Salus populi romani: March 16, 2020

Perpetual Novena



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(Our English translation in Blue — Prayer will be said in Italian and Latin: Black)

The Prophetic Prayer of Pope Benedict XVI



(May 7, 2005)


In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Tutta Santa, degna di ogni onore,
Tu la migliore offerta
che l’umanità possa presentare a Dio.

All Holy, Worthy of every honor,
Thou, the best offering
Which humanity can present to God.

Vergine Madre, Madre sempre vergine,
supplichi materna al Figlio Tuo.

Virgin Mother, Ever-Virgin Mother,
Offer a maternal supplication to Thy Son.

Conduci sino al porto la barca della Chiesa,
scansando gli scogli ​​e vincendo i mar rossi.

Bring the Barque of the Church to port,
avoiding the reefs and overcoming red seas.

Custodisci questa città;
Conforta chi vi giunge,
senza tetto né difesa,
ed estendi a tutti il Tuo sostegno.

Guard this City;
Comfort who comes here,
without shelter nor defense,
and extend Your protection to all.

Con fede professiamo a Te, Genetrice di Dio;
Con amore Ti onoriamo,
Con speranza Ti preghiamo,
Ti proclamiamo beata.

With faith we profess Thee, Mother of God;
With love we honor Thee;
With hope we pray Thee
We proclaim Thee blessed.

Tu, mia Signora, mio conforto da Dio,
aiuto alla mia inesperienza,
accogli la preghiera che rivolgo a Te.

Thou, My Lady, My consolation from God,
help for my inexperience,
receive the supplication which I make to Thee.

Tu per tutti fonte di gioia,
rendimi degno di esultare insieme a Te.

Thou, who for all are a fountain of joy,
make me worthy to exult together with Thee.

Guarda l’assemblea dei credenti,
Madre del Salvatore;
allontana da loro sventure e afflizioni;
liberali dal male e dal maligno;
proteggili con l’abbondanza della Tua benevolenza.

Watch over the assembly of believers,
Mother of the Savior;
remove from them the misfortunes and afflictions;
free them from evil and from the Evil One;
protect them with the abundance of Thy benevolence.

Al ritorno glorioso del Tuo Figlio, nostro Dio,
difendi con la Tua materna intercessione
la nostra fragilità umana
ed accompagnaci sino alla vita eterna
con la Tua mano gentile,
Tu che sei potente, perche Madre.

At the glorious return of Thy Son, our God,
defend with Thy maternal intercession
our human fragility
and accompany us unto eternal life
with Thy gentle hand,
Thou who art powerful, as a Mother.



77 Our Fathers, that is 7 Rosary Decades of Our Fathers.

3 in Latin

71 in Italian — Or say them in your own tongue.

3 in Latin

3 Gloria Patri

Sacro Cuore di Gesù, abbi pietà di noi!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Cuore Immacolato di Maria, prega per noi!
Immaculate Hert of mary, pray for us!

San Giuseppe, Patrono della Chiesa, prega per noi!
Saint Joseph, Patron of the Church, pray for us!


San Michele Arcangelo, difendici nella battaglia, contro la perfidia e le insidie del diavolo sii Tu il nostro sostegno. Che Dio eserciti il suo domino su di lui, noi supplichevoli Lo preghiamo! E tu, Principe delle milizie celesti, ricaccia nell’inferno satana e gli altri spiriti maligni, che si aggirano in questa Città a perdizione delle anime.


Saint Michale, the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, o prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Divine Power, cast into Hell Satan and all the evils spirit who prowl about this City seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

San Gabriele Arcangelo, prega per noi!
Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us!

San Raffaele Arcangelo, prega per noi!
Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us!

San Francesco di Assisi, prega per noi!
Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us!

San Antonio di Padova, prega per noi!
Saint Anthony of Padua, pray for us!

Santa Rosalia di Palermo, prega per noi!
Saint Rosalia of Palermo, pray for us!

