On the Expulsion of Jews from Western Catholic Monarchies: Part III

Undoing Historical Revisionism

Expulsions of European Jewry, 1290-1492

by Austin Walsh

Part III: In Spain Terror, Larceny and State Sanctioned Murder

After the Moors invaded Visigoth Spain in 711, the facts were plain and well-known that the Saracens would not have attempted the invasion were it not for the treason by way of intelligence furnished by local Jews who, as it were, held open the Gates of Toledo for the enemy. However, Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin were to plant the foundations of a glorious future only eleven years later, and fittingly, originating from a cave beyond which Saracen advances on Visigoth territory never did advance.

Our Lady of Covadonga and her son Don Pelayo loom large in a chapter of Catholic history that, while separate from this article, prove well worthy of any Catholic reader hungering for restoration. Visigoths surely taught the sons of their sons to be ever mindful of the death of their nation at the hands of treacherous Jews. The Councils of Toledo (400-681) had wisely decreed that Jews incorrigibly subverted the well-being of the state and should be barred in perpetuity from holding government office. However, after eight hundred years of preoccupation with recapturing their ancestral home from the Musselmen, this lesson was to be learned again the hard way.  Maurice Pinay, the singular pseudonym for the several authors of the absolutely essential-to-read The Plot Against the Church, recount for us the terror endured by the Spanish in the late Fourteenth Century under Monarch Peter the Cruel.  (A full and free PDF download of the English translation of The Plot Against the Church is available via Cognitive Gateway.)

Then the Christian kingdom of Iberia (Spain)… promoted the Jews to government members and even to ministers or royal state treasurers. As a result they violated the decisions of the Holy Church Councils, which excluded the Jews from government offices.

The Jews turned back once again to their traditional tactics, to gain their enemies through seeming good conduct and effective services, thus obtaining valuable offices which made it possible to them to later conquer the states which had offered them protection. They therefore left no opportunity unused in order to get into their hands control over this Christian kingdom, which had already become a second Palestine to them, into which they streamed ready and willing. The Jews came to Castile at a time when they had reached the high point of their power. (20)

Still an adolescent upon ascending the throne in 1350, Peter the Cruel took as his advisor Jewish leader Samuel Ha-Levi Abulafia, whose influence over the King increased, giving him power like no other before him. (21) This influence proved disastrous for Peter’s subjects, who were subject to a reign of terror and murder like no other during that period of history. Interestingly, regarding Peter the Cruel’s appetite for the killing of layman and clergy alike, Pinay traces a direct parallel to the murderous Jewish Bolshevik’s of Soviet Russia. No one in Castile felt safe. Pinay continues,

Unfortunately, however, history proves to us that every time the Jews in a Christian or pagan state attain “the highpoint of their power”, a terrible wave of murders and terror is unleashed, and Christian or pagan blood flows in streams. Thus it also occurred under Peter from the moment when the Jews obtained decisive influence upon education and government…The Jews attained high regard and the synagogues prospered, while the Churches decayed and the clergy and the Christians were disgracefully persecuted. (22)

Here another pattern can be seen in the larger context when considering aforementioned events in England and France: the more power Jews obtain, the greater the abuse and persecution to be suffered by the kingdom’s subjects. The bloodshed arising from such abuse is documented not only in the form of occult ritual killing seen in England and France, but in open murder of subjects by the monarchy so influenced, as noted here about Castile. Fittingly, this pattern also applies to royal treasuries. Whereas in England and France, the lending of money to the crown proved highly pernicious, under Peter the Cruel, who was a veritable thrall of his own Jewish advisors, usury devolved into crass and enormous theft. Such was the case when Peter’s advisor Samuel was betrayed by envious fellow Jews, accused of stealing gold and silver for himself, and forfeited his life. Pinay retells the discovery recorded by a chronicler of the period,

“And it (his death) caused the King much sorrow, when he learned of it, and upon the advice of these Jews he commanded to bring him all his possessions. The houses of Samuel were searched, and they found a subterranean chamber with three mountains of gold and silver coins, bars and pieces. Each individual one was so high that a man could hide behind it. And King Peter inspected them and said: “If Samuel had only given me the third part of the smallest of these heaps, then I would not have had him tortured. But he preferred to die, without telling me.” The fact that Jewish treasurers or finance ministers stole was not new. Many had been deposed for this reason. (23)

