The Heresy of Pantheism at the root of Modernism & the present Church crisis

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Pantheism is the false belief that everything is God, or more precisely, that God is incarnate in everything.

As an error, it is an absurdity. It arises in the East in the Indus Valley in the ages before Christ and it is the core principle of Hinduism.

But it is also the consequential philosophical position of German nominalism.

Nominalism is an error introduced into Europe in the high middle ages by the Arabic philosopher Averroes. It spread rapidly at the University of Paris and thence to all of Europe, especially to the faculty of Tubingen. It was popular among secular logicians who, following Peter Abelard, thought they could carve out a place in Catholic society where they were not obliged by the faith to live moral lives.

Nominalism was condemned by both Saint Thomas of Aquinas, whose feast is celebrated today, at Aquinas and Priverno, Italy, and by Saint Bonaventure of Bagnoregio.

Nominalism ends up in pantheism, because nominalists deny that any particular word names anything particular or idea in a definitive way. For the nominalist, another word can just as easily name what is named.

Infecting Germany for centuries before the rise of Modernism, Nominalism became the favorite position of Modernists, who believe that there is not God and thus that religious sentiments are the true reality behind all religions. All religions are equal and are willed by religious sentiment. Modernists still speak of God, but they mean religious sentiment when they say God.

As one permanent Deacon explained to me, here in Italy, most of the clergy do not think there is anything named by the word, God. For them, God is a word.

You can see, therefore, the difficulty a Modernist will have when confronting the fact that Pope Benedict XVI renounced the ministerium and the Code of Canon Law says a pope must renounce the munus, if he wants to un-pope himself.

To them words have no fixed meaning, so whatever word you want to use, out of religious sentiment, is just as good and just as approved by God — which for them is the code word for religious sentiment.

You can see that the Bishops are modernists in that they are responding to the Corona Virus as if God is not in the Eucharist and that the waters of Lourdes have no miraculous connection to the God of all Healing and Grace.

This is why they wont even give you a response or audience when you ask to speak about the Renunciation. Questions and problems of this kind never enter into their heads.

This is why, just as the Lord punished the Jews of old for apostasy, with plague, so now the Lord sends the Corona Virus to punish the wicked clergy for their atheism.

For just as God incarnated once, and can incarnate not again, so every specific word has a specific meaning. This is the error also behind the subsistit in, in the “Dogmatic Constitution on the Church”, passed at Vatican II, on Sept. 17, 1964.

The Church of Christ susbsists as the Catholic Church, She doe snot subsist in the Catholic Church. The latter means She can subsist in several Churches. That is false. It is denied by the Incarnation of the Son of God. But it is affirmed by pantheism and modernism.

That is why all those who insist that Bergoglio is the pope are not Trad Inc. or traditional Catholics, they are Modernist Inc. and modernists, even if they say the Old Mass with all the rubrical perfection that has ever or could ever be achieved, in all possible universes.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a screen shot of the search results of Google Image search for pantheism, and is used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary. While the results have many interesting graphics, many of them are from occult sources and contain various errors or unseemly images, which are not recommended.

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6 thoughts on “The Heresy of Pantheism at the root of Modernism & the present Church crisis”

  1. Phenomenal… Trad Inc.or better yet, Modernist Inc. is pantheistic in yet another way which we were warned about In the all-time favorite “Oath Against Modernism” of Pope Pius X where he warned of the pantheistic understanding of the Apostolic Succession and the disregard for the “charism of truth” that is held by the Bishop of Rome and the successors of the Apostles throughout the ages which is precisely what the pantheistic prelate, Schismatic Schneider, continues to blasphemously preach when he says that Bergoglio can be a valid pope, but still be a manifest heretic, and even if most of the bishops and priests under his illegitimate pontificate are too, and even if all of the encyclicals, apostolic exhortations, and so on, are heretical, then it’s okay! Bergoglio is just another ordinary successor of Saint Peter. And if a renunciation did not happen by the sitting Pope, what gives? So, where does the “charism of truth” end up in Schneider’s Pantheistic view of the Church?

    1. Dear Em,

      The problems are coming from Germany, so it is easy for German speakers to be unable to see them, because if they saw them, they would have stopped them in the German Speaking world. But as it is they are overflowing from German to the rest of the Church. I think part of this problem is that German is not a Latin tounge and so its pick and chose how you like to translate words from Latin into German and they do not realize that you cannot play german word games with latin words. That is what distinguishes the Roman Civilization from the German barbarism.

  2. German barbarism. I like that. They have proven over and over with their wars both on God and on Man with words and arms. I wonder why this is so? Have they been cursed with impenetrable pride?

  3. I have been suspicious for a long time about the Trad Inc. members of the Catholic media. Their ultra elitism is anti-Catholic IMO. In their eyes anyone who cannot attend (for reasons of distance) the TLM each week is a schismatic. They boast about driving long distances each week to the TLM & there is no reason why everyone can’t do the same, except there are many reasons but they don’t want to know. They could add their strong voices to the case for spreading the TLM to all continents but so far they entrench themselves in their own little communities & expect Heaven to be made-up from their ‘remnant’ number.

  4. I have a question: Does a modernist of either the Trad type (the Pharisee) or the more open (Sadducee) type with no faith in the miracle of consecration or intention to consecrate have any ability to consecrate? A Byzantine priest told me that they believe it’s the faith of the Church that guarantees to consecration not necessarily the faith or intention of the individual priest. That does not sound right to me.
    I really do wonder if there are many priests at all who are truly consecrating the elements. It sure would explain why there are no sick or dead bodies being hauled out of our churches after mass in light of St. Paul’s warning in 1 Cor. 11:27-30! The Vatican Homo-mafia’s coming change in the words of consecration may thus only prove to be an outward witness to what is already a real wide spread reality.

    1. Dear David,

      Yours is an ancient and perennial question. The Scholastics such as Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Bonaventure and the great doctor of the Church, Saint Alphonsus dei Liguori agree that if a priest is validly ordained and uses the right matter of unleavend bread and real wine, when consecrating in the Roman Rite, it is sufficient that he had after his ordination the intention to consecrate for all his masses to have valid consecration until the last day of his life, so long as he does not remove this intention, and this intention is shown in this, that he says the words in the Missale. Therefore, have no doubt about this, unless the priest publicly says he does not intend to consecrate, because he can validly consecrate even without personal faith. — Our Lord wisely established the priesthood with such power to care for us his sheep even when the shepherd is failing.

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