Beata Anna Caterina Emmerich, prega per noi e prega con noi!
Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich, pray for us and pray with us!

In Nomine Patris et Filii e Spiritus Sancti. Amen.


Al tuo tempio secolare
di ori e marmi rilucente
siamo accorsi ad implorare
il materno tuo favor.

At Thy Ancient Temple
of shinning gold and marble
we have come to implore
Thy Materna favor.

R. O Maria Madre Santa
tu del popolo romano
sei salvezza luce e guida,
nostra speme e nostro amor,
sei salvezza luce e guida
nostra speme e nostro amore.

Refrain: O Maria, Holy Mother
Thou art of the Roman People
the salvation, light and guide,
our hope and our love,
Thou art the salvation, light and guide
our hope and our love.

Col Prodigio della Neve,
segnò il luogo in piena estate,
dell’augusta tua dimora,
il supremo tuo favor.

With the prodigy of the Snow,
Thou signed this place in high summer,
of August as Thy dwelling,
as Thy supreme favor.

R. O Maria Madre Santa
tu del popolo romano
sei salvezza luce e guida,
nostra speme e nostro amor,
sei salvezza luce e guida
nostra speme e nostro amore.

Refrain: O Maria, Holy Mother
Thou art of the Roman People
the salvation, light and guide,
our hope and our love,
Thou art the salvation, light and guide
our hope and our love.


This Devotion is sponsored by the Committee “Salvaci o Maria!”

See our advertisement in the La Verità, throughout Italy, this month.



* Salus populi Romani, is Latin, for The Salvation of the Roman People. It is the ancient title of the Icon of Our Lady see at the top of this article.

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Bergoglio implores Our Lady, Salus populi romani

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Screenshot_2020-03-15 Coronavirus Useless Priest Goes Back to Old ProfessionToday, Vatican News reported that Cardinal Bergoglio visited Saint Mary Major’s at Rome to implore the intercession of Our Lady, under Her title of Salus populi romani — The salvation of the Roman people — to end the plague of coronavirus. And Our Lady worked Her first miracle: Bergoglio knelt.

The death toll in Italy rose today to 1807 souls. And there is the first report of 6 priests, of the Diocese of Bergamo, who have succumbed; twenty others are hospitalized.

To put that in perspective, since Corona virus came to Italy on January 25th or so, during the same period of 7 weeks, the common winter influenza kills around 6,000 to 9,000 souls, but so far only 1807 have died from Covid-19.

But the country is not shut down for the common winter flu season.

However, of all age groups, Cardinal Bergoglio is one of the most likely to die of the coronavirus, since he is a man 80-89 years of age with only one lung.

But no matter who we are, sinners or saints, devout or careless, Our Lady is our refuge in such times of  woe. So I invite you to join me each night, for the Perpetual Supplica to Our Lady Salus Populi Romani, which I transmit from the Piazza in front of Her Basilica. Please hit the subscribe button here to subscribe to From Rome Info Video’s Channel on Youtube, and then the BELL icon in the upper right of the YouTube page for that channel to get notifications for each video published.

subscribeAs soon as I get 1000 subscribers, I can transmit live. For now the program is pre-recorded.

This is all made possible by the Committee “Save us O Mary!”, who are readers of FromRome.Info, and who responded to the Emmerich Appeal.

Unlike all other prayers suggested for the Corona virus, these prayers before the Basilica of Our Lady were indicated to Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich in 1820 as the response Our Lady wanted to merit the remedy for the Church in this time of great darkness. The virus is only the first instrument of God’s punishment.

We need to repent and return to loyalty to Pope Benedict XVI the true Pope, as departing from him is the great sin which has merited and will merit the punishments of God.


CREDITS: Images are from Vatican News, used here for editorial commentary.

