Acies Ordinata Munich & Corona Virus: De Mattei needs to respond

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Italian press has identified how Corona Virus came to Italy, and it was not from China.

Amazingly it was brought to Italy from Bavaria: Munich to be precise. Patient 1, the first Italian identified as infected, was infected by a viral strain subsequently also found at Munich, which led researchers to do a forensic study of person to person contact.

The first Italian to catch Corona Virus, however, does not live at Munich. He lives at Codogno, a small town north of Piacenza, in the Italian region of Lombardia, now the epicenter for contagion for the entire nation.

He reported the first symptoms appeared around January 25, according to a report in La Veritá on March 5, which summarized a study by Dr. Trevis Bedford, of the Fred Hutch Institute in Seattle Washington,  published in the New England Journal of Medicine on . He had visited Munich for a short trip and then returned to Italy.

Who this Italian patient is the press cannot reveal for health privacy reasons.

Likewise, the first patient in Germany reported his first symptoms on January 24, according to IL Sole 24, the largest newspaper of Southern Italy. According to DW, He suspects he contracted it from a colleague at his place of work, Webasto, who had come from Shanghai, China to a mutual training course for the automobile parts supplier. This colleague contracted it from her parents who are from Wuhan.  A number of other cases subsequently appeared at his place of work, which health authorities immediately shut down.

The incubation period for Corona Virus 19 is 2 to 14 days according to the US Center for Disease and Control, as Healthline is reporting. But the median or average rate of the appearance of infection by symptoms is 5 days.

That means both patients were infected by someone between January 11/12 and January 22/23.  And the most likely date for infection at Munich by both these men was January 19/20.

Acies Ordinata, the media stunt group of Traditional Catholics who stand in lines in public places and pray the Rosary as a sign of disagreement with Church leaders, held an impromptu event at Munich on Saturday, January 18, 2020. All the public faces of Trad. In were present: Dr. Roberto de Mattei of the Lepanto Foundation, here at Rome, Mr. Michale Matt Jr, of The Remnant, in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, Mr. John Henry Westen, of LifeSite News, etc.. (Source). (And Alexander Tschugguel, who subsequent to this report, was reported by Dr. Marshall on March 15, 2020 to have been in hospital for Corona virus.)

Father Z, a popular blogger on all things regarding the Ancient Latin Mass was irate that he was not invited, and posted about the event on the same day.

Whether the first Italian to contract Corona Virus 19 at Munich attended the Acies Ordinata Event is not known. But I think Dr. Roberto de Mattei should give a public answer, whether anyone from Northern Italy attended this event. And were they from Codogno? I think this is necessary simply because of the health risk to others who attended and for the sake of national security here in Italy.

Even if patient 1 did not attend the event, Dr. de Mattei has a grave moral obligation, I think, to notify all who did attend, because they were in Munich when the infection was being spread.

I do know from a friend, that as soon as Michael Matt, Jr. returned from Munich, he announced that he was taking a 2 week vacation. I assume that it was to be with his son, who had just lost a foot in an accident, but now I am not so sure.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a screen shot of the Acies Ordinata Event Home Page, taken by Father Z and copied from his blog, in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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7 thoughts on “Acies Ordinata Munich & Corona Virus: De Mattei needs to respond”

  1. I really think this article was hastily written and lacks charity. Can you explain further why you think after all this time (Jan 25th) it still poses a threat…to national security no doubt? As a social scientist you are capable of much more detail and thought than this and as a Franciscan more charity. I hate to be critical of you because of all the great work you are doing but I think this was a mistake to print this. I am willing to admit I am wrong if you can show more evidence through detailed explanation.

    1. Renata,

      I do not have to explain anything. I cited the facts. De Mattei has to explain. He has to admit whether anyone got sick after their return from Munich an epicenter of infection. If you think that is uncharitable to pose a public question in time of a national crisis, then I think you need to look at the whole picture. The nation’s health and the health of those involved in the Acies Ordinata are more important.

  2. Besides the fact that the Acies Ordinata thing in Munich was found to be a big scam and a fake stunt on behalf of Trad Inc, to fool Catholics that they were “resisting” the heresy of the German prelates, In think we need to extend the demand for a response, out of charity, to Michael Matt, John Henry-Westen Tschueggel., and those who were present and have a duty to inform because they run a public communications enterprise. Nothing could be worse that if it were the case that some of the fake stunt participants were infected with Corona Virus, boy, that would really have been something…

  3. What a howler, if proven to be true. The elite catching the virus & spreading it. To be fair, though, it was already in Munich, the seat of another antichrist, Cardinal Marx. But it could also be a warning to both sides to obey the true Vicar of Christ & Successor to St. Peter, PBXVI & stop tearing the Church apart which is what Satan wants. The link to China must be the 7M Catholics there that PF threw under the bus to the Communist Regime, Pachamama & the German Synod Proposal of doing away with clerical celibacy which is NOT the Will of God. Neither is the elite stance of Remain & Resist while accepting PF as Pope when PBXVI lives & is kept prisoner in the Vatican (predicted by Our Lady of Quito). All true Catholics should join together & demand that the resignation of PBXVI be transparently investigated & righted. Either he returns to the Throne of Peter or abandons us in the correct manner according to the Canons, when another conclave must be held upholding the Rules of PJPII regarding papal elections.

  4. Sadly, Tschueggel already has the virus, Dr. Taylor Marshal asked prayers for him.

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