40 Days of prayer against the Church of Darkness — Day 38

FromRome.Info Video, recorded tonight at Santa Maria Maggiore.



In the year of Our Lord 1820, God revealed to Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich that the Church of Rome would one day be attacked from within. That there would be two popes: one false and dark, who strove to found a new Religion which would be the home of every heretic and apostate: one true and aged, who would be paralyzed by inaction and silence.

To drive the Church of Darkness out of the Church of Rome, it was revealed to her that Our Lady asked the faithful to gather at Midnight in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, here at Rome, and pray with arms outstretched, in the form of the Cross, for the space of at least 3 Our Fathers.

Prayers being said Tonight at Rome

In nomine Patri et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Pater noster qui es in coelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum;
adveniat regnum tuum, fiat voluntas tua, sicut in coelo et in terra.
Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,
et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

Padre nostro che sei nei cieli, sia santificato il tuo nome;
venga il tuo regno; sia fatta la tua volontà, come in cielo così in terra.
Dacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano,
e rimetti a noi i nostri debiti come noi li rimettiamo ai nostri debitori,
e non ci indurre in tentazione, ma liberaci dal male». Amen. (3 volte)

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name,
Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our Daily Bread,
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us,
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. (3 times)

Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto,
Sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

NOTE: Since, Bl. Anna-Katerina Emmerich had this vision in 1820, before the invention of time zones, midnight here should be understood in solar time, which at Rome makes midnight occur at 12:22 AM, presently, and thus the hour of midnight would be 11:52 AM to 12:52 AM. Try to say your prayers in that hour.

This Novena is explained and announced here in English, and here in Italian, in each place the citations from Bl. Emmerich about these prayers are given.

See the article published yesterday at FromRome.Info, The Church of Light vs. the Church of Darkness for more about this Novena of Prayer.

PLEASE NOTE: That until From Rome Info Video Channel at Youtube gets 1000 subscribers, it will NOT be able to broadcast the Nightly Prayers Live. So let all who are devoted to Jesus Christ, Our Lady and Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich know that they need to urge subscriptions to this channel, so that we can promote the fulfillment of Our Lady’s Request for Her Heavenly-Approved prayer solution to the present Crisis in the Church.

To put a Newspaper ad calling Catholics at Rome to this pray vigil, will cost 2000 euros. Help us spread the word by a generous contribution here below. Our Lady promised victory, let us mobilize everyone to the battle!

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Dr. Galat was never excommunicated

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the most courageous laymen in the last 7 years was Dr. Galat, producer of the TV program, Cafe con Galat. He had the integrity to admit that Bergoglio was teaching lies and heresies and that therefore he was ipso facto excommunciated. Also, he had the integrity to examine the so called, Renunciation of Pope Benedict, and see that it was not in conformity with the norm of Canon Law.

Dr. Galat y Galat was , President of the Universidad La Gran Colombia and founder of Canal Teleamiga.

He had such influence in Latin America (his programs were nearly all in Spanish) that the Bergoglians in Colombia conceived a plot to assassinate his good name. They put out a statement saying he was excommunicated, but they never issued such a decree.

He tells the entire story in this episode:

After his death, however, the Bergoglians took over his works and erased his YouTube programs which criticized Bergoglio.

FromRome.Info posts this video to defend the memory of this great man, and as an example of how a layman should act in this present crisis. His name will live in honor an reverence, and may God glorify his soul, if he has not yet reached the Gates of Paradise!

Here is a short video, honoring his memory:

Here is an interview he gave a year before his death:

Cipriano de Rore: Missa Praeter rerum seriem, Kyrie

As we continue our journey through the Sacred Polyphony of the 16th century, we come to Cipriano de Rore, a Flemish composer who accompanied his countryman, Margaret of Parma to Naples, on the occasion of her wedding to a scion of the House of Medici. He remained in Italy and became an admirer and imitator of both the styles of Josquin des Pres and Adrian Willaert.

