7 thoughts on “Dystopian Italy: How Giuseppe Conte is leading Italy to public unrest”

  1. Got it shared to Tumblar, not sure if people come from there to the videos, but hopefully. Weird decrees, that bread situation is strange, the speciality breads do cost about a Lincoln or 5 dollar bill, unless the bakers made too much and it goes on the extra shelf or made too much shelf, then cheap, so it is interesting to learn what things cost every where else.


    News Report From Kansas: Four cases in South East Kansas, few guys traveled back from where it started, brought it back, got into the country before the quarantine order, so Wichita Kansas is closed, five to six hours away from me.

    Panic buying hits the small towns in Northwest Kansas, Toilet Paper and Cat food gone.

  2. Amen, Br. Bugnolo. We haven’t seen anything yet. For Our Lady of Akita to have said that nobody would be able to bear the evils that would come upon them, and for the Angel of Akita to have said more recently “cover thyself in ashes”, I think we can expect more than just this. A lot more. It seems World War 3 has now come if it ever would. Check out what is happening in Iraq.

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