The Bergoglian Church exploits Virus to impose sacrilege and deny the Sacraments

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In any crisis, what is really in the heart of a man becomes manifest. Thus too with the schismatics in union with Bergoglio, the Antipope. They are using the occasion of the Corona Virus to do what they intended all along: abolish the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and do away with the Most Blessed Sacrament, which is Christ Himself.

They do these things because they are satanists of pride, who put their own judgement before and above all that is God and holy.

But first, to make sure you go to Hell, they are insisting on communion in the hand!

This insistence on communion in the hand is to drive away all who still believe in the Sacrament and make guilty of eternal damnation for the sin of sacrilege all who accept the dictate of sacrilege.

Catholics should just walk out.

Catholics should wake up and start reading the Latin text of the Declaratio and of canon 332. Then they will see who is the true Pope and who is the faker, if they cannot yet see it.

Maybe this tragedy will open the eyes of those who listed to liars and frauds for 7 years.

Let us pray!

The next sacrilege for those who remain in the Church of Bergoglio will be to utter the blasphemous words of the altered Our Father. By doing this they will become apostates from Christ, because by this act they will affirm that Bergoglio is superior to Jesus Christ and that Christ was an idiot who did not know God the Father by nature and face to face.

Wake up!

Trad Inc. will lament both, but will eventually demand you accept as a sign of not being a sedevacantist!

Oh the madness of laymen and clergy who no longer want to see that the word ministerium is not the word munus, and never was!

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13 thoughts on “The Bergoglian Church exploits Virus to impose sacrilege and deny the Sacraments”

  1. What would be your advice to people who like to attend Holy Mass on a daily basis & receive the Sacred Host on the tongue? Spiritual Communion is OK on occasions when Confession cannot be easily accessed, but on an ongoing basis it is not sufficient. We need the Body & Blood of Christ as it is food for our souls & if this practice is going to be prolonged by deviant Bishops in league with PF then a very serious issue arises for the Catholic laity.

    1. Ana,

      Pretty soon priest will have to decide to chose sides. But if the priest is not a bergoglian heretic, stick out your tounge and ignore anything he says and stay there firm and unmoving. Let him decide to give you the sacrament or make a scene.

  2. “Trad Inc. will lament both, but will eventually demand you accept as a sign of not being a sedevacantist!”

    Agree. Unfortunately nearly all Catholics will go along with anti-pope Bergoglio’s direction. Hopefully, there will be a sign from heaven soon that will help convince more Catholics that Bergoglio is wrong if not evil.

  3. Yes, what madness in the Bergoglian anti church which is no Church at all. What will be left of her?

  4. Brother, very good text. Simple and to the point.
    We must prepare for the war as we shout always do, but this war will be all at the open. Indeed priests and laity will have to actively choose which side to follow. To be ready for incoming battles we do need training. That is why simple words of truth are so important. They are our guidance.

    I’m writing in context of publication of Mr Russo, which is good but more on academic side. Not that not important, on the contrary, but laity, with busy everyday life, don’t always have time to follow and weight all arguments presented in exchanges between academics/theologians.

  5. Yesterday the good news was received in our diocese that our priests can give communion on the tongue.
    I don’t see how the risk of the virus is reduced for parishioners by banning it, only the risk for the priest would possibly be reduced. But it goes both ways, if we are willing to risk contracting Coronavirus from our priests’ hands, should he not be willing to also take the risk?

  6. Ana,

    Sometimes you have to be bold and resolve to receive the way God intended you to receive. I went to a new rite Mass today and although I was nervous because the do-it-yourself Litany mentioned coronavirus, I knelt. The priest did not stand me up nor did he make me put my hands out.

    And keep in mind, this is in one of the worst dioceses in America (San Diego). When you trust God, He wins. When you dare satan, he loses.

  7. Just to say I had no problem this evening in receiving the Sacred Host on the tongue, kneeling.

  8. No, I do not know who he is.
    I mean I heard the name before but am not familiar, have no associations. Of course I can look it up on internet.

  9. Dear Editor, apparently we were asked not to put the details (as in my last comment) here on this article on social media. Would you mine editing please the name involved? My apologies. Thank you

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