Socci: Bergoglio is not acting as the Vicar of Christ, but as an agent of Peking

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

“Devastating” is not the word. “Frontal attack” would be the better term to describe Antonio Socci’s editorial yesterday criticizing Bergoglio’s manner of governing, or lack thereof. What irks Socci, as an Italian — for Italians have a wonderful sense of human compassion as their principal concern  before all others — is the victims of the Corona Virus in Italy and their families, about which Bergoglio said nothing in his Sunday addresses.

And so Socci goes for the jugular, as we say in American English:

Bergoglio does not react as a pastor, a father, a Vicar of Christ, but rather as a politician.

Harsher words were never said of a Roman Pontiff in a thousand years. And again, speaking of him and the Chinese President:

There is one thing that unites Bergoglio and Xi Jinping, according to the analysis of Antonio Pilati, and it is also applicable to the current ruling government in Italy: The government is already tottering, it has stood and is standing solely because of the forces which support it. One is China, the other is the Vatican, which today has a politic very much directed toward China.

Socci makes other cogent observations worth reading. His editorial can be summed up as an Italian way of asking the question and answering it at the same time: Who put you in power? is proven by whom you serve when in power.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the page from Antonio Socci’s personal website,, which is used here according to fair use standards for editorial commentary. In the Featured Image you can see the photos of the two dictators mentioned in Socci’s editorial.

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8 thoughts on “Socci: Bergoglio is not acting as the Vicar of Christ, but as an agent of Peking”

  1. Socci is right. Silence is Bergoglio’s best friend in times of guilt. What else can the anti pope do when the entire world knows that he is a Freemason planted in the See to sync the Church with the NWO?

    If he dares mention anything on covid-19, it will only remind the world of his murderous betrayal of Catholics in China.

  2. Please do not use gray fonts. Those paragraphs are nearly illegible on my screen. I am sure they are many whose screens and eyesight make those sections totally illegible.

    1. Vincent I have no control over the color of fonts in quotes, its part of the style sheet, but I will bold face them for you, to make them easier to read.

  3. People have been praying for decades for the Novus Ordo Church to be removed. Now it seems it just takes a virus to destroy it completely.

    If Francis continues too long in this refusal to administer the Sacraments to his sheep, he’ll find that his entire diocese will belong to the SSPX. since The SSPX are still celebrating Masses….🙂
    God has the strangest methods of seeing His perfect Will is done.
    This is incredible!

    At the time of Fatima in 1917, Priests risked their lives in the front lines in order to be there to administer the last Rites to a dying soldier.
    Centuries before that, Priests trusted in God, knowing no fear when they visited Plague victims. They chose to hear their final confessions and to make sure they received the Last Rites of the Church to assist them in their final hours of this life, so Heaven could be made more possible to a soul..

    This is Nu Church’s alternative? Really?
    What a poor replacement. God assist the Traditionalists, keep them brave and strong throughout the days and years ahead.
    Global fear is no reason to deprive the faithful of the Sacraments. The wolves flee when danger approaches, yet the Good Shepherd lays down His life for the Sheep.

    1. The Society were willing to shut their churches too, but then came the push back from their supporters. They still say the masses now, but the Decree does not allow anyone to travel to attend them. So there is no chance the SSPX will take over the diocese, the SSPX have never shown an interest in running parishes.

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