The wicked impiety of liars

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Defend Bergoglio, become Bergoglio.

Zealously defend Bergoglio, become worse than Bergoglio.

Here is a prime example:

I replied to Schneider’s ridiculous in my critique entitled, Bishop Schneider, you Essay is a porridge of falsehood and presumption, where I showed his entire argument was based on false information, fake news, and the complete rejection not only of causality but of canon law. His illusions are totally debunked by what Pope Benedict did in fact say and not say, as I have shown on two occasions (here and here).

For Schneider the truth of the canonical meaning of a papal act is found not in the act itself, but in how others consider and accept the act or react to the act. He is a nominalist of highest order. For him a thing has no being or essence, only an effect.

But for Sammons to say what he says, is pure shamelessness. He is inventing a new sect, in which the Church’s own Canon Law is meaningless, but the will of the Cardinals is the definition of reality.

As for Dr. Taylor, in November last year he himself admitted Bellarmine is right about a heretic losing the office of the papacy, but now with Schneider in front of him, he fails to even admit that but lets Schneider trash Bellarmine a doctor of the Church! (Hat tip to Fred Martinez of Catholic Monitor, for this exposé).

Both Sammons and Schneider are not fooling anyone with a shred of Christian faith. Our Religion is based on facts, evidence, truth and Divine Revelation. The words of Jesus Christ to Saint Peter: whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven, apply to Canon Law most of all, since by the Code of Canon Law, Pope John Paul II intended to bind the entire Church of the Roman Rite.

And no one can overthrow the words of Jesus Christ!

Bishops Schneider and Sammons and whomsoever attack that which is bound in Heaven are doing the work of Satan, who opposes the law of Heaven.

They are simply not Catholic. But they are worse than simple unbelievers.

Trad Inc. has passed through its final transformation. They are at war with God Himself.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a screen shot of Eric Sammons Twitter profile page, and is used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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9 thoughts on “The wicked impiety of liars”

  1. Eric “Mammons” is a former United Methodist who suddenly appeared in the Catholic Disneyland a few months before the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict and the arrival of Pope Corona Virus-Bergoglio. Mammons may be another Freemason for all we know (like Salza) or he may just be scandalized that he had just become a Catholic right before the arrival of Bergoglio and is now scrambling to deal with an anti pope.

    1. There is always a back ground story. Skojec popped out of now where in 2014 just as Catholics were realizing he wa a heretic. Ferrara and Sisco got big financial support to erase Gruner’s memory, Matt went to Christendom College which was founded by republicans first Catholics second. The list goes on and on….

  2. If they’re consistent and diligent, Trad Inc should be able to come up with plenty of examples of ‘errors’ in canon law. As they say on twitter, “I’ll wait.”

  3. As in all things, we must follow our own conscience not other people’s consciences. Loud alarm bells rang in the ears of a sizeable number of world Catholics when PF appeared on the Loggia, flanked by the late Cardinal Danneels. No-one had ever heard of him & his demeanour that evening didn’t encourage us to ever want to get to know him, much less recognise him as the Pope. After the admittance of Cardinal Danneels that the St. Gallen Mafia pulled out all the stops to get him elected our worst fears were confirmed & it wasn’t long before the tactics of the St. Gallen Group started to be put into effect.

    I cannot understand how any Catholics & not only Trad Inc. can honestly support PF & his cronies given the undeniably brazen, incessant, depraved, evil & Satanic ideology they are wantonly pressing upon God’s people rather than upholding His Word & Commandments in all respects as any true pope & curia would combine to do. Do they really think a true pope would (or even have the moral right to) enter into a secret agreement with a Communist Regime & surrender seven million of his flock to its control? Do they believe that a true pope would (or again have the moral right to) introduce paganism to the Vatican & thence to the world in an effort to allow married clergy (hetero + homo) & women deaconesses (priests of the future) when such goes against the belief that only men can represent Christ in persona?

    I understand that many of these PF backers come from a Protestant background & so were open to the idea of equality for all & the Lutheran philosophy of being saved by faith alone. To a generational cradle Catholic, this ideology is an abomination. It is not the Catholic stance as we believe Christ’s death on the cross opened the way to our being enabled to gain our eternal salvation through faith, good works, keeping His Commandments & accessing the sacraments frequently. We consider there is quite a lot to do & the straight & narrow path is often lonely, but necessary. The Protestant belief that baptism alone saves puts them on the broad path to destruction.

  4. Last year it was Shut up! Francis is pope. Now it’s Shut up and go to Confession! Francis is pope.

    Although, Sammons is not the first to threaten with eternal damnation anyone who supported BXVI. Skojec was doing the same last year .

    In the absense of an intellectual response ( which Sammons all but admitted in his tweet above) all they have left is threats and ridicule. It didn’t work before, it won’t now.

    As for those previously “wavering” towards PPBXVI, one thing I have noticed is the utter fickleness of many in Tradland. A few weeks ago they were concinxed by Louie Verrecchio, then last week by + Schneider, then a few days ago they listen to some slick sede video by Donald Sandorn and figure he “makes good points”, or something.

    Most of them have no root and just listen to the next one to ticle their ears.

  5. That should be “convinced” not “concinxed”.

    If I can make one other point, it seems the reason, or one of the main ones, why people are unable to see the truth of PPBXVI is because they have a resentment towards Benedict for ‘abandoning” them, or hecause he’s a coward, or a modernist, or, you know, just as bad as Francis actually.

    If they actually loved the pope instead if jzdging him, they would have little difficulty recognizing him as the True Pope.

  6. The Trad, Inc. Commandments
    11) Thou shalt not doubt the word of Holy Skojec or Saint Sammons.
    12) Any bishop who says the Traditional Latin Mass or wears lace is infallible in their pronouncements.
    13) When in doubt about the teachings of the Magisterium, refer back to the 11th Commandment.
    14) Canon Law is useful, until it isn’t.
    15) “Pope” Francis has the power to overturn the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church because he is “pope,” which trumps all other laws in the Church and the universe. The Vicar of Christ needs no Christ.
    16) The list of Commandments will grow exponentially as the need to make Catholics submit grows, and they must be adhered to without question.
    17) If Holy Skojec, Saint Sammons or any other Trad, Inc. individual, whether clergy or laity, pronounces schism on any individual who disagrees that Bergoglio is pope, it shall be so.
    18) __________________ Add new commandment here.

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