In this piece, Missa Praeter rerum serium, Cipriano takes the Christmas Mass of Josquin by the same name, written for 6 voices, replaces a tenor with a soprano and adds a seventh voice.

FromRome.Info features at 5 P.M. daily, Rome time, a selection of sacred music for the edification of our readers, so that they can better grasp how contrary to the very nature of Catholic liturgy were the so called “reforms” of Vatican II.


The effeminacy of Secular politiking

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the great modern errors is one of those errors least of all recognized and opposed. This is because we live in an age in which godless men rule the entire world, except for a few Catholic principalities, perhaps. And most men, instead of risking their public reputations for Jesus Christ, prefer to collaborate with godless men in common cause for lesser objectives.

They say, as Catholics we would never have a voice. We would achieve nothing. It would be pointless.

But this is the same mentality which says, Who cares what Canon Law says, or if God, even if He exists, thinks Benedict is the pope, what matters is what the Cardinals and Bishops say, and we cannot get anything done if we oppose them in this!

This is what I call secular politiking. It is not politics, because politics cares for the common good. It is the perversion of politics to support secularism as the ruling value. It is the creation of men who are the ancestors of those who surrendered to the errors of the Enlightenment, the forces of the French Revolution etc., and to the concept of a secular modern democracy, as if the words  secular, modern and democracy had any power to save the world or a nation!

Secular politiking is the very spirit of Trad Inc.. In fact, Trad Inc. is populated by those committed to secular politics. Maybe there is someone among them who is not, so I will refrain from an absolute generalization. But if you look at how they think and what principles they think are valid in an argument, it all centers on human opinion. There is never an appeal to Divine Authority or Magisterial Teaching as the principle or ultimate criterion of truth or action.

Every possible endeavor and achievement of men who are secular politikers will end in failure, because they build their house on that sand which Our Lord condemned as an unstable foundation.

The only true Catholic position is that political expression for the Catholic should and must be to support a party run by Catholics which is founded on Catholic principles and which rejects Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, Liberalism and all other isms which militate against Catholic Faith, Morals or the perennial philosophy taught by the Saints of the Catholic Church.

This does not mean that to forestall the down fall of one’s own nation one should not support the least worse option, but it does mean that all such work can never be seen as the fulfillment of Catholic duty. That duty rather consists in founding a Catholic party and keeping it free form all non Catholic forces and ideologies, regardless of whatever carnal men might say about its success, and even if it only succeeds first at the local level to promote a candidate here or there.

Such a Catholic party is the true Right, not the fake or the alt right. The true Right was the party in the French Assembly which supported the Catholic Monarch and the ancient order of Catholic society which traced back to Constantine. The false right are freemasons who pretend to oppose the left, and the alt right are leftists who pretend to be of the Right. The Nazis and Fascists were of the left, though the MSM wants to burn into your mind that they are the Right, so that you will never return to the true Catholic Right.

But Catholics will never have true liberty so long as they are afraid to use Catholic words for reality. All who hesitate to do this show that they are intellectually still the slaves and servants of secularists, even if it is only because they have been victimized by these their entire lives.

But true men in spirit are not men who begin on the position of remaining a victim. True men begin on the position that they have rights. Catholic men, therefore, should enter politics on the presupposition that we have a Divine Right to govern ourselves and the world, for we are adopted sons of the Creator, King of all, and true subjects of Jesus Christ, the King of All. Anything less is effeminacy.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo of the bronze statue of Saint Louis IX, King of France, which stands triumphantly in front of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Paris, Francis, and is used here in accord with a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 generic, as explained here.

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On the Expulsion of Jews from Western Catholic Monarchies: Part III

Undoing Historical Revisionism

Expulsions of European Jewry, 1290-1492

by Austin Walsh

Part III: In Spain Terror, Larceny and State Sanctioned Murder

After the Moors invaded Visigoth Spain in 711, the facts were plain and well-known that the Saracens would not have attempted the invasion were it not for the treason by way of intelligence furnished by local Jews who, as it were, held open the Gates of Toledo for the enemy. However, Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin were to plant the foundations of a glorious future only eleven years later, and fittingly, originating from a cave beyond which Saracen advances on Visigoth territory never did advance.

