The Suspension of Masses is a Bergoglian objective

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Riccardo Cascioli is right, there is an air of China now in Italy. Because the Catholic Religion has effectively been suppressed by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference just as it is suppressed in China.

Except that in China there is more religious liberty, in that they have still their public religious services in most other religions!

Everyone knows this will to suppress masses has come from Santa Marta.

Italy has a special legal relationship with the Catholic Church, founded upon the Lateran Pact: a treaty between the Apostolic See and Mussolini which originated the special legal status of the Church in Italy.

In all questions of the meaning of that relationship, the Bishops Conference of Italy defers to the Vatican. Legal Scholars are speaking out: it is clear that the decrees of the Italian government regarding the suspension of all public religious services cannot be understood to apply to the Catholic Church, which in Her own churches is free of all government control in matters of religion.

Thus, what is this will to suppress the Mass and Sacraments? Whence does it come?

I think the answer lies in the admiration that Jorge Mario Bergoglio has for the People’s Republic of China. Several of his ecclesiastical pawns have even gone so far as to praise China as the perfect embodiment of Catholic social teaching.

So, let us figure:

In China the Catholic Church is suppressed. And this is the perfect expression of Catholic Social Teaching.

Therefore, to have the perfect expression of Catholic social teaching, in Italy, you need to …

I think you can finish the comparison.

But obviously, “Catholic social teaching” in the mouth of Bergoglio does not mean what it means in the mouth of Pope Leo XIII.

I predict, not as a prophet, but as someone who has closely observed the modus operandi of Bergoglio, that the suspension of the Sacraments will continue indefinitely.

But when the Government approves, Bergoglio will order the practice of new religious rituals in the churches of Italy, ones which mix things from all the religions of the world. This is the objective of the Abu Dahbi statement. This is the objective of the Amazon Synod. Thus, one must presume it is also the objective of shutting down the Church in Italy, when the Lateran pact gives the Church the right to do the exact opposite.

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CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo montage of a poster placed illegally throughout the city of Rome in 2016-7 when Bergoglio took control of the Order of Malta. It decries Bergoglio for being a heretical tyrant. Its author was never discovered, it is believed.

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8 thoughts on “The Suspension of Masses is a Bergoglian objective”

  1. Fake Papa Bergoglio must wake up every morning granted that his father satan has allowed him to live yet another day, more bewildered at how many Catholics still consider him their pope. After everything he has done to tell them he is not their true pope, he marvels at their blind fidelity.

  2. I wonder if Bergoglio significantly alters Catholic beliefs through his actions the Italian government could claim the Lateran Pact would was nullified?

  3. PF is entering unknown territory if he continues to support the closing of Catholic churches & prevent people from attending weddings & funerals, & even banning priests from conducting them. I know the Mafia are gangsters but when it comes to wedding & funerals they will force the Vatican to forget their political allegiances & get out & do their duty. PF will then certainly lose face when the outcome of his irrational & hateful measures supposedly brought about by concern for the spread of this virus will be totally vilified by the public at large. Maybe it’s time for PBXVI to make his presence felt & overturn this crazy decision cooked up in Santa Marta by Communist prelates of questionable immune systems.

  4. Clear. I do think China has been a project of the Jesuits for a very long time. Since Matteo Ricci. In this respect it is also very important the in the reductions of Peru the Jesuits kept the indians away from everybody else also King and Pope. It was their pure ‘project’ and representation of their ideal. I also think it was the reason the Jesuits were suspended in the 18th Century. To keep the people (the flock) away from the pope (shephard) is typical what Jesuits do, and this is it. Keep the sacraments and Pope away from the people.

    It is also significant the both JPII and Benedict XVI were playing with the idea of again dismantling the Jesuits.

    Recently Ganswein was removed. Be what he may, he was intended as representation of the connection of Pope Benedict XVI and Francis (I am not saying Pope, because he has never been and didnt say so himself so far). It may very well be the case that Bergoglio after 7 years tasting being Pope, wants it for real. If that’s the case, watch him pressed so by ‘his’ bishops claiming the papacy solely for himself. Ganswein is out of the news. I am not sure why that is so, because the latest news was that he gets a special quarters in the vatican. This strangely enough may very well be the papal chambers, which have been refurbished since BXVI moved out. I think this all is significant to understand what is to happen.

  5. Excellent point Bro. Bugnolo.

    And Bergoglio has replaced the Mass with . . . himself, live streamed from La Casa Santa Marta. Big Brother/Chairman Mao.

    What Egoism! What devilish pride! How exquisite (if you are as is each the denizen of La Casa della Fagola, a diabolical narcissist)!

    How true that what Bergoglio would do to the Church in China, to our poor brother Christians in China–viz: destroy, slaughter, torture and kill–he would do exactly the same to you and I. Kill the soul.

    Let us carefully keep our eye on the ball. What is Bergoglio’s aim? His endgame? His final goal, if you will.

    These actions suppressing the most august Sacrifice of the Mass–except by him(!)–indicate the goal. Bergoglio is first and foremost about one thing: Killing souls.

    Destroy the Church. And lead souls into Hell.

    As predicted in the Third Secret of Fatima–which Pope Benedict knows well.

    Our Lady of Fatima–Triumph!

    O Jesus, You take care of it.

  6. 10 March, A. D. MMXX

    Great points by Mr. Cascioli–the State Church is not about Faith, it’s about power (cf. the 8% Tax).

    One Underground Church coming up.

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