Tyrannized by Jew-controlled Peter the Cruel, the subjects of Castile languished until the Pope excommunicated Peter and declared his subjects free of any obligation to submit to Peter’s authority. At the same time, the Pope declared Henry – Peter’s half brother-  the lawful King of Castile. With the Pope’s blessing, Henry made war against Peter. In 1369, after a battle driving Peter, that tool of Spanish Jewry, into a castle near Toledo, a meeting was arranged via a certain double-agent envoy, at which Henry slew Peter, thus ending the terror.

Abravanel, the Monarchs and the Final Decree

The next and final chapter of Jew-orchestrated chaos in Spain began in 1483 with the arrival from Portugal of treason-suspect and refugee, the Jew Isaac Abravanel. As per typical historical pattern, Abravanel opened a bank, obtained an invitation to the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella, and succeeded in ingratiating himself with the Monarchy. Returning to Ryssen

Ferdinand and Isabella then entrusted him with the Spanish finances, despite the prohibition, frequently renewed by the Cortes, against entrusting any employment whatever to a Jew. “He himself’, writes Graetz, “recalls that his services brought him riches and honours, that he was highly esteemed at court, and before the high nobility of Castile”. As at Lisbon, he caused his fellow Jews to profit from his elevated position. It was certainly Abravanel who protected the Jews of Castile from the punishments which the inquisitors would have inflicted upon them for supporting the marranos. (24)

Nine years after Abravanel’s arrival in Spain, the southern region of Granada, final holdout for Islamic Spain, fell into Christian hands on January 2nd, 1492. After eight centuries, Visigoth Toledo was avenged, and this time unlike during the previous century, the Monarchs had seemingly crystal clear recollection of Jews’ role in the downfall of 711. Ryssen again,

On 31 March 1492, by an edict dated from the palace of the Alhambra, the Catholic Kings ordered the expulsion of all Jews from Spain. They were ordered, on pain of death, to leave the territories of Castile, Aragon, Sicily and Sardinia within four months. (25)

Now what have our Talmudic friends at the Jewish Virtual Library to say about this expulsion? It seems as if both the JVL and Ryssen use nineteenth century Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz as their source, as both accounts are in agreement. First the Jewish Virtual Library (source),

Tens of thousands of refugees died while trying to reach safety. In some instances, Spanish ship captains charged Jewish passengers exorbitant sums, then dumped them overboard in the middle of the ocean. In the last days before the expulsion, rumors spread throughout Spain that the fleeing refugees had swallowed gold and diamonds, and many Jews were knifed to death by brigands hoping to find treasures in their stomachs.

Now Ryssen,

The rumour of this practice became current, and certain Spaniards did not hesitate to disembowel them in order to search for treasure in their entrails. The captains of Genoese ships treated them with “ferocious savagery”. “Out of greed of simple caprice, to revel in the sufferings and desperate cries of the Jews, they threw large numbers of them overboard”. It was clear that the Spanish had nourished notions of vengeance against the Jews for many years, and were not about to waste their opportunity. (26)

How unfortunate indeed for these murdered Jews, who themselves as individuals were forced to suffer greatly in excess of any anti-Catholic antagonism in which they might have participated.

This is the difficult lesson faced by this subversive sect who, century after century, in Kingdom after Kingdom, so mistreat and abuse their host country that their presence becomes intolerable. In Visigoth Spain their treason was so malevolent, destructive and continuous through history, even as Spain emerged and attempted to unite itself in the fifteenth century, that those enacting the expulsion found themselves avenging the slaughter, enslavement and humiliation of their own ancestors, unrequited for eight hundred years.

While affirming on the one hand, Church teaching that no one has a right to harm the Jew; on the other, the Jew has no right to subvert, slander, swindle or slaughter any Catholic Kingdom or its subjects. This sort of lawlessness is precisely what England, France and Spain’s Jews put into practice.