Our Lady of Covadonga and her son Don Pelayo loom large in a chapter of Catholic history that, while separate from this article, prove well worthy of any Catholic reader hungering for restoration. Visigoths surely taught the sons of their sons to be ever mindful of the death of their nation at the hands of treacherous Jews. The Councils of Toledo (400-681) had wisely decreed that Jews incorrigibly subverted the well-being of the state and should be barred in perpetuity from holding government office. However, after eight hundred years of preoccupation with recapturing their ancestral home from the Musselmen, this lesson was to be learned again the hard way.  Maurice Pinay, the singular pseudonym for the several authors of the absolutely essential-to-read The Plot Against the Church, recount for us the terror endured by the Spanish in the late Fourteenth Century under Monarch Peter the Cruel.  (A full and free PDF download of the English translation of The Plot Against the Church is available via Cognitive Gateway.)

Then the Christian kingdom of Iberia (Spain)… promoted the Jews to government members and even to ministers or royal state treasurers. As a result they violated the decisions of the Holy Church Councils, which excluded the Jews from government offices.

The Jews turned back once again to their traditional tactics, to gain their enemies through seeming good conduct and effective services, thus obtaining valuable offices which made it possible to them to later conquer the states which had offered them protection. They therefore left no opportunity unused in order to get into their hands control over this Christian kingdom, which had already become a second Palestine to them, into which they streamed ready and willing. The Jews came to Castile at a time when they had reached the high point of their power. (20)

Still an adolescent upon ascending the throne in 1350, Peter the Cruel took as his advisor Jewish leader Samuel Ha-Levi Abulafia, whose influence over the King increased, giving him power like no other before him. (21) This influence proved disastrous for Peter’s subjects, who were subject to a reign of terror and murder like no other during that period of history. Interestingly, regarding Peter the Cruel’s appetite for the killing of layman and clergy alike, Pinay traces a direct parallel to the murderous Jewish Bolshevik’s of Soviet Russia. No one in Castile felt safe. Pinay continues,

Unfortunately, however, history proves to us that every time the Jews in a Christian or pagan state attain “the highpoint of their power”, a terrible wave of murders and terror is unleashed, and Christian or pagan blood flows in streams. Thus it also occurred under Peter from the moment when the Jews obtained decisive influence upon education and government…The Jews attained high regard and the synagogues prospered, while the Churches decayed and the clergy and the Christians were disgracefully persecuted. (22)

Here another pattern can be seen in the larger context when considering aforementioned events in England and France: the more power Jews obtain, the greater the abuse and persecution to be suffered by the kingdom’s subjects. The bloodshed arising from such abuse is documented not only in the form of occult ritual killing seen in England and France, but in open murder of subjects by the monarchy so influenced, as noted here about Castile. Fittingly, this pattern also applies to royal treasuries. Whereas in England and France, the lending of money to the crown proved highly pernicious, under Peter the Cruel, who was a veritable thrall of his own Jewish advisors, usury devolved into crass and enormous theft. Such was the case when Peter’s advisor Samuel was betrayed by envious fellow Jews, accused of stealing gold and silver for himself, and forfeited his life. Pinay retells the discovery recorded by a chronicler of the period,

“And it (his death) caused the King much sorrow, when he learned of it, and upon the advice of these Jews he commanded to bring him all his possessions. The houses of Samuel were searched, and they found a subterranean chamber with three mountains of gold and silver coins, bars and pieces. Each individual one was so high that a man could hide behind it. And King Peter inspected them and said: “If Samuel had only given me the third part of the smallest of these heaps, then I would not have had him tortured. But he preferred to die, without telling me.” The fact that Jewish treasurers or finance ministers stole was not new. Many had been deposed for this reason. (23)

Tyrannized by Jew-controlled Peter the Cruel, the subjects of Castile languished until the Pope excommunicated Peter and declared his subjects free of any obligation to submit to Peter’s authority. At the same time, the Pope declared Henry – Peter’s half brother-  the lawful King of Castile. With the Pope’s blessing, Henry made war against Peter. In 1369, after a battle driving Peter, that tool of Spanish Jewry, into a castle near Toledo, a meeting was arranged via a certain double-agent envoy, at which Henry slew Peter, thus ending the terror.

