Is The Conclave That Gave Us Pope Francis Valid and All The Appointments?

Seventh Anniversary Of Conclave

by Andrew J. Baalman

In this article I will be going through Universi Domini Gregis by Pope John Paul II to see if the laws of the Conclave that gave the world Francis, were broken and if he was not validly elected.


It is seven years since we had the conclave that gave us Pope Francis, with all this craziness and madness that has happened ever since, and then the worship of Pagan Idols in the Vatican Garden and Basilicas, all our worries and concerns seem to not matter and when we want to investigate or do these reports, certain groups of Catholics say it is not necessary and just obey and not worry what is going on.  But I am with many who think there needs to be an investigation and here we will look at what news reports said those fateful days after the conclave and all the breaking news.

Let us look at some dates and newspaper reports gathered from the Chronology Of Team Bergoglio

Nov. 22, 2014:  John Bingham, reporter for the Telegraph, writes his report, Pope Francis: how cardinals’ Conclave lobbying campaign paved way for Argentine pontiff, which appears on the online edition at 8:15 PM London time.  It is in this report that the allegations of Dr. Ivereigh, regarding vote canvassing are first made news.  All the subsequent reports will react to this. (On Nov. 26, this article was published, with later information, in a Spanish translation by Secretum Meum Mihi Blog, here.)”

Nov. 23, 2014: A report by John Bingham, entitled, “English Cardinal ‘lobbied for Pope’“, is published on p. 16 in the Sunday Telegraph, UK, regarding Dr. Ivereigh’s book and the allegations concerning the vote canvassing by Cardinals in days preceding the Conclave of 2013 (according to Maggie Doherty’s Letter to the Editor in the Daily Telegraph, Nov. 25). An image of page 16 of the Sunday Telegraph is subsequently published by a Spanish blog on Dec. 1 (here)”

Nov. 24, 2014:  Libertà e Persona, publishes Lorenzo Bertocchi’s, La “squadra di Bergoglio”, which exposes the story for the first time in the Italian language. (This link discovered & added to chronology on Dec. 15).”

Nov. 25, 2014:  In a Letter to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph, Maggie Doherty, the spokeswoman for Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor denies that Cardinal Bergoglio was approached by Cardinals or consented to the work of “Team Bergoglio”. (See here for an image of that letter).

“Nov. 25, 2014:  The From Rome blog reports the events known and speculated about the canonical implications of UDG 81, in “If Ivereigh is to be believed, was Bergoglio’s election invalid?

“Nov. 26, 2014:  The From Rome blog adds an addendum concerning the implications of canon 171 to its previous report.

Nov. 27, 2014:  Returns to the topic of “Team Bergoglio” in, Ivereigh + UDG 81 = A Radical Problem for the Pope, which discusses both the letter by Maggie Doherty and the canonical reasons why it appears that the election of Cardinal Bergoglio may now be open to a challenge. This article was republished in a rather good Italian translation by Chiesa e post Concilio, on Dec. 2.”

These and all the reports gathered show how the news about the invalid conclave was being reported around the world, but there is something even more, a book by Cardinal Danneels which admits exactly what is going on, but was not given permission to publish it in Italian by the Vatican. Lifesitenews reported on this on September 25th 2015, and this quote explains what is going on currently:

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  1. A snake can’t give birth to a dove. Vatican II Council is a evil council come from the Freemasons and Luciferians of the New Jews World Disorder. They are the communist-Jews, Zionists, Globalists, Gay mobs, Sodomites, Pedophiles and a bunch of Anti-Popes, Anti-Christs with one purport to destroy Christ Kingdom on earth which is the Catholic Church and wipe out the Kingship of Christ totally. Only one remedy: Fatima must be heeded and obeyed by all Catholics. SHE WILL CRUSH THEIR HEADS. Bishop Williamson says “15 decades of Rosary a day to keep the devils away”. So true, two weapons left to us: Rosary and Holy Crucifix. They’ve already blocked the mass, even though sacrilege mass of the new religion: new world order. People will die and fall into hell by billions, not millions folks. Billions will lose their souls due to the Antichrist of the NWO had stolen the chair of St. Peter.

  2. Agree with kitv2017. One question on the illegal election of Bergoglio. Is there anything in Canon law that might give lay Catholics the right or the obligation to formally question Bergoglio’s election? And further why rights, if any, do lay Catholics have against an evil hierarchy?

    In a manner of speaking lay Catholics come under the power of the Vatican State which we are expected to obey. If that is the case, it seems to me, that we should have the right to bring a legal action for cause, such as a corrupted election of a Pope.

      1. Thanks Br. Alexis. OK, but practically speaking what does this mean? What can do about it aside from holding the invalidity as a personal opinion? Could be hire a Canon Lawyer to bring an action? And who would be the judge in such an action?

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