Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for Italy!

Corona Virus on the way to becoming a Pandemic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today marks the first day that all schools in Italy will be closed for 2 weeks, to prevent the spread of Corona Virus-19 a new strain that is more deadly than the one in China.

The danger is not to children, however. It is to the elderly.  Italy has the highest concentration of elderly persons, over 65, than any country in Europe.

The latest statistics show that the mortality rate of Corona-19 is 3.5% of the total population, but a large chunk of the population does not develop symptoms which would lead to hospitalization.

The mortality rate, however, among the elderly is much higher. For those 70-79 it is 8%, and for those who are 80+ it is 14%.

Corona Virus 19, therefore, will be a true place against the most vulnerable and best members of our race: our grandfathers and grandmothers, our fathers and mothers. Those who have the most wisdom and prudence, acquired over many years.

Keep yourself informed! The news develops daily. This virus can mutate every 48 hours into a new strain, more or less deadly, depending on how its genes change.

In Italy the percentage of elderly over 65 years of age is 25%. This means that 15.125 million Italians are at risk of a mortality rate of at least 3.8%. Or a death toll of 150 thousand this year, about 6 times higher than the normal death toll for this demographic.

There is a real scare now in Italy, and I think if these stats are reliable, on mortality rates, that it is justified.

Pope Benedict XVI has been put under special quarantine on account of his advanced age. Pilgrims to the Vatican have nearly totally disappeared. Bergoglio has a bad case of this winter’s flu and if he be exposed to the Corona Virus, his chances of survival would be much reduced.

Moreover, 36% of the 32 thousand priests in Italy are over 70 years of age. So we could be seeing around as 1000 priests fall to the Corona Virus. Priests are especially vulnerable since they are in constant contact with the general population.

For the laity, however, most Italian senior citizens live on limited budgets, they do not eat well or heat their homes sufficiently in order to save money. They are thus highly vulnerable. They are also more likely to get sick on account of germs spread by their grand children, germs which the children spread in Schools.

So I think that the Italian government did the right thing, but, the problem is, that the virus will spread and eventually infect everyone.

For this reason, I ask everyone of my readers to join me in praying to Our Lady of Lourdes for the people of Italy.

I buried my mom just 16 months ago, so I am very sensitive to the needs of the elderly. And when I see so many of them walk by me on the side walk, who look malnourished, lonely and without hope, I can see that the Corona Virus pandemic will ravage Italy’s best of the best.

Pray, therefore, to Our Lady to spare all of them, but especially those who are not yet ready to meet the Lord. And to grant the grace to all to make a good confession and have a change of heart!

And let us not doubt that this virus as been allowed by God to punish the wicked and call men to repentance. So go to confession, while priests are still hearing confessions!

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5 thoughts on “Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for Italy!”

  1. Amen! People also should be going to a priest and asking for the sacrament of the anointing of the sick or confession, to prepare for a possible infection and as we ought to be praying in the Litany of Saints: “from a sudden and unprovided death, Lord, save your people”.

  2. On a positive note, doctors say the virus does not tolerate warmer weather and sometime in April flu season should be over with.

  3. in NZ over 70s are being urged by the primeMinister to stay at home
    How are wesupposed to surviveunlesssomeonetkesus toan ATM

  4. Some 200 Italian business are now controlled by Chinese owners (not including the ones owned by Chinese living in Italy), according to La Repubblica, while China’s central bank holds stakes in several Italian blue chips like Fiat, Telecom Italia, Generali, and Eni, among others. Only the UK has attracted more Chinese money for acquisitions in Europe so far this year, according to Bloomberg. Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi was in China a few months ago, laying the groundwork for what he hopes will be even more investment.

  5. eight days later i am pleased to report that the government says we can go for walks and go to the supermarket/bank/pharmacy/doctor/atm
    so long as we go alone and keep two metresaway from anybody else.
    so we observe this distancing lest we be thrown into gaol at a suitable distance presumably from the other inmates. A common phrase round the globe now is NEVER DID I THINK I WOULD LIVE TO SEE THE DAY WHEN…the Mantra of the times in this man-trap of a time.
    Bons mots like this are flying thick and fast, I can tell you

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