Abravanel, the Monarchs and the Final Decree

The next and final chapter of Jew-orchestrated chaos in Spain began in 1483 with the arrival from Portugal of treason-suspect and refugee, the Jew Isaac Abravanel. As per typical historical pattern, Abravanel opened a bank, obtained an invitation to the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella, and succeeded in ingratiating himself with the Monarchy. Returning to Ryssen

Ferdinand and Isabella then entrusted him with the Spanish finances, despite the prohibition, frequently renewed by the Cortes, against entrusting any employment whatever to a Jew. “He himself’, writes Graetz, “recalls that his services brought him riches and honours, that he was highly esteemed at court, and before the high nobility of Castile”. As at Lisbon, he caused his fellow Jews to profit from his elevated position. It was certainly Abravanel who protected the Jews of Castile from the punishments which the inquisitors would have inflicted upon them for supporting the marranos. (24)

Nine years after Abravanel’s arrival in Spain, the southern region of Granada, final holdout for Islamic Spain, fell into Christian hands on January 2nd, 1492. After eight centuries, Visigoth Toledo was avenged, and this time unlike during the previous century, the Monarchs had seemingly crystal clear recollection of Jews’ role in the downfall of 711. Ryssen again,

On 31 March 1492, by an edict dated from the palace of the Alhambra, the Catholic Kings ordered the expulsion of all Jews from Spain. They were ordered, on pain of death, to leave the territories of Castile, Aragon, Sicily and Sardinia within four months. (25)

Now what have our Talmudic friends at the Jewish Virtual Library to say about this expulsion? It seems as if both the JVL and Ryssen use nineteenth century Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz as their source, as both accounts are in agreement. First the Jewish Virtual Library (source),

Tens of thousands of refugees died while trying to reach safety. In some instances, Spanish ship captains charged Jewish passengers exorbitant sums, then dumped them overboard in the middle of the ocean. In the last days before the expulsion, rumors spread throughout Spain that the fleeing refugees had swallowed gold and diamonds, and many Jews were knifed to death by brigands hoping to find treasures in their stomachs.

Now Ryssen,

The rumour of this practice became current, and certain Spaniards did not hesitate to disembowel them in order to search for treasure in their entrails. The captains of Genoese ships treated them with “ferocious savagery”. “Out of greed of simple caprice, to revel in the sufferings and desperate cries of the Jews, they threw large numbers of them overboard”. It was clear that the Spanish had nourished notions of vengeance against the Jews for many years, and were not about to waste their opportunity. (26)

How unfortunate indeed for these murdered Jews, who themselves as individuals were forced to suffer greatly in excess of any anti-Catholic antagonism in which they might have participated.

This is the difficult lesson faced by this subversive sect who, century after century, in Kingdom after Kingdom, so mistreat and abuse their host country that their presence becomes intolerable. In Visigoth Spain their treason was so malevolent, destructive and continuous through history, even as Spain emerged and attempted to unite itself in the fifteenth century, that those enacting the expulsion found themselves avenging the slaughter, enslavement and humiliation of their own ancestors, unrequited for eight hundred years.

While affirming on the one hand, Church teaching that no one has a right to harm the Jew; on the other, the Jew has no right to subvert, slander, swindle or slaughter any Catholic Kingdom or its subjects. This sort of lawlessness is precisely what England, France and Spain’s Jews put into practice.

