The Mask at the Vatican has been ripped off

Vatican showed its hand
in suppressing Grex Vocum on Feb. 11, 2020

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On Feb. 11, 2020, Catholics at Rome organized an event in the Piazza San Pietro for all who wanted to exercise their canonical rights, as per canon 212, in expressing their opinions about the course in which the Church has been led by Vatican officials in the last 7 years. The event was called, Grex Vocum — A flock of voices. I reported on it prior to the event here, here, here and here.

Here was my opening short Video that day:

The action was not in violation of any law of Vatican City or the Republic of Italy, and was in perfect harmony with Canon Law and the Catholic faith.

Now that I have had a month to speak with numerous witnesses who were in the Piazza that day, I can add to my previous report, which I filed here and to the two video reports I have so far recorded: one in Italian by Massimo Testarotta, the intrepid Italian professor who was my interpreter and able defense during interrogation (here in Italian) and another by a Roman Catholic who was in the piazza that morning (here in English).

I have numerous confirmations that the Secretary of State asked the Italian State Police to accost anyone in the Piazza that morning who affirmed that they had come for the Grex Vocum event. They were given instructions to attempt to arrest or prevent their participation by finding any lawful reason to detain them or ask them to leave the piazza. It was a concerted effort of at least a dozen police officers. Whether Swiss Guard or Vatican Police in plains clothes were present or participating is not known. Though the total number may have included as many as 40 plains clothes men.

I believe from certain evidence in the testimonies I had and from what I myself saw, that the perpetrator of the persecution was the sostituto of the Secretary of State, Mons. Parra, a citizen of Venezuela who was recently promoted to his position by Parolin, the Vatican Nuncio to Venezuela at the request of the Cardinal of Buenas Aries who has taken up residence in the Vatican and has seized its organs of government. (I speak here according to the canonical reality, for Mons. Parra’s benefit).

One eye witness who showed me photographs, confirmed for me that about a dozen police officers were tasked with leading me away. I cannot say that I was arrested, because technically I was only asked in for questioning. And it was not interrogation, they say, since that is used for those caught in an act of crime, whereas in my case they were trying to catch me in an act of crime.

The only journalist there was a reporter for the Associated Press. She told me that she had been tipped off that it would be a big event. She asked to interview me, but never followed up. My report on that is here. I am of the opinion that her attempt to report was squashed also by the Vatican. She could not interview me without risking her press credentials at the Vatican.

No Trad Inc. reporters or members were there.  Dr. Roberto de Mattei who is always lamenting about the Church during the last 7 years, and who lives at Rome was not there! Other members of his institute were not there. Neither was Pentin, Montagna or any Vaticanista. The Assosciated Press was the only ones with the courage and a full camera crew on the scene. Even they were shocked when I was taken away. It was clearly a violation of my rights as a journalist, though technically since I am not a professional, I do not have such rights in Italy!

The Vatican was too afraid to risk their own police to arrest me or interrogate me. I guess they feared what might happen if I started explaining canon 332 §2 to anyone in private! And for good reason, as I has already gifted a large religious banner as a Christmas present to the Swiss Guard, explaining that Benedict is still the pope! So I think it is safe to guess I am on a watch list and a black list, and perhaps soon a hit list. Thanks be to God!

None of the Faithful who were accosted were doing anything illegal and in most cases were not even expressing their views against anyone. They were waiting for the event to begin. Their only “crime” was saying they had come for Grex Vocum.

This outrageous behavior confirms that the Vatican is now occupied by forces which are inimical to the observance of Canon Law, free speech and the Catholic Faith. And that those in charge are well aware of the great discontent of the faithful, and will use any means necessary to suppress dissent, discontent or even public expression of opinion.

These are the tactics of a peronist or marxist dictatorship.

All the talk about the God of Mercy and listening to the peripheries has now been shown by this police tactic to be a bunch of lies and propaganda. The mask at the Vatican has been ripped off! They are a foreign power, not men of God or clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.

This event also proved that Trad Inc is 100% pretense. Because they sell lamentations and criticisms to get your money and train you to shut up and do nothing and buckle under. Because they could have come to Grex Vocum, but did not. Not a single one of them.

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4 thoughts on “The Mask at the Vatican has been ripped off”

  1. What is happening in Bergoglio’s regime is a complete takeover of the Catholic Church in order to turn into a political arm of the Communist Party. This is a bigger story than Watergate. It seems to me that some ambitious MSM reporters would be interested in order accelerate their career, if not help legitimate religious mission of Catholic Church.

  2. Yes, and so sorry that you have had to suffer for ripping off the mask of the Vatican which is run by tyrants, masons, sodomites, money worshipers. They stage was set for the false prophet Bergoglio to be enthroned. Now that the mask has been ripped off, it is only a matter of time before God intervenes and wipes them all out.

  3. Ember Wednesday
    4 March MMXX A. D.

    Dear Bro. Bugnolo–

    The Good Lord is using you–not like a broom à la St Bernadette but like a battering ram. Your novena is shaking the walls of Bergoglio’s Hell holed up in La Casa Della Fagola, I mean Sta. Marta of course.*

    Mrs. Beowulf is fiercer than I, and she states today with her uncanny spiritual sense that your forty-day St Catherine Emmerich Novena is going to bring Bergoglio down, perhaps by Easter. Alleluia Lord be praised.

    She’s joining you at midnight and now I am too as she has these past three fortnights from our cottage in the woods of the Hudson Valley.

    Excellent description of Trad Inc. Keep yer mouth shut, boy! And keep the spices flowing!

    Poor De Mattei–all his scholar’s training and blind to the truth and deaf to the voice of the true Shepherd.

    For God is doing what He has done from the beginning of Time.

    Here’s the current lay of the land as I see it.

    As He has from the beginning of time God has hidden the truth in plain sight from the wise. And revealed it to the simple and lowly.

    “And [they] seeing the wonderful things that He did, and the children crying in the temple, and saying: Hosanna to the Son of David, were moved with indignation, and said to Him: Hearest what these say?

    “And Jesus said to them: Yea, have you never read: Out of the mouths of infants and sucklings at the breast Thou hast perfected praise?”

    Matt. 21:15-16.

    The talking heads of Trad. Inc are no babes in the woods, are they.

    In corde Christi–

    Bro. B.

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou alone hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

    *Parra is a most notorious cardcarrying member of the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church, in the memorable words of Viganò the Valiant, of which Bergolio is pope, head and king.

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