It seems the Virus knows where it is going

Rome, March 6, 2020:  Reuters International is reporting that the first case of Corona Virus has been reported in the outpatient clinic at the Vatican. This would not be the first case in the city of Rome.

The case of Corona Virus was reported late Thursday, that is, yesterday.

With Bergoglio suffering already from this winter’s influenza, the presence of Corona Virus in the Vatican clinic caused panic. The entire facility was sterilized after positive confirmation of the infection present in one patient. Those with influenza are highly susceptible to succumbing from Corona Virus due to their reduced states of health.

So far in the Roman Region know as Lazio, there are 44 cases and one death. The victim was infected by a relative who visited from Northern Italy.

The Virus is highly contagious. Several hospital workers at Rome have tested positive. Source of contagion unknown, but presumed to be the waiting rooms of emergency entrances.

There are few cases in Europe. But many in China. The virus has not taken long to get to the Vatican.

It is almost as if it knows where it is going, or if an Angel of Divine Vengeance is pouring out a green vial of infection upon those against whom the Divine Wrath is kindled.

Let us pray for the innocents who are infected or who have succumbed.

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4 thoughts on “It seems the Virus knows where it is going”

    1. @Donna Schwieder: Thank you for your excellent suggestion. On a side note: I was so pleased that our Bishop has disallowed both the Cup and the Sign of Peace for the duration of the scare. This indeed is a blessing or it may be a sign that he may be of a mind to cancel Mass if the cases spread or our state government decides that it wants a piece of the “State of Emergency” pie spoken of in the article at your link. Thanks again.

  1. Who knows really about this new virus “scare.” Remember all the other virus scares: Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola, Asian Flu, etc. Are we being manipulated for and by the “global elite” who operate very obediently under Satan’s attempts to harm and destroy the Image Bearers of God? Will be interesting to see what bishops start allowing, or dis-allowing, at Mass in the emerging ever-greater fear of The Corona Virus!

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