All murder is regrettable, whether the victim be Christian or Jew. Thus this writer posits without contesting the Jewish Virtual Library’s prerogative to decry the harm done to Jews during their expulsion from Spain. However, the same also asserts the Catholic’s right and duty to mourn and remember all the Catholics murdered by perfidious, Christ-hating Jews, throughout the Church’s history. William of Norwich was a saintly boy who offered harm to no one, but was abducted, tortured, drained of his blood, murdered and discarded as if he were one hundred pounds of rubbish. This writer reserves mourning for the Church Militant, who while gaining a Saint, has endured a deep injustice. Just as no one has the right to harm the Jew, no Jew has the right to cram a phony historiography down the throat of any Catholic.

Weaponized Jewish Historiography vs. Authentic Catholic Counter-Narrative 

This inquiry into expulsions from Jews from kingdoms of Christendom leads to surprising discoveries regarding Jewish behavior, which in its malevolence invariably exceeds all rational limits and proportions, to the point where destruction falls upon Jews themselves by way of expulsion.

These excesses continue to this day and are observable in Jewish historiography which denies by way of omission their own culpability in the disasters which befell them. Not one word of acknowledgement is written that would admit even a small portion of responsibility resting with history’s Jews. Neither is one syllable of consideration given to the point of view of history’s Catholic protagonists.

Regarding historiography and education, if the reader take even a cursory look round, he’ll see that history texts are permeated by Jewish publishers, editors, and of course, that comic-book style historiography and the Christ-hating, anti-Catholic bigotry which that historiography attempts to conceal.  It behooves today’s Catholics therefore, to speak plainly with one another about this concealed Christ-hatred to be found just beneath the surface of this Judaized historiography.

Once our Catholic voice and vocabulary on this topic is regained, we can again begin asserting our historical counter-narrative among both Catholic and non-Catholic listeners and readers. Prior, however, to both the reasserting and the speaking plainly, is the knowing the truth for oneself. Completing this priority step involves criticizing, questioning and deprogramming from the relentlessly pushed varieties of Jewish comic book history that constantly crop up in media/alt-media/social media, and even Catholic media. Authors like Pinay, Ryssen, and E. Michael Jones can be a great start. It is time that Catholic minds were liberated.

Finally, a word on the intention behind the phony histories promoted by the likes of the Jewish Virtual Library, not only a contempt for the very concept of objective truth, but also a component of a larger and more pernicious long-term agenda. A quote follows, from a Jewish document dating back to 1489, attributed to the Great Sanhedrin, a hidden group alleged to this day to guide the work of world Jewry, and in the following letter encouraging other Jews suffering a setback at the hands of the French. The letter both disturbs and reveals much about the Jewish vision for Jewish-Catholic dialogue.

Dear beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves. The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts.

1) As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods: make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.

2) As for what you say about their making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

3) As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons cannons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

4) As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

This concludes the Series.



20  Pinay, Maurice; The Plot Against the Church; 1962; Online English Edition, (T. P. Johnson, Trans.), pp. 357-58.

21  Ibid..

22  Ibid., p. 359.

23  Ibid., p. 363.

24  Ryssen, op. cit., p. 254.

25  Ibid., p. 255.

26  Ibid. p. 256.

CREDITS: For the Featured Image, see credits to Part I.

FromRome.Info wishes to thank Mr. Walsh for his research and contribution of this series.



