Corona Virus arrived at Vatican at AI Conference

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As reported yesterday, the Head of the Vatican Press Office, Matteo Bruni, the Corona Virus has officially arrived at the Vatican.

Bruni confirmed that “there has been temporarily suspended all the walk-in services of the Office for the Direction of Health and Hygene to enable the sterilization of offices. However, there remains in operation the station for Emergency care.”

The Corona Virus arrived, ironically, via the Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Those attending have been informed of possible infection. Patient 0 was a priest from Bergamo, in Northern Italy, who unwittingly arrived infected. Ironically, the Conference was held from Feb. 27 to Feb. 28, marking the 7th anniversary of the departure of Pope Benedict. The news, this Thursday, that the infection was positively identified as the Corona Virus means that the contagion has had 7 days to spread at the Vatican unnoticed.

As a consequence, Vatican authorities ordered the sterilization of the offices of the Secretary of State (the Vatican Foreign Office), the I.O.R. (the Vatican Bank), the Apostolic Archives and the Vatican Bookstore.

This last place is widely visited by many pilgrims to the Vatican.

Those who might be infected have been notified by email, according to the Vatican spokesman. But panic is reigning in the micro-state, as Ambulances were hear running to and fro in the narrow streets of Saint Peter’s Patrimony all day yesterday.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is of Saint Peter’s Basilica seen from the end of the Via Conciliazione, near the Castel Sant’Angelo. Photo by Br. Bugnolo.

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7 thoughts on “Corona Virus arrived at Vatican at AI Conference”

  1. Venerable Mother Mary Potter, pray with us and pray for us should death via the infection of the Vatican with the Corona virus settle there for a time. Devotion for the Dying:

  2. This has to be a Divine Intervention. I cannot look at it in any other way. Bergoglio had said that he had a “slight indisposition” to attend this conference, yet he did, but apparently was not one of the infected? Anyway, during this diabolical conference, Bergoglio blathered about basically creating computer systems that decide which patients live or die. The Pontifical Academy for Life has recently been pushing a world agenda for “Palliative Care” and favoring the Stealth Euthanasia Movement sponsored by globalist elites like George Soros and people under his wing now collaborating with the Academy. Check out their website and read through all their New World Order nonsense. It’s about time God is taking back His Holy City and His Holy See!.

  3. So far Corona virus is causing, what seems to me, undue and irrational significant mass hysteria, much more than the death rate should precipitate. Wonder why?

  4. Whether or not PF attended the conference he certainly appears to have picked-up the bug from someone who did. As Br. Bugnolo stated in a previous article those with weakened immune systems like HIV are the most likely to succumb. As Vatican City is full of such perverted clergy it may be God’s way of sifting the chaff from the wheat in His Church.

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