Bergoglian usurpers suspend all Masses & Sacraments at Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I do not know what to say, or do, whether to burst out in laughter at the absurdity or to shake my head in shame at the faithlessness. But the Bergoglian Bishops in the Region of Lazio, Italy — the Capital Region — announced this afternoon the suspension of all public masses until April third.

This is not the same as stopping the Mass. But it is the denial of the Sacraments to the Faithful, which is a most severe sacrilege of their divine right to receive them!

The move comes from the Vatican, where Bergoglio has instructed Parolin to tell all Bishops to comply with the new decree of the Marxist government which goes into effect this evening: suspension of all public events at which the Corona virus might spread.

As I reported this morning, the government here in Italy is in panic, now that the leader of the Democratico Party has come down with Corona Virus in the week in which he met with all the heads of government.

The political elite are terrified. Many of them living moral lives of dissolution perhaps have reason to be. Those with weakened systems of immunity will have a much higher rate of mortality.

The decision removes the burning debate among Catholics whether to attend Masses which name the Antipope or not.  Now they have no masses to attend, except clandestinely, in whatever place a priest might dare violate the ordinance in secret.

The news is breaking, so the most complete report that can be found on the internet is as and is dated at 4:32 this afternoon, Rome. Time.

This is a surprise to the whole city, since nothing of the kind was announced at Masses in Rome today. I suppose the clergy did not even have the integrity or the courage to face the people’s reaction when it was announced.

Another shameless example of Bergoglian tyrrany and apostasy.

And not only are Masses suspended, but also BAPTISMS, MARRIAGES AND CONFIRMATIONS.  For Bergoglio the clergy can take a holiday, they do not need to touch the unwashed masses or go to the peripheries.

This action follows the announcement by the pseudo vicariate of Rome on March 5 of the suspension of all pastoral activity regarding the teaching of Catechism, home visitations and care for the sick at home.

If one had wanted to totally destroy the income of the Vatican City State, this is it. No religious ceremonies in public at Rome means no pilgrims to Rome and no tourism to Rome. If members of the Roman Curia suspected Bergoglio of being the Antichrist — who according to the Saints will order the suspension of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for 42 months — they now have more reason to do so.

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10 thoughts on “Bergoglian usurpers suspend all Masses & Sacraments at Rome”

  1. Surely this new development is connected to the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich?

  2. We will tune in tomorrow expecting more unfolding of the various prophecies concerning our time. The remarkable thing is that so few view what is happening now in this light.

  3. “But the hireling, he who is not the shepherd, whose sheep is not his, sees the wolf coming and flees, leaving the sheep, the wolf catches and scatters the sheep . . he has no care for the sheep.” .Jesus Christ on the false shepherds He saw coming into the Church. (John 10:12)

  4. Given McCarrick’s recounting of how a “wealthy, distinguished gentleman” approached him **outside the conclave** to promote Bergoglio, it seems more likely Bergoglio is the False Prophet taking orders from (and promoting) the cause of as yet unrevealed Anti-Christ.

  5. This was the final end game of the Bergoglian regime and their fake church experiment. Complicit Catholics got what they paid for, no less and it is coming to a diocese near you…

  6. That this happened right at the end of the 40 day novena for the Church of Darkness to be expelled has to be of significance.

    Fr Nix on twitter had the insight that it is an interdict imposed in judgment for the pachamama idolatry.

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