A Commentary on the prophecies of Bl. Emmerich – Part I

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This series will have four installments, one for each paragraph of the prophecies given to Bl. Emmerich in 1820 and 1822 regarding the crisis of the two popes

On what would be the future date of the first apparition of Our Lady at Fatima 97 years later, Our Lady revealed the future of the Church to Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich:

May 13, 1820: “I saw the relationship between the two Popes. I saw how baleful would be the consequences of this false church. I saw it increase in size; heretics of every kind came into the city (of Rome). The local clergy grew lukewarm, and I saw a great darkness. Then, the vision seemed to extend on every side. Whole Catholic communities were being oppressed, harassed, confined, and deprived of their freedom. I saw many churches close down, great miseries everywhere, wars and bloodshed. A wild and ignorant mob took to violent action. But it did not last long.“ „Once more I saw the Church of Peter was undermined by a plan evolved by the secret sect, while storms were damaging it. But I saw also that help was coming when distress had reached its peak. I saw again the Blessed Virgin ascend on the Church and spread Her mantle [over it]. I saw a Pope who was at once gentle, and very firm . . . I saw a great renewal, and the Church rose high in the sky.“

Let’s unpack this prophecy and consider what it may mean. No one can give certain interpretations of such thins however, except by the gift of God.

Two popes …. this false church. The implication is clearly that the false church is headed by one of these two popes.

I saw it increase in size; heretics of every kind came into the city (of Rome).This is the constant parade of globalists and heretics which Bergoglio is inviting to the Vatican and installing in positions of power in the Roman Curia and in the Diocese of Rome.

The local clergy grew lukewarm, and I saw a great darkness. — The clergy of Rome have indeed become indifferent to the crisis of a patently heretical heretic loving pope. The truth of the Gospel is now being actively suppresses. This great darkness is surely all these things but especially the alteration of the Our Father, in Italian, which Bergoglio intends to impose upon the Diocese this April.

Then, the vision seemed to extend on every side. Whole Catholic communities were being oppressed, harassed, confined, and deprived of their freedom. I saw many churches close down, — She is now shown in vision what will happen to the whole Church, both in the East and in the West.  The Bergoglio’s pact with China has opened a massive persecution there, Churches closed and destroyed, Catholics arrested and put under house arrest if not thrown into prison. Also many religious communities in the west suppressed by the Vatican. Finally, the Corona Virus response has been to close the Churches in many dioceses and stop all sacramental celebrations.

great miseries everywhere, wars and bloodshed. — We should expect terrible upheavals in the world soon: wars and rebellions and plagues. The Corona Virus itself can become much more leathal in just 48 hours, if God permits this to punish humanity.

A wild and ignorant mob took to violent action. But it did not last long. — Whether this refers to riots and where, is not clear. Here in Italy there is already an Italian verison of Antifa which gathers and performs violent riots to keep the universally hated left wing government in power.

Once more I saw the Church of Peter was undermined by a plan evolved by the secret sect, while storms were damaging it. — Here she calls the true Church, the Church of Peter, to signify that one of these two popes is the true successor of Saint Peter, the other is an imposter. The secret sect is clearly the St. Gallen Mafia, but one cannot exclude the Masonic Lodge or the Lavender Mafia.

But I saw also that help was coming when distress had reached its peak. I saw again the Blessed Virgin ascend on the Church and spread Her mantle [over it] — I cannot fail to note that on the facade of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Our Lady’s statue is placed at its peak.  In that Basilica is found the ancient Icon of Our Lady Salus Populi, which is said to be painted by Saint Luke, and whose title means: Salvation of the people.  Romans fly to this basilica in times of strife, war and plague to ask Her help.

I saw a Pope who was at once gentle, and very firm . . . I saw a great renewal, and the Church rose high in the sky.“ — Whether this refers to Pope Benedict, or his successor is not clear. But from it we can gather that Bergoglio is certainly not it. The image of the Church rising high in the sky, refers to the return of the splendor of the Church in holiness and conformity to God’s Will, seeking the salvation of souls and practicing chastity and celibacy which detach Her from the base desires of the earth.

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The error of Laicism

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Vatican II unleashed a host of errors. One of them was laicism.

I am not speaking of the European political concept of laicism, which refers to the concept of a state which is not Catholic or religious in its affiliation, but which is secularist. No, I am speaking about the kind which regards the disordered relationship of the laity to the clergy.

Laicism is the idea that the laity should run the Church or can hold offices in the Church, or worse, that they can be as effective or more effective than clergy in the work of the Gospel.

