Stand your ground, on Communion on the Tongue!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The problem is not communion on the tongue. The problem is that priests and whoever else who distribute communion — and only priests should do so, this is of Apostolic Tradition which no one, not even a pope can abolish — are poorly trained. If the minister of the Sacrament does not know how to place the Host in the mouth and avoid contact of his fingers with saliva, then he should not be distributing the Host!

Why ban communion on the tongue when a 10 minute training session can sure the mechanical problem which can cause saliva to end up on the fingers of the minister?

So I say, STAND YOUR GROUND and insist on Communion on the Tongue!

Insist that the ministers are trained!

Your financial support keeps your local parish or chapel open, you have the RIGHT to insist!

FromRome.Info is receiving reports from different parts of the world. Laity who are kneeling and receiving on the tongue are still being given the Sacrament. Most priest are not so cruel to refuse. If you go last in line, they have even less reason to object.

False and heretical arguments need to be refuted

Here are some of the arguments being used, which are false.

You can catch Corona Virus at Communion.  — If that were true, you could catch HIV at communion. But there has been no reported case IN THE ENTIRE WORLD where that happened.

God for the faith of those who receive on the tongue would not protect them from the virus. — This is simply blasphemy. God is the author of life. All disease — ALL disease — is a punishment for sin. God will NOT punish you for acting out of faith. But if you are in the state of mortal sin, He might. Receive worthily and take confidence in the Lord.

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem said we should receive in the hands, using one as the throne and another as its support. — This text has been long ago discredited by scholars. It was added to an authentic writing of the Saint by Nestorian Heretics, who did not consider Our Lord’s Body and Blood united to the Divinity.

Our Lord said at the Last Supper, Take and Eat, therefore we should not fear to use our hands to communicate. — Our Lord only invited clergy to the Last Supper, so this argument is a devious trick. As a matter of fact, the clergy stand right next to each other when con-celebrating, and have not stopped that during the Corona Virus. Why not? Because the scare is exaggerated and they know it.

Those who attend Mass are susceptible to the Corona Virus due to close proximity. — If the authorities really believed that they would stop all planes from carrying passengers and all trains from carrying passengers and all ships from carrying passengers .They have not. Therefore, it is pure anti-Catholic and anti religious bigotry to single out Catholics.

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6 thoughts on “Stand your ground, on Communion on the Tongue!”

  1. Reblogged this on Ordo Militaris Radio and commented:
    Amen! Beautiful, yes, stand your ground and demand to receive on the tongue. Another beautiful Tradition of the Byzantine Catholic Liturgies, when you receive Holy Communion, is by a golden spoon; which was also a practice by the Popes in their coronation Mass in the Sistine Chapel

  2. At the NO mass this week we were told that there will be no communion on the tongue which is how I receive. I attend mass every day and many times the priest brushes against my tongue when placing the Host. What is the best way to place the Host to avoid touching? I believe it is not my fault but rather fathers to correct. Right now I must stand when receivin g (no kneeling or altar rail) which I think I contributes to the problem. What is the technique that works?

    1. Mary, YES it is the priests fault, IF YOU ARE OPENING YOUR MOUTH WIDE ENOUGH AND STICKING OUT YOUR TONGUE, WHILE TITLTING YOUR HEAD BACKWARDS SLIGHTLY. Because if you are doin that, its easy to give you the Sacrament without touching your lips. But you but be perfectly steady.

  3. Thank you for your succinct answers to the objections that we face. It was telling at Mass yesterday when the “No Sign of Peace, No Cup, No Communion on the tongue” announcement was made from the altar because Father left out the “no Communion on the tongue”. He didn’t even use the language in the online announcement: “we encourage reception of Our Lord’s Body in the hand to avoid saliva and breath vapor”. I suspect because he knows that for thirty years the ONLY way I and mine have received Our Lord’s Body is from a Priest while kneeling and on the tongue–even without altar rails or kneelers for receiving.

    It was only after Mass that a lay distributor of Holy Communion mentioned having received the announcement per email/facebook that I found out about the “no Communion on the tongue” piece. The lay distributor was surprised to hear the official position that the Church can not refuse Communion on the tongue. (I’ve since sent him the official Church document showing this fact.) Then the discussion proceeded on to how much more dangerous Communion on the tongue is for spreading disease. I mentioned that I knew where my tongue had been that morning and that I hadn’t been licking any doorknobs, but I couldn’t be sure of all the surfaces my hands and fingers had touched since opening the door to the Church: the holy water, the hand rails, the pew, the song book, etc… He hadn’t thought of that.

  4. Dear Br. Alex, today at the mass the priest said that the bishops (in Portugal) have decided that faithfuls should not receive the communion on the tongue and that we should obey the bishops. So when I went to receive the communion I refused to receive on the hand, but the minister of the communion refused to give me the communion on the tongue, she told me she was obeying the bishops, so I responded her that the bishops should obey the law. Meanwhile another minister of the communion came and gave me the communion on the tongue. I have a question. Should I obey the bishops and the priest ? Is this demanding part of the the discipline that the bishops may change? Thank you.

    1. Communion in the hand has never been permitted by the Church by a magisterial document, and hence we cannot be certain in the least that Christ approves of it. Therefore, no Bishop can command it. And yes, I am receiving reports that those who insist as you do still are able to receive on the tounge. Stand your ground and keep doing as you have always done. We must show them our faith and that they are breaking God’s commandments about unconsecrated hands not touching the Sacrament. But I would urge you to go to receive from a priest not a lay person. Go last, because the purpose is to avoid infection, and if you go last they cannot say that you are infecting anyone else.

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