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Palestrina: Lamentationes Ieremiae prophetae

As we continue our perusal of the sacred repertoire of  Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, the greatest Italian composer of the 16th century, we sample his Lamentationes Ieremiae prophetae, a piece which was composed for Holy Week, since it is from this prophet that the Fathers of the Church draw themes for the betrayal of Christ. The author of this video has illustrated it with images of Our Lady, since the Saints have often put these lamentations in the mouth of Our Lady of Sorrows, to help us understand Her sorrow after the burial of Her son and before His resurrection.

This performance is by Pro Cantione Antiqua with Bruno Turner conducting.

FromRome.Info features at 5 P.M. daily, Rome time, a selection of sacred music for the edification of our readers, so that they can better grasp how contrary to the very nature of Catholic liturgy were the so called “reforms” of Vatican II.


When should you not obey your “superior”?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The exaggerated practice of obedience towards human superiors has been used as the most effective weapon of the Devil in modern times. We have only to recall the tens of millions murdered by those who obeyed their superiors in the Third Reich of Germany, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the Peoples’ Republic of China, to evidence the fact.

But even in the Church, this moral fault has been the cause of the destruction of the mass, of catechetics, of religious orders, etc..

Now, the same faulty notion of obedience is destroying the actual pastoral activity of the Church.

So I thin a brief Catechism on the moral virtue of obedience is due a review.

Short Catechism on Obedience

Obedience is a moral virtue. That means it is a virtue of the will. That also means that it has two species, or varieties: the natural and the supernatural.

The natural virtue of obedience is acquired through learning. The supernatural virtue of obedience is infused in our soul at Baptism, restored in a good confession.

Obedience as a natural virtue is a species of the virtue of justice. It inclines us to obey our legitimate superiors in things legitimate, promptly, faithfully and exactly.

Obedience as a supernatural virtue is a species of the supernatural virtue of justice. It inclines us to obey our legitimate superiors out of supernatural motives, in things legitimate, promptly, faithfully, exactly and heroically.

As Christians, the model of our obedience is that of the Son of God who descended from Heaven, was incarnate in poverty, waited long in patience, zealously committed Himself to the apostolate when directed, and accepted the ignominy of even the Cross when asked.

The virtue of obedience, whether natural or supernatural, has 3 ways of practicing it. You can be too little obedient, you can be rightly obedient, and you can be too much obedient.

You can sin against obedience by not being obedient, by being too little obedient and by being to much obedient.  Obedience has these 3 opposing sins, because obedience is a virtue directed to action. Just as you can not act, act poorly or overact, so you can sin 3 ways against this virtue.

Now, the proper object of obedience is the command, not the whim, of a superior: a legitimate superior, not anyone who simply claims to be our superior, or whom we think is our superior, but rather one who is legally, lawfully our superior.

You are a mindless robot, if you obey everyone. That is the sin of excessive obedience.  You are an unfaithful subject if you refuse to obey your legitimate superior in something legitimate. A rebel if you refuse to obey him in all things. But you are a just person if you refuse to obey someone who is not your superior or who is commanding that which he has no right to command.

Since obedience is a species of the virtue of justice, it is tempered by justice.  Justice is the virtue which inclines us to render to each what is his own. Thus a superior who is legitimate has a legitimate scope of authority and jurisdiction. That is, there are limits to his authority and to where that authority applies. Only God, as the superior of all, has no limits to His authority or His jurisdiction, except the Goodness of the Divine Nature Itself and the totality of reality.

So before obeying, ask, if the one commanding is commanding.  That is, is he merely expressing a whim or desire, or is he using human language to express an obligation which applies to you.  For human superiors, fulfilling their every wish is usually a vice, unless you hold an office of personal assistance, such as a secretary or Majordomo.

Second, ask if the one commanding is commanding something which is either morally good, or morally neutral, according to all laws, human or divine, natural or positive. This is  because you are never obliged to obey a law of a superior, if it goes contrary to another law you are obliged to keep.  Thus the pope cannot command a Son of Saint Francis to own property. A father cannot command a son to disown him. A teacher cannot command a student to fail a test.  A governor cannot command citizens to rebel.

