4 thoughts on “Frank Walker: Corona Virus is a political ploy”

  1. Frank Walker just put out a Tweet from the Archbishop of Seattle that ALL Masses are cancelled indefinitely.

  2. Frank is wrong. This is no political ploy, it is serious business. Could be the beginning of the Great Chastisement. Here is a note I just received from my daughter who lives in Seattle.
    “We are doing ok. School is closed and we are home schooling Flynn.
    Terry is working from home as his office is shut down.
    Many of my friends are now out of work because they work contact jobs or have small businesses ( like restaurants) that are all closed.
    It’s a scary time.”

    1. Michael,

      In the USA alone each year some 50 thousand die from influenza https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/282929#diabetes

      But masses are not shut down, and restrictions on travel are not imposed. See the article by Chris Ferrara at The Remnant.

      This thing which is blowing this Corona Virus reaction out of all due proportion is that in modern society we not have the scientific an analytic ability to actually measure an influenza outbreak, which before we did not have. 100 years ago no one would even be talking about this. Panicing because we know is like becoming a hypocondriac after learning in biology class that more than 10000 species of bacteria and viruses live in every human body at any given moment. And some of them are corona virus relatives, perhaps. Dont be frightened. This is just normal everyday happening. Corona Virus is not acting differently and is not more leathal. Most get no or few symptoms. Only of extreme cases who go to to the Hospital do 3.4% die. If they really wanted to do something they would mobilize those who have been cured who are now free of the virus to help out at hospitals.

      1. Br. Alexis–For most folks perception is reality. And that perception is not good. I expect Corno situation to get worse and fear along with it. Say what you want but when millions of folks get scared bad things will happen like a crashing stock market, layoffs, food hoarding, etc. This is a time to encourage prayer and a return to God. Overall, the Corno shock may be a very good thing–a warning from God and a chance to change one’s life. This will be a Lent to remember.

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