Conte is leading Italy into chaos

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I met a taxi driver yesterday who knows more about government that the Italian Premier (Prime Minister), Giuseppe Conte.  When I asked him what he thought about the new Decree to prevent the spread of corona virus — which came out on Saturday night — he said it is easier to issue a decree than solve the problem, because solving the problem took money and whits.

As an anthropologist, not a prophet, I foresee disaster in Italy. The break down of law and order. For the same reason: you cannot effectively respond to an epidemic through decrees.

Common sense recognizes that a virus is a living organism which does not respect decrees. Coronavirus 19, because it does not cause symptoms or problems in most persons, who are used to having influenza now and then, will thus spread rapidly to everyone in Italy. It is simply a mechanism of life. There is no way to shut down human life by decrees that will prevent it.

Consequently, as the death toll rises astronomically, the exasperation of the people will also rise. They will see that these draconian measures do not work. And since Italians are first and foremost lovers of human beings, they will begin to nurture the most profound anger for the authorities which are denying them the Sacraments and the opportunity to visit loved ones in their time of need, be with family members — the new decree effectively imprisons everyone in the Region in which they live and forbids egress and ingress — and attend the public funerals of loved ones — here funerals are magnificent events where thousands come out to mourn the passing of not a few citizens of each town.

Anthropologically what Conte is doing is unsustainable. It will be biologically ineffective. And from the point of the police forces in Italy, it will be impossible to enforce.

The result will be a breakdown of law and order. And it has already begun. Because the new Decree in denying visits of spouses and girl-friends to prisoners has caused 22 Prison Riots in the space of 48 hours. A thing unheard of in Italian history!

Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich in her mystical visions of 1820 for the city of Rome saw that there will come a time with a violent mob will sweep the city wrecking destruction everywhere.

We are about to see that happen. Not today, or next week, but perhaps by the end of spring.


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5 thoughts on “Conte is leading Italy into chaos”

  1. Bergoglio and Conte are the perfect pair of Freemasons to take down Italy and change it so radically for good. If Bergoglio is the “religious”, masonic, anti christ, Conte strikes me as the “political” anti christ as he ran for office with the Freemasonic ideal “New Humanism” ( When Bergoglio welcomed Conte at the Vatican, Conte gave Bergoglio a three volume set of the Divine Comedy and Bergoglio gifted Conte a copy of his heretical masterpiece “Laudato Si” along with a medal that had an olive branch joining a split stone, symbolizing peace. This is a judeo-masonic symboln not Christian or Catholic whatsoever. Bergoglio began speaking of a new humanism, preparing the way as a forerunner for Conte. Besides Bergoglio and Conte’s handshake seems to me a little too close to the masonic one, they’ve also been working way too closely in meeting with certain world leaders together in the Vatican.


  2. Immune boosting foods & supplements would be a greater benefit to the populace than preventing them from going to work & generally socialising. The virus can enter homes through windows & doors being left open for air. You cannot turn a home into a prison & expect families to be happy about that. Naturally, they’ll want to be with family members who aren’t feeling too well & to attend the funerals of those who unfortunately succumb, so such stringent & untested measures will not work. All one can do is to follow closely the medical advice of washing hands thoroughly & use & bin tissues when sneezing & after blowing nose. Adding to the depression which comes with any ‘flu is certainly not going to help & public servants & Vatican should be alert to this. We’ve already witnessed PF smacking a Chinese woman & now he’s virtually smacking the entire laity by withdrawing their right to attend Holy Mass & the Sacraments which they need to support them through this crisis. Also I would recommend that our Hierarchy should organise nationally the Blessing of the Sick which I can verify has real benefits & could even greatly lessen the effects of Corona Virus.

  3. This may sound crazy, but has the socialist government of Italy close the bars and restaurants now with the new decree? if not, then it is purely an attack against religion. i’m hoping there are underground Masses in Italy by priests who are still faithful to Christ.

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