Third, make sure that what your superior is commanding, he has the authority to command.  There are things your father can command you, but which he has no right to command you, such as those things which only the President of your country can command, or which only the pastor of your parish can command. In such cases it would be a sin to obey even your own father, unless of course he is the President etc..

Fourth, make sure that what your superior is commanding is within his provenance to command.  Thus, the pastor of your parish church can command things regarding his parish, not someone else’s parish. If you happen to find yourself in another parish, and run into your pastor, and he commands you anything at all, you have not obligation to obey, because he is outside his jurisdication. Thus the governor of one province cannot command you as a subject of that province, to do anything in another province.

Fifth, make sure you fulfill the legitimate command of your legitimate superior completely, not in a half measure, nor excessively.  It is wrong to not sweep the kitchen floor when you are under 18 years of age and your father commands it. But it is also wrong, if he commands you then to paint the garage machine blue, that you also paint the house machine blue.

Obedience in the Church

You sin mortally if you obey a man who is not the true pope, because you rob the true pope completely of your duty of obedience.

You sin mortally if you obey a true pope more than God, as God has revealed in Scripture and Tradition, and explained in the perennial magisterium, because in that you rob God of your obedience.

You sin mortally, if you obey your Bishop in things contrary to the laws of the Church or the Faith, or in things contrary to the laws of nature or morality, which include all civil laws which are not contrary to nature or morals or the laws of the Church or of God, because in such obedience to your Bishop you rob the obedience that you owe either god or your other superiors.

Christ our Head and our King

The Church only has one superior. Jesus Christ.  I say, Jesus Christ, rather than God, not because Jesus Christ is not God, but because whereas God commanding many things in the Old Testament, our obedience in the Church is directed to what God commanded in the New Testament, in His Incarnation whereby He took the Name above every other Name: Jesus Christ.

This is why, when Christ commands the Apostles and Bishops and clergy to go into the whole world and make disciples of every nation, they sin mortally to neglect this command or to obey any superior who directs them not to fulfill it.

This Great Mandate, which Christ gave to the Church at the moment He ascended to the Right Hand of His Father in Heaven, is the supreme command.  The Fathers of the Church explain that while this command mentions Baptism explicitly, it includes the celebration of all the other Sacraments implicitly, in the words and teach them to observe all the things which I taught you.

There is no obedience which is true obedience which contravenes the laws of Jesus Christ. We owe them obedience even before obedience to the Pope, to our Bishop, to the pastor of our parish, to the Head of State of our nation, to the governor, to the mayor, to the police, etc..  No one has more authority than Jesus Christ. No command which is contrary to the will of Jesus Christ is legitimate or obligatory for Christians to fulfill.

It follows then, that if Christ commanded the Sacraments, those who think the Sacraments can cause any evil of any kind are godless blasphemers. And those who omit them on account of such blasphemy and disbelief sin mortally, and cannot command such a thing.

Those who refuse to give the Sacraments to the whole local Church are apostates from Jesus Christ, they do the work of the devil, since Christ died to give the Sacraments to the Church, such a refusal is a refusal of the fruits of the Cross, which is diabolic.

We need to pray for the clergy, they are greatly deceived right now and they are doing the will of Satan in closing churches and obeying an antipope and in denying Catholics the Sacraments for no reason at all, but disbelief and a wrong notion of obedience.

Promoting true obedience

In the present crisis, you have every right to deny material support to any Bishop or priest who refuses to obey Jesus Christ and the true Pope. You have the right to tell him that. And you have no obligation to apologize or confess such an approach, because it is true virtue and will merit you eternal life. Finally, if you have donated anything to your local parish, and that parish closes its doors to everyone, you have the right to ask it back, and you have the right to sue them for fraud. If you explain that to your local priest, maybe he will being to obey rightly his human superior and Jesus Christ, and learn how to distinguish how to do so correctly to each.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a detail of a photograph by Br. Bugnolo of the statue of Pope Leo XIII above his funerary monument at the Basilica of Saint John Lateran’s, here at Rome. The Pope’s triple tirara is a symbol of his threefold authority as Christ’s vicar over things spiritual and temporal, in this world, and as a temporal ruler in his own right.

