please spread the news of the International Inquest. This inquest will provide the information to the Bishops so that they can have sound reasons to move against Bergoglio and depose him as an antipope and heretic. They will then have the moral courage to call Synods and Councils, either locally or internationally to canonical declare their judgements against him.

And this kind of opposition will make Bergoglio’s position unstable. He will flee because he is a coward. Or if he dies first, his invalid illegal and illicit successor as Antipope will flee.

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6 thoughts on “Those who reject Benedict have no Bishop with a canonical argument”

  1. Spot on! Since the Bergoglian clergy have left the Church in schism by having called a false and illegitimate conclave in March 2013, and having recognized the man Bergoglio as “pope”, when in fact Benedict is still the only true and reigning Pope, they no longer have any authority nor does it become of them to make any determinations in the name of the Church, as they are no longer Catholic.

    It was Jesus Christ who with the same Divine Authority, and the same breath of his Incarnate Mouth, established the Petrine Office, delegated authority to the bishops and His Church, established the Holy Eucharist and Sacraments, such that those who are not set upon the Rock of Saint Peter, no longer hold any authority outside of Christ. (upon THIS ROCK I will build my Church)

    That is why, it does not compete a Bergoglian priest or Bishop to determine x, y, or z for any Catholics, because the moment they recognize a false vicar as that of Christ, they have put themselves outside the Church, having no Apostolic authority, having nothing to do with Christ and his flock.

  2. Br Bugnoli,

    I do believe this Lent is a turning point, with Bergoglio’s 7 year reign of terror about to collapse.

    btw I expecr you meant to write HUGE not HUGH.

  3. Why don’t Trad Inc. sit down together, say a prayer to the Holy Ghost & then study intently & debate the various Canon Laws pertaining to Papal Resignations & the Rules governing Papal Elections & compare them with what actually happened seven years ago. Instead of perpetually asserting that no-one can judge a Pope which supporters of PBXVI never denied, could they not admit that we are not judging a Pope but an Anti-pope & an ecclesiastical criminal at that.

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