The Corona Virus & the Next Conclave?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There has been a lot of speculation by Catholics about the next Conclave.

Will Benedict die before Bergoglio, or Bergoglio before Benedict?

If Benedict before Bergoglio, will any Cardinal Elector break with the others and elect a successor to Benedict? — Only 1 is required.

If Bergoglio before Benedict, will the Cardinals proceed to a Conclave, or will the recognize that Benedict was always the pope?

Who would be the next Pope? Someone made a Cardinal by Bergoglio or someone made a Cardinal by Benedict or John Paul II.

But so far, I have not seen any Vaticanista or even blogger approach the question of what role the Corona Virus might play in the next Conclave.

So here goes.

The Corona Virus was reported in one patient at the out-patient clinic at the Vatican yesterday. Today, the entire office of the Secretary of State was sanitized.

Panic is spreading at the Vatican. If they sanitized the Secretary of State offices, then the infection probably has spread to the entire Roman Curia and all of the Vatican, since the Secretary of State is the beehive, as it were, of the entire Vatican apparatus. Numerous officials go in and out on a hourly basis. Numerous officials go from the Secretary of State to all parts of the Vatican. Not to mention the mail, which is processed by the Vatican Post Office in restricted spaces above and below ground.

So we can be certain that the Corona Virus will spread at the Vatican in the next 14 days.

Before the arrival of the Corona Virus at the Vatican it was widely reported that Jorge Mario Bergoglio has the flu. This years flu is very powerful. Those who grew up in the New World, like myself and Bergoglio, won’t have resistance to it.

Thankfully, I already had the flu. I was sick for 10 days, in bed constantly. And for another 10 days, I was so weak I was in bed most of the time. I had a lot of time to think of eternity, and when I was nearly recovered, I decided to start FromRome.Info as a full time apostolate advocating for Pope Benedict.

Those who catch this influence are likely to be harmed particularly severely if they catch the Corona Virus at the same time. Its not polite to speculate about a specific person dying at the Vatican, so I won’t.

But not only Bergoglio but every Cardinal who works in the Roman Curia might fall sick.

Thus, the scenario of a new Conclave this spring is now very likely.

Pope Benedict XVI is under quarantine and I think he will have a better chance of surviving the Corona Virus, since he has lived his whole life in Europe and has much more robust antibody preparation.

The prospect of a new Conclave this spring probably sends chills of terror down the spines of many Cardinals. They would have to come to Italy, and remain in the confined quarters of Santa Marta and the Sistine Chapel for several weeks, making their infection by the Corona Virus highly likely. Others might already have succumbed at the Vatican, changing entirely the political dynamic of the next conclave.

Many probably will decide not to participate.

Others will have a lot of reasons to think of Judgement of God.

Also, who will want to be pope? He will have to live at one of the major epicenters of the Corona Virus?

You can be sure that all those Cardinals who might have weakened immune systems will opt out.

The ones who do have the courage might very well be inclined to act on the kind of proposal which I based my Letter to the Cardinal Dean on, or upon that which my proposal to relect Pope Benedict contained.

Because the consequences of electing another pope, while Benedict XVI lives, is having another antipope. And who wants to risk the Corona Virus to be an antipope or have a dubious claim to the papacy? That would not be a good ending to an ecclesiastical career which aimed for real achievements.

But on account of the epidemic, the College might simply refuse to convene, and leave the Church with Pope Benedict on the one hand, and a sede vacante in the Bergoglio Church on the other. And that would make the crisis in the Church even more confusing.

In any event, God is in control and this corona virus might be the divine intervention that some Bishops and Cardinals — who refuse to look at Canon Law and — prayed for instead, which is sent in reply, but not quite the kind they expected.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a photo of the funeral mass of Pope John Paul II, presided over by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, in his capacity as Dean of the College of Cardinals, and attended by the entire College of Cardinals. Source and rights, here.

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8 thoughts on “The Corona Virus & the Next Conclave?”

  1. I was tweeting about this, in replies and in some comment sections on how to restore the Church and not pick from the rotten same group, the ancient conclave law, a single young man not ordained, chosen and then ordained Sub Deacon, Deacon, Priest, Bishop, then Pope. People thought I was nuts for bringing this up.

    If that is the case, who would be a good choice to be elected and not one with all the degrees, but with street smarts, doesn’t take any gruff and not afraid to do what is necessary to clean up the mess, meaning all these evil bishops, priests, religious, laity excommunicate and kick out of the Church. Then restore the Traditional Papal Crowning Mass in the Sistine Chapel and making Ex Cathedra Pronouncements To The World Rejecting Modernism and Defending the Faith, using the different Live Stream sites and regular media to do it, so it be seen and heard at all parts of the world. Those are my few cents.

  2. Very plausible scenarios Br. Alexis. Good work. We must all rest assured that God is in charge regardless what happens.

    The Bergoglio mess is a challenge to the faith of many—and many are failing the test. We must pray for them.

  3. It is amazing that our 40 days of prayer to the Blessed Mother for the church of darkness to leave Rome have barely ended, and the church of darkness has completely shut down with no power, no control of the situation and in total quarantine. Haleluyah!!

  4. I don’t believe there will be another Conclave, since so many End Times prophecies, including Garabandal, say Benedict is the last true Pope. Irish seer Maria Divine Mercy says: “My beloved Pope Benedict XVI is the last true Pope on this earth. Peter, the Roman, is My Peter, the original apostle , who will rule My Church from the Heavens under the command of My Eternal Father.” (The next Pope, may be elected by members within the Catholic Church, but will be the false prophet (Thursday, April 12, 2012 11:27 hours)

    1. Marcos,

      It is a teaching of Vatican I, that there shall be successors of Saint Peter until the end of the world. So if the world does not end during the life time of Benedict, then there will be another valid pope.

  5. I’m not so sure about that brother.

    It would be helpful if you tell us where to read Vatican teaching that there will be Popes until the end of the world , instead of the end of times…because :

    According most of the fathers before 4 th century (Papias, Ireneo , Hilario ) including Saint Agustin at the beginning, and also in modern times Antonio Van Rixtel, Castellani, Rovira, Madame Chasles, they made a distinction between end of times and end of the word.
    I know that after 4th century and starting with Agustin this opinion changed …without condemning the first one.

    1. In Latin, times is tempora, which means seasons. The season we are in is that final one, in which flows from Pentecost and ends with the return of the Lord. During that time the Chair of Peter is necessary for the unity of the Church, since Peter is the escort of the Bride of Christ to the eternal Banquet. It follows then, since the escort conducts Her to the wedding feast, that he must remain until the Bridge groom is revealed. The end of the world, in common parlance, means this same thing. There shall be no 1000 year Reign of Christ after that, rather, the world shall be destroyed by fire and remade, but as the Scholastics says, this remaking is in Heaven. So the end of the world and the end of times is the same. The true 1000 year reign of Christ is from Constantine to Boniface VIII, because during that time civil authority bowed to Christ, but after that it began its rebellion, which is nearly consummated.

  6. “I don’t know , if :” Before the arrival of the Corona Virus at the Vatican it was widely reported that Jorge Mario Bergoglio has the flu.” , is true, although “widely reported”

    Bergoglio continued to expose himself to Coronavirus till Ten days ago.

    As far as I know , the Vatican had not officially published that the test was negative.

    We have Not seen Bergoglio since last Sunday.

    It is strange, regardless he has only a flu.

    Never happened in the last 7 years.

    Will we see him ( not by video ) next Sunday ?

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