De Donatis partially withdraws hateful interdict; implies Bergoglio is not the Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the course of not even 24 hours, Angelo De Donatis, the acting Vicar of Rome, has gone from imposing an interdict upon all the faithful of the Eternal City from entering Churches and chapels, to pray the Rosary or adore the Most Blessed Sacrament, to removing the same, but only as much as regards Parish Churches of the City.

You can read his new Decree here.

I sense from the Italian used, that Angelo De Donatis was forced to issue the decree closing all the Church by Jorge Mario Bergoglio. I say this, because, in his partial revocation of the terms of his first decree, he does not name Bergoglio, but seemingly identifies him with the words:

La Chiesa di Roma, in piena comunione con il suo Vescovo, Supremo Pastore della Chiesa Universale, è consapevole …

That is, he did NOT call him the Pope! Nor did he call him the Successor  of Saint Peter!

In fact, he seems to be making a reference to the Declaratio of Pope Benedict XVI, of Feb. 11, 2013 — commonly called Pope Benedict’s renunciation — wherein the Holy Father calls the one to succeed him the Supreme Pontiff, but not the Successor of Saint Peter, nor the Roman Pontiff.

If my observation is correct, this represents a massive shift among the clergy of the Diocese of Rome. The hateful shutting of all the Churches may have made them realize that Bergoglio cannot be the true Pope, because he lacks entirely the charismatic gift or munus of the Petrine Office.

In the meantime, I predict further modifications of the decree, because the religious of the city, who do not run parishes depend upon the support of the faithful of the city, and will shortly demand that their own churches be opened again, especially since most of them are backed by international religious institutes with a lot of ecclesiastical, political and financial power.

If this be the case, then it will represent the first united push back by the Church of Rome against Bergoglio’s claim to power. And that will be truly a changing of the tide.

If the Corona panic has caused this, then we should thank God for it. In the mean time, let us remember all the deceased in these last months — from whatever cause — in particular those who have been denied a public funeral, in our prayers!

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16 thoughts on “De Donatis partially withdraws hateful interdict; implies Bergoglio is not the Pope”

  1. Of course PF issued that order, no-one else would take it on themselves. It’s a great pity PBXVI didn’t overrule it when announced. Maybe the rest of the Cardinals & Bishops will rethink their position & join in the effort to have a thorough & transparent investigation into the validity of PBXVI’s resignation & the conclave that followed.

  2. Br Bugnolo, I sincerely hope that you are right about a concerted push back against Bergoglio.
    However, while you and Canon lawyers and a few other well informed Catholics hold terminological precision to be important – because it is – Bergoglio & Co. don’t care a fig for it.
    What makes you believe that this isn’t just another hasty tactical retreat or gaslighting manoeuvre?

    1. Paul, you might be right, but in Italy to change 180 degrees in 36 hours shows a lack of resolve, a lack of fortitude, a lack of character, and an utter lack of leadership. It is a big loss of face, and that means the pressure was tremendous. There must have been sustained opposition from more than 66% of the pastors of the city. And in Italian culture that is equivalent to a vote of no confidence. Wait for it, but there will be talk of resignation. I make this call as an anthropologist who has lived in Italy for 6 years, over the space of 15 years.

  3. The Laity can be very forgiving when prelates make disastrous mistakes as long as they accept responsibility & repent . Even if Angelo De Donatis was carrying out the order from PF he had a right to query it. If he did & was rebuffed, he should tell us. PF’s Ape Church is falling rapidly & other prelates should now take action to preserve the Papacy. Insist on a group talk with PBXVI. If he truly wants to resign then it must be done according to the Canons & the following conclave in keeping with PJPII’s Rules governing papal elections. If he doesn’t, reinstate him in the PO & oust PF as an antipope (heretic) & all his crew & carry out the Consecration of Russia. Taking such action might well lead to the complete restoration Our Lady promised.

    1. Donatis holds not office, but he should have at least applied canon 41 and resisted the inopportune request. Now his reputation is shot, unless he flipps and takes the lead against Bergoglio.

  4. Br. Alexis, you are absolutely right on the front lines in, and at the heart of, this battle to save the Church from the cesspool that we’ve fallen into!

  5. Bur Brother Alexis, you wrote not too long ago that if we want to win it’s necessary that we too get onto the ‘soccer field’ ourselves and not only be in the stands, watching the contest. You are an excellent example for us!

    Deo gratias!

  6. We see it again and again. Bergoglio turning. It is very unlikely that Pope Benedict knew about the decree in the first place. It may very well be he who caused the turn around, when becoming aware… Because … as he says himself all the time… Bergoglio FOLLOWS the church.. (well… as Jesuits do)…

  7. Haha, fortitudolaeticia, I just imagined Br. Bugnolo marching onto the soccer field with an ordo militaris flag, he’s got his whistle, clipboard, coin, and he’s getting a standing ovation because he is the star referee in all “Serie A della Roma”. He’s got his black and white jersey on, and he’s flipping the coin, calling the shots… “gentlemen, let the games begin!” (crowd roars). He’s blasting the soccer player’s big fouls to their face, pulling the yellow and red cards, expelling the dirty foulers off the field, warning the coaches to stay in their coach box or get kicked out of the game, drawing lines on the grass during free kicks, calling the penalty kicks, ball in and out of play, fearlessly debating the angry players and deniers of the Truth.

    Br. Bugnolo is one heck of a referee!

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