Laicism as an error is completely foreign to Catholicism. It comes from the protestant sects who rejected the priesthood of Christ as something which men could share by the Sacrament of Orders.

In the English speaking world, laicism is a more common error, because there are so many Protestants who convert to the Catholic Faith but keep the error of laicism, because since they made money off religion as protestant laymen, they want to keep making money off religion as catholic laymen.

Laicism is also common in Catholic Media, because social media is a do it by yourself sort of thing, and that allows laymen to begin to assume teaching and preaching roles which do not belong to them.

Obviously, no where in the Gospel is there the least shred of support for the idea that the laity have any role of responsibility in the preaching or teaching of the Church. Yes, they are to give personal witness, but no, they should not take initiatives on their own.

However, the general corruption of the clergy since Vatican II has made the Catholic way of doing things very difficult if not impossible. Seminaries have become institutions to teach vocations not to believe, to accept modernism and to go along with sexual perversion, so long as it is kept generally hidden from the laity.

For that reason 99% of laity today probably do not have a pastor who wants to convert anyone to the Catholic faith AND knows how to do it AND has the time to organize any effort. He is straddled with keeping the parish running with all the demands for the Sacraments upon fewer and fewer clergy.

But this is the malicious feedback of laicism. Because laicism destroys vocations.

Laicism teaches that a young man can start his own apostolate and get a job maybe in the parish. No need for personal commitment of celibacy or the evangelical vows of religion!

Laicism is also exacerbated by the abolition of minor orders.

The Catholic way of things has in practice been abandoned by the clergy who followed Vatican II instead of Catholic tradition. The way back to catholic practice in the apostolate REQUIRES the restoration of the minor orders, not as mere sacramentals of prestige, but as true apostolates and missions.

A local Church which is properly functioning will then have no lone priest serving in the Parish, he will have several dozen men in minor orders — thus no longer laymen — to help him in everything and everywhere he goes.

Until that kind of way of being Church returns, Catholics who wish to defend the Faith or promote a work of mercy need to be very careful not to arrogate to themselves any authority. They need to be humble and not promote their own views contrary to that of any Doctor or Father of the Church. They have to have the common sense not to support members of the Lavender Mafia, or those in denial about Bergoglio.

The natural inclination of good laymen will always be to always defer to the priest. That is a good inclination, but in times of heresy, apostasy or moral depravity, one must be cautious and prudent. Because true obedience is for the upbuilding of the Church, not collaboration in destroying it.

In the mean time, Catholics should listen only to laymen or laywomen who are citing Church documents and Canon Law and showing due respect for the teaching of the Saints, the Doctors and the Fathers of the Church. Those who play games in such matters, should be shunned.

The error of laicism needs to be stamped out. Authentic catholic apostolates will oppose this error and speak against it. Where this error is not opposed, the result will be the death of the local church.

One of the great effects of laicism is in thinking that Pope Benedict XVI is no longer the pope, because he renounced the same thing which a layman renounces when he gives up heading an apostolate at his local parish. Laicism makes Catholics forget that Jesus gave real spiritual powers of governance and mission in the Church called munera which only the clergy can hold and exercise. The singular of munera is munus, not ministry.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a screen shot of an article by Dr. Kwasniewski at LifeSite News, a media outlet run by laymen. The article encourages laity to preach, and attempts to craft an argument from magisterial documents which say no such thing. This same media outlet recent called a meeting in Munich Germany a lay event, while showing a picture of Archbishop Vigano on the main article. Laicism in action!

+ + +


Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for Italy!

Corona Virus on the way to becoming a Pandemic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today marks the first day that all schools in Italy will be closed for 2 weeks, to prevent the spread of Corona Virus-19 a new strain that is more deadly than the one in China.

The danger is not to children, however. It is to the elderly.  Italy has the highest concentration of elderly persons, over 65, than any country in Europe.