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Who is Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime minister who has assumed dictatorial powers unheard of in Italian history?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

No one in the entire history of the Italian peninsula has ever issued a decree that everyone in the peninsula stay in their homes for 1 month. No one has even attempted such level of divine dictatorship without heavy criticism and opposition. No one has achieved the like control of a single city in Italy without opposition. But Giuseppe Conte has done all these things in a matter of two weeks. And he a man who was never elected to any office ever.

So I ask, who is Giuseppe Conte?

If you read Wikipedia in Italian, you are told he is devoted to Padre Pio, a devout Catholic.

Seeing that he ordered all the Churches in the country to stop celebrating publicly the Sacraments, I think I have a right to doubt Wikipedia.

Wikipedia also says he is divorced from his wife, Valentina Fico, and father to an only son, Nicola, now 12 years old.

I have some experience with Wikipedia, in attempting to correct revisionist history which abounds there, on any topic which touches upon Jews. I know their editors favor Jews. If they do not identify their own openly, they will indicate it indirectly by naming an individuals mother before their father.

From my research, I find that Giuseppe Conte is a Catholic by religion, even if his surname and that of his girlfriend and her mother are also used by Jews in Italy.

But his association with Freemasonry is perhaps more certain.

He was in 1992 invited as a legal scholar to teach at Yale University, as a visiting professor.  Yale is the University known for its Masonic Lodge which has put numerous members in high positions of power: Bush senior and junior, Bill Clinton, John Kerry.  I speak of Skull & Bones. To get invited to teach to Yale is much more a political honor than an academic one.

I have visited Yale Campus several times. The Building of the Skull & Bones society has windows which are all bricked up. Not everyone who attends Yale is associated with them. They are a very elite invitation only group.

It has been rumored on campus since the 1950’s, when my own father studied for a Masters in Electrical Engineering there, that the members of Skull & Bones are all closeted gays. And that to become a member you have to do something obscene in the presence of the other members, who use that as leverage over you for the rest of your life.

Giuseppe Conte, prior to assuming the role of Prime Minister (technically called, Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri), was also a professor as the La Luiss School at Rome, a university teaching business and politics, founded by the most influential bankers of Italy, rumored to have Rothschilds’ connections through the family of the founder of the School.

But more significantly, as a boy, he studied as the Villa Nazareth Preparatory School at Rome, founded by Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, who is known as a key figure in Freemasonry at the Vatican. Silvestrini accompanied Cardinal Cassaroli on his infamous trip to Moscow, which bought the silence of the Catholic Church on Communism, in exchange for participation at Vatican II by prelates of the Moscow Patriarchate.

This preparatory school was dedicated to raising up key Left wing politicians who could garner the Catholic vote in Italy: Prodi, Matarella, Scalfaro, Andreotti etc.. Giuseppe Conte is just the lastest famous alumni. When Cardinal Silvestrini passed away, Conte left his important duties in Parliament to attend his funeral.

This personal history of Conte, in reverse, seems to indicate who has been promoting his career from the start. It goes without saying that Jorge Mario Bergoglio — whose own intelligence head in Argentina says is a Freemason — and Giuseppe Conte see eye to eye on every important political position that Conte has taken.

A sign, alas, of why things are as they are, and why the Main Stream Media is behind Conte 100%.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a detail of a photograph by the office of the President of Italy, and is in the public domain. Source here.

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Why that 3.4% Mortality rate is a lie

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Hype is a lie. The Big Lie.  We have been bombarded for several weeks now with the claim that the mortality rate from Coronavirus 19 is 2.4, 2.8, 3.4 or 3.8%

This is a lie, and I will demonstrate it.

