Italian Bishops excommunicate Italians, praise China

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Silence is tacit consent. But praise is explicit approval.

Catholics from all over the world found it incomprehensible that the Vatican would sign an accord with the Marxist tyranny of China that would require Catholics in China to embrace heretical and schismatic clergy of the patriotic Church and call them “Catholics”. But so much has that accord changed things, that in the letter denouncing Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong, Cardinal Re, the Dean of the College of Cardinals implied that whereas before the independent Church in China was that of the government, now the clandestine Church — the illegal one — the Vatican recognizes to be the Catholic!

The implications of all of this are that the Catholic Church has been taken over at its summit by Marxists and that they are fully aiming to do to the Church what China did to the Church in China.

It seems a preposterous inference. But daily events are proving it true! Now any Catholic priest in Italy can be arrested for the crime of saying Mass in public. Baptisms, Marriages, Confirmations, even funerals for the dead are also illegal. Or so the Bishops’ Conference would have you think.

And the Bishops will let them be arrested! They have banned the Sacraments, in attempt to give force to a governmental decree from which the Church is immune by law!

This was a decision of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Italy, which has NO authority in Canon Law or civil law to give orders to anyone!

But in Italy there is a Lateran Pact, which the Popes since Pius XI have used to defend the liberty of the Church in Italy.

Yet at the emanation of the decree of the left wing Government here in Italy: silence. No opposition. And indeed, approval.

This can be seen in today’s issue of the Avvenire, the official newspaper of the Italian Bishops’ Conference. Article after Article tells the reader to comply with the government, accept that there are no more masses. Watch the mass of Bergoglio on the internet!

And no word on who made the decision to order the Bishops and clergy of Italy to stop public services. How like the  Marxist Party!

The alliance of the Bishops with China in persecuting the Church seems complete. Even the Avvenire, while counseling acceptance of having no Sacraments, praises China for having come out of the darkness of the stigma of having the Corona Virus. Now everyone has it! No more  anti-Chinese prejudice!

Is not that what Christianity is all about?

If you do not believe me, read pages 12 and 15 of today’s edition:



CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo of the pages cited from the daily newspaper, Avvenire, used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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8 thoughts on “Italian Bishops excommunicate Italians, praise China”

  1. We know whence the order to the effeminate corps of Italian bishops came: Antipope Bergoglio.


    Cui bono? Antipope Francis.

  2. These Bishops Conferences should be disbanded. The men running them are a bunch of sodomites who are either Freemasons and/or Marxist Modernists. They are not fit to be called Catholic much less Bishops & the responsibility for all affairs of the CC must be the responsibility of the PO headed by the Vicar of Christ who is not PF.

  3. The wolves at the Vatican must have howled and salivated, at the sight of the much bigger and tastier treats and bones that the pact with China offered them. The treats and bones must have been so much better than the Lateran pact could have ever offered them.

    What did China offer Bergoglio, Parolin, Battista Re, Conte, Gänswein, the Italian Bishops and the rest of wolves, that made them suppress the Lateran pact?

  4. Br. Alexis (“helper” “defender” ) How about coming up with a letter we could copy and print out expressing the crisis we as parishioners are in with the illegal election of Bergoglio who is additionally a manifest heretic being still blasphemously honored as pope in our Mass. This would give him perhaps two weeks to examine the incontestable evidence that Benedict did not resign the office of the papacy but only its administration and respond to our request to replace the naming of “Francis” with “Benedict” or at least a refrain from any reference to Francis. If there is a refusal to adhere to the truth and Catholic faith this would be a notice that there will be a vocal correction during any reference to Francis as our pope or perhaps even an actual walk out of the Mass. Indication that the media will be notified of this letter and the date submitted. Demonstrations exposing antipope and heretic Francis and honoring Benedict XVI as pope outside the Church may also occur if these measures prove unsuccessful. .

    1. David,

      I never like forcing priests, and they do not like it either. God has given them 7 years. And now he is sending Corona Virus to punish the world. Soon there will be no more masses which name Bergoglio because the bishops will follow Bergoglio in cancelling them. I think if you simple share with him the facts, he should be able to see them. I did an Italian article, What does loyalty to the Pope mean if we do not care who is the true Pope? I should do it in English, remind me if I have not done it in a few days.

  5. The propose letter: should contain this link: with instructions to click “an index to Pope Benedict’s Renunciation.”

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