All murder is regrettable, whether the victim be Christian or Jew. Thus this writer posits without contesting the Jewish Virtual Library’s prerogative to decry the harm done to Jews during their expulsion from Spain. However, the same also asserts the Catholic’s right and duty to mourn and remember all the Catholics murdered by perfidious, Christ-hating Jews, throughout the Church’s history. William of Norwich was a saintly boy who offered harm to no one, but was abducted, tortured, drained of his blood, murdered and discarded as if he were one hundred pounds of rubbish. This writer reserves mourning for the Church Militant, who while gaining a Saint, has endured a deep injustice. Just as no one has the right to harm the Jew, no Jew has the right to cram a phony historiography down the throat of any Catholic.

Weaponized Jewish Historiography vs. Authentic Catholic Counter-Narrative 

This inquiry into expulsions from Jews from kingdoms of Christendom leads to surprising discoveries regarding Jewish behavior, which in its malevolence invariably exceeds all rational limits and proportions, to the point where destruction falls upon Jews themselves by way of expulsion.

These excesses continue to this day and are observable in Jewish historiography which denies by way of omission their own culpability in the disasters which befell them. Not one word of acknowledgement is written that would admit even a small portion of responsibility resting with history’s Jews. Neither is one syllable of consideration given to the point of view of history’s Catholic protagonists.

Regarding historiography and education, if the reader take even a cursory look round, he’ll see that history texts are permeated by Jewish publishers, editors, and of course, that comic-book style historiography and the Christ-hating, anti-Catholic bigotry which that historiography attempts to conceal.  It behooves today’s Catholics therefore, to speak plainly with one another about this concealed Christ-hatred to be found just beneath the surface of this Judaized historiography.

Once our Catholic voice and vocabulary on this topic is regained, we can again begin asserting our historical counter-narrative among both Catholic and non-Catholic listeners and readers. Prior, however, to both the reasserting and the speaking plainly, is the knowing the truth for oneself. Completing this priority step involves criticizing, questioning and deprogramming from the relentlessly pushed varieties of Jewish comic book history that constantly crop up in media/alt-media/social media, and even Catholic media. Authors like Pinay, Ryssen, and E. Michael Jones can be a great start. It is time that Catholic minds were liberated.

Finally, a word on the intention behind the phony histories promoted by the likes of the Jewish Virtual Library, not only a contempt for the very concept of objective truth, but also a component of a larger and more pernicious long-term agenda. A quote follows, from a Jewish document dating back to 1489, attributed to the Great Sanhedrin, a hidden group alleged to this day to guide the work of world Jewry, and in the following letter encouraging other Jews suffering a setback at the hands of the French. The letter both disturbs and reveals much about the Jewish vision for Jewish-Catholic dialogue.

Dear beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves. The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts.

1) As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods: make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.

2) As for what you say about their making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

3) As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons cannons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

4) As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

This concludes the Series.



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  1. Excellent post, we can see the effects of their scheming and plotting coming to light in today’s world and as well in the past. The best thing we can do is to teach our children and children’s children. I once read that a renowned Rabbi made a statement saying the worse thing that ever happened to the Jews in all of history, was the birth of Jesus Christ.

    1. Sam, Catholics have been trained in the last 70 years to forget that religious Jews have persecuted Catholics from the beginning. They started by putting God to death, their Messiah and our Christ. They consider it a religious duty to persecute us because they consider it a blasphemy that Jesus said He was the natural Son of God. That is the reality of the relationship between religious Jews and Catholics. We for our part have always sought to preach them the Gospel. But those of us who are of Gentile blood need likewise to avoid the error of attributing their religious errors to their genetic lineage and thus making their ethnic group per se guilty. The truth is our Church was founded by Catholic Jews and has ever received the contributions of Jews who have converted to Christ and become Catholic. We must eschew racism of every kind, but we cannot close our eyes to the fact that we have been persecuted by religious Jews for 2000 years. The problems of usury are not new. The prophet Hosea denounced it in the Kingdom of Israel 2700 years ago. It has always been a terrible vice of unbelieving Jews, because when you abandon the God of Israel you fall into every vice.

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