C.S. Lewis: Counsels in an Age of Panic

by Andrew J. Baalman

Listen to C.S. Lewis and think of this new Corona Virus and all the craziness, all the canceling of sporting seasons, shopping centers, eateries and coffee shops closed, gun shows canceled, everything canceled. He spoke on this during the Second World War!

Stop this panic, Stop This Hysteria! Stop The Madness!


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5 thoughts on “C.S. Lewis: Counsels in an Age of Panic”

  1. Thanks for this meditation by C.S. Lewis. And with his words in mind let us thank God that He has given us this Coronavirus moment to think about the true purpose of our lives which is to seek God and follow His will.

    Arguing about whether the virus is a political ploy or something real wastes this important moment. We seldom, as a people, get such chances to reflect. Thanks be to God.

  2. MD, your comment, “whether the virus is …” reminded me of that much higher and most useful matter to consider from Joseph who had been betrayed by his brothers, “You thought evil against me but God meant it for good.”

  3. “Those who love man less than God, do most for man”… wise words from C.S., and anathema to hopeless atheists.

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