One thought on “Frank Walker: Dystopian Nightmare”

  1. ‘A dystopian nightmare worldwide’. Well, here we are in Kiwiland, living it.
    Mass-less. All these priests lurking in their presbyteries, many of them seventy-plus.Useless. Useless. Praying for the nightmre to lift? Tell us if you sre.
    Ring your parishioners up and pray with each one of them. Pray for the conversion of Jacinda Ardern. She told me herself she was not named after Jacinta Marto ,whom she had never heard of. She was touring with the then Labou leader. I thought: what a gorgeous-lookig woman.We talked bling She was wearing beautiful jewellery. Little Jacinta,touch her heart.Any Kiwi reading this:echomy prayer.God,end this nightmare.God defend New Zealand. Because I fear God is going to allow awful things to happen in this country because Catholics here are gutless. If you aren’t gutless,then prove it. I’m going to do things this last day berore we almst toally close down. From my heart.In the heart of the nightmare.

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