The latest statistics show that the mortality rate of Corona-19 is 3.5% of the total population, but a large chunk of the population does not develop symptoms which would lead to hospitalization.

The mortality rate, however, among the elderly is much higher. For those 70-79 it is 8%, and for those who are 80+ it is 14%.

Corona Virus 19, therefore, will be a true place against the most vulnerable and best members of our race: our grandfathers and grandmothers, our fathers and mothers. Those who have the most wisdom and prudence, acquired over many years.

Keep yourself informed! The news develops daily. This virus can mutate every 48 hours into a new strain, more or less deadly, depending on how its genes change.

In Italy the percentage of elderly over 65 years of age is 25%. This means that 15.125 million Italians are at risk of a mortality rate of at least 3.8%. Or a death toll of 150 thousand this year, about 6 times higher than the normal death toll for this demographic.

There is a real scare now in Italy, and I think if these stats are reliable, on mortality rates, that it is justified.

Pope Benedict XVI has been put under special quarantine on account of his advanced age. Pilgrims to the Vatican have nearly totally disappeared. Bergoglio has a bad case of this winter’s flu and if he be exposed to the Corona Virus, his chances of survival would be much reduced.

Moreover, 36% of the 32 thousand priests in Italy are over 70 years of age. So we could be seeing around as 1000 priests fall to the Corona Virus. Priests are especially vulnerable since they are in constant contact with the general population.

For the laity, however, most Italian senior citizens live on limited budgets, they do not eat well or heat their homes sufficiently in order to save money. They are thus highly vulnerable. They are also more likely to get sick on account of germs spread by their grand children, germs which the children spread in Schools.

So I think that the Italian government did the right thing, but, the problem is, that the virus will spread and eventually infect everyone.

For this reason, I ask everyone of my readers to join me in praying to Our Lady of Lourdes for the people of Italy.

I buried my mom just 16 months ago, so I am very sensitive to the needs of the elderly. And when I see so many of them walk by me on the side walk, who look malnourished, lonely and without hope, I can see that the Corona Virus pandemic will ravage Italy’s best of the best.

Pray, therefore, to Our Lady to spare all of them, but especially those who are not yet ready to meet the Lord. And to grant the grace to all to make a good confession and have a change of heart!

And let us not doubt that this virus as been allowed by God to punish the wicked and call men to repentance. So go to confession, while priests are still hearing confessions!

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Fatima is about Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Everything good can be willed for another higher good. That is the beauty of goodness. For this reason I believe that Our Lady came to Fatima for the sake of Pope Benedict XVI and the whole Church, to save the Church from the present Crisis of Apostasy, usurpation and heresy.

You see, when Pope Benedict wants a sign from Heaven that he should recognize his resignation was invalid or that he should return to the governance of the Church; and when the Church, the Cardinals and the Bishops want a sign from Heaven that Benedict is still the pope and that Bergoglio never was — Our Lady has already given the means!

Pope Benedict XVI, in communion with all the Bishops who recognize him to be the pope, need only Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Russia as a nation will convert TO THE CATHOLIC FAITH and recognize Pope Benedict XVI as Christ’s Vicar on earth. I  believe that this conversion would take place by Our Lady appearing in the Sky above every Russian city and town, telling the Russians in Russian that Benedict XVI is the Vicar of Her Son, the Successor of Saint Peter.

This miracle of conversion will be the extraordinary intervention which Our Lady promised at Quito in the 16th century. It will fulfill the requests She made at Fatima. And it explains why the condition of the consecration was made impossible during the Soviet era when there was NO Russia, and why the condition of it being done by the Pope in union with all the Bishops in communion with him — which seems an impossibly achieved thing — may have been left for a time in which the number of Bishops in communion with the Pope is so small.

This is only my guess. I claim no inspiration for it. But I have unlimited trust in Our Lady’s providence for the Holy Father and for the Church of Her Son.

But I publish it here, so that if anyone who does meet regularly with Pope Benedict XVI reads it, they can share it with him.

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