Lifesite News takes a swipe at Archbishop Lenga

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The error of Laicism is a particular nasty error. It leads laymen to think they know better than even members of the Sacred Hierarchy who are faithful to the Church. The error of secular politiking is even worse, it seeks to put down any Catholic who stands for all the principles of the Faith without compromise, just as Our Lady asked at Akita.

It is therefore very sad and shameful that LifeSite News should publish, yesterday, an article entitled, The Case of Archbishop Lenga: a Muzzle for a careless confessor?

Screenshot_2020-02-25 Abp Lenga, ks Jochemczyk - to jest niszczenie Kościoła - YouTube
Archbishop Lenga on w Realu24 TV in Poland, in a recent interview

FromRome.Info has covered the heroic witness and faith of Archbishop Lenga in several previous articles:

  1. Archbishop Lenga fires back: which describes how he is not going to observe unjust prescriptions against him which are motivated by the absence of faith.
  2. Archbishiop Lenga: Benedict XVI is the Pope and Bergoglio is an anti-christ
  3. Polish Bishops’ Conference attacks Archbishop Lenga for defending Celibacy
  4. Archbishop Lenga: It is difficult to believe that Benedict resigned freely
  5. Archbishop Lenga: The intention of Freemasons is being implemented in the Church

What is shameful about Lifesite’s article (which is merely an English translation of a German article published at Katholiches) is that it calls the Archbishop careless and imprudent for speaking the truth!  That is the critique of a politician, not of a Catholic! The insult is reserved for the end of the article, where it says:

“Bergoglio did not affirm the faith and does not pass it on to others. He leads the world astray. … He proclaims untruths and sins, not the tradition that has existed for 2000 years. … He proclaims the truth of this world, which is exactly the truth of the devil.”

Thus Archbishop Lenga was quoted from the Polish interview by the progressive British weekly newspaper The Tablet on Monday, February 24.

With such words, Archbishop Lenga offered an open flank, because he questioned the communion with Peter. The flank was immediately attacked, although the Polish bishops themselves, through their resistance to Amoris Laetitia, do not have an unclouded relationship with the current incumbent in Rome. They are careful, however, not to voice direct criticism of Pope Francis. Archbishop Lenga, also a Pole, who also lives in Poland, therefore became a “persona non grata” himself, as he criticized it in his 2015 statement.

LifeSite News it must be remembered is funded by a Canadian Political Action Committee and is co-founded by a self declared atheist, who rejected the Faith because of its restrictions on morality when he was a young man, but who after converted back to the Faith. I personally would have questions of the extent of that conversion after such a shameless attack on the Archbishop.

To say that he questioned communion with Peter is not only false but a theological error. He has clearly stated that he is in communion with Pope Benedict. And unless you are insane, it would be a blasphemy to call Bergoglio “Peter”. Certainly, Lifesite News which criticizes Bergoglio on a daily basis, nearly, would also be questioning Peter, by that standard, no? But I guess Lifesite Editors think that laymen can do what Archbishops cannot.

I personally think that the swipe against the Archbishop is due to this: that the Archbishop said the truth which LifeSite refuses to say, because LifeSite is controlled media. The words of the Archbishop break through the lies of the controlled narrative with force and authority and zeal. That had to be attacked.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the page cited in this editorial and is used here in accord with the fair use standard for editorial commentary. The Image of the Archbishop is a screen shot from the YouTube video in which he appears, and is used under like standards.

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7 thoughts on “Lifesite News takes a swipe at Archbishop Lenga”

  1. I think Randy Engel ties Lifesite News to Opus Dei (if I am not mistaken) and there is seemingly a lot of evidence that OD, whose founder was Jewish, is tied to that influence. So Lifesite holds itself up to be the supporter of Bergoglio and the Papacy; or is that satan and the antichrist.

  2. P S: Just to be clear:

    +Lenga did no such thing as question union with Peter.

    He questioned, rather, union with a false pope.

    Viva il Papa! ¡Viva Benedetto!

  3. Careless means leaving your flank open. Let us not quibble on significations. He was not carefless, he was faithful. Nardi’s critique is founded on the errors I denounce in the article. No matter of personal achievements can excuse the diabolic approach of calling testifying to the truth careless, opening a flank or denying Peter. Did Paul deny Peter?

  4. Who knew Life “Sike” News would launch attacks on a truly Catholic prelate? Weren’t they caught faking a protest with other Trad Inc. media in Munich? The true colors are coming out and the wheels are really coming off the Catholic Disney media…

  5. Dear Brother in Christ: I always enjoy your rich commentary on the Church’s tradition. But I was astonished at your attack on Life Site News. Did you read past the headline? 90% of the article is a defense of Archbishop Lenga quoting verbatim his most penetrating remarks and his heroic biography. There is not a word attacking the Archbishop. What the article says is that his witness to the truth gave an opening to the Modernists to strike. I agree that there is an unfortunate ambiguity in the headline, but your interpretation of the ambiguity is not borne out in the article.

    1. My comment had not to do with the article, it was with the headline and the final paragraphs. So you greatly misunderstand my motive in writing and what I did actually write.

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