The Marks of the Church of the Antichrist

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Aggiornamento was allegedly for the purpose of increasing the pastoral efficacy of the  Church so that in the modern world, She and Her message of salvation would be better understood.

But what the Aggiornamento was really about was introducing the demonic, the satanic, the secular and the atheistic in to the Church and enuring us to it.

Take for example the inexplicable alterations in the text of the Mass on key doctrinal points:

  1. In the Sanctus, they replaced Lord God Sabaoth with Lord God of the Universe. — But “god of the universe” is the Biblical name for Satan. — This change has been now undone in the English version, but remains in the others.
  2. In the very words of institution, to consecrate the wine, they replaced for the many with for all— altering the very words of God, Who knows well that He did not offer His Blood for all, since some are not destined to eternal life. —  By this change they implied the Most Sacred Blood of Christ is spilled needlessly and uselessly for the servants of Satan, as if Christ Himself was a worker of sacrilege. — This change was ordered by Pope Benedict to be corrected, but they refused to do it.
  3. They replaced the salutation, And with your spirit with And also with youan error which is now corrected in the English but not in the other languagesto imply that you do not have an immortal soul.

I could add a host of other evidence, such as the image for the recent unHoly Year of Mercy celebrated by the anti-Pope, Bergoglio, which featured an obscene and diabolic image, of a christ carrying another man over his shoulders and sharing One Eye with him. To Bergoglians, Jesus Christ is a man who snatches other men or boys and takes them home to be used as pieces of meat, evidently.

These are just a very few of the inexplicable changes that they told us to accept, ignore and tolerate. But now that Bergoglio has worshipped Pachamama in a solemn ritual in the Vatican Gardens and introduced demon worship into Saint Peter’s itself, the masque has been torn off the true agenda of Vatican II and the Aggiornamento.

That spirit has now taken corporeal form with the Bergoglian Church and has supplanted and taken possession of vast parts of the Mystical Body, beginning with the Vatican and extending through Bishops and priests down to the faithful. The evil is coming from the Vatican itself.

The next change is the Our Father itself: Bergoglio wants all to recognize that he has authority to change the prayer composed by the ETERNAL SON OF GOD. That request is completely blasphemous and diabolic. Those who accept it will be formal heretics and apostates for having rebelled against the authority of God Himself in a matter of pure religion of the first order of importance.

For all those who are in communion with Bergoglio, this is what you are in communion with. Please do not call it the Catholic Church, for that would be to add blasphemy upon blasphemy.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo by Br. Bugnolo of a floor mosaic in a local Church at Rome, featuring the official logo of the “Year of Mercy” celebrated by Bergoglio from 2015 to 2016.

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6 thoughts on “The Marks of the Church of the Antichrist”

  1. Yes, the real underlying intention of Vatican II was to redirect and destroy the Church, making it serve the material needs of Man.
    This is now largely accomplished, i.e., most Catholics are Protestant in most of their beliefs.

    Bergoglio is here to put the finishing touches on this catastrophe and clarify the Church’s mission as a servant of the New World Communist Order, e.g., the China connection.

    The opposition to this devilish plan is minimal especially within the Church itself. Lord have mercy.

  2. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

    I read most of your comments. I have to say, whether you know it or not, you appear to be in total agreement with the Messages from Heaven to seer Maria Divine Mercy. These Messages help steer today’s Remnant along the true path of Salvation and away from heresy. You are a part of the true Remnant.

    Here are links to just a couple of the Messages which you would find similar to your thoughts on the Church of today. [14] [15]

    God bless, kate

    Melbourne Australia

  3. I really dislike that depiction of the Good Shepherd by Fr. Marko Rupnik, a Jesuit of course, what else would you expect. I couldn’t wait for the end of Jubilee Year to see the back of it. It represents to me a very secular image of the initial painting of Christ carrying a sheep on His shoulders but I seem to remember that Fr. Rupnik likened it to Christ carrying Adam & their eyes melding to imply God made Man carrying fallen man.

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