The mortality rate from any viral infection has to be calculated over the entire population which becomes infected.  But this statistic — I will take the latest — of 3.4% does NOT apply to the entire population. It applies only to the population of serious cases which enter health facilities where their infection is recorded.

As I reported the other day, Medical authorities admit that 80% of those who are registered as infected by Coronavirus 19 never develop serious conditions.  And the symptoms of Coronavirus 19 are no different in such cases than the common cold.

That means that a very large population will contract and has contracted Coronavirus, but does not know it.

And since only those who go to hospitals or medical facilities go there when they fear they have something serious.  Now, publish reports say that 2 to 5 percent of the population are prone to fear being ill when they are not. This condition is called hypochondria.  Certainly a panic can increase this kind of psychological response. As I reported the other day, there has been a 250% increase in the number of patients going to walk in medical services in the United States during the Coronavirus 19 scare.  So I seems safe to say that that 2 to 5 percent is 5 to 12.5% right now.

If those are the persons who are being recorded as the 80% who never get really sick from Coronavirus 19, then we can downplay significantly the real mortality rates.

But as I reported yesterday, the surprising statistic is that 66% of those who actually die from Coronavirus 19 and who succumb due to respiratory failure are thoee who were smokers or have lung problems are at high risk, as well as those who suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Also, 80% of those who die are men. So women have only 25% the risk that men do.  This statistic is amazing to me as an Anthropologist, because women are the ones who are more likely to enter into intimate proximity to family members when they are sick. So this statistic does not make sense. It is telling us something important. Perhaps, that proper nutrition is the best defense against Coronavirus, or being a person in the family who is more likely to get care from those around them.

But the statistics which really downplay the mortality risk are those which I reported yesterday, namely that only 0.2% of those who die from Coronavirus 19 are under 50 years of age.  This is a disease which is of minimal risk to most of the population. So calm down.

Calculating the Real Mortality rate

So with all these statistics I will here calculate the mortality rate for all those who get infected, by age group and sex and existing medical condition, to show you what your real risk is, and how this is not a pandemic destined to wipe out humanity.

M = Male       F=Female

Percentages of those who died
from Corona Virus by age and condition

Explanation:  In this first table I took the actual mortality by age group and broke it out by the reports that 80% of victims are men and 66% of victims have risk factors, presuming that these two percentages hold evenly through each age group and risk category.

Age M no Risk M at risk  F no risk F at risk
90+ 3.13% 6.25% 0.94% 1.88%
80-89 14.033% 28.067% 3.508% 7.017%
70-79 8.64% 17.28% 6.48% 4.32%
60-69 2.1% 4.2% 0.7% 1.4%
50-59 0.7% 1.4% 0.233% 0.467%
under 50 0.034% 0.067% 0.016% 0.034%

Now I will take the reported overall mortality rate of 3.4% for all who are identified as infected, presuming that just as 80% never get serious symptoms, so those 80% represent 5 to 12.5% of the actual infected population, on account of the effect of a hypochondriac response. This means the infected population is actually 640% greater than the identified population.  So the 3.4% get diluted to 0.51325%, and then is diluted according to the statistics in the table above, to produce

Truer risk of death for all age groups and conditions

These numbers are so small I will list them as persons per 10 thousand infected

M no Risk M at risk  F no risk F at risk
90+ 1.60 3.2 0.482 0.964
80-89 7.19 14.28 1.796 3.52
70-79 4.43 8.86 2.208 4.416
60-69 1.07 2.15 0.27 0.54
50-59 0.35 0.72 0.0875 0.175
under 50 0.017 0.034 0.004 0.009

So when you are considering whether YOU should panic or not, remember, the real chance of dying from Coronavirus 19 is for many of us is insignificant.

To explain, look at Women under 50 years of age who have high risk factors. Only 9 out of every 10 million who contract Coronavirus 19 will die from it!

Or take Men with risk factors who are 80 to 89 years of age. Only 14 out of every 10,000 infected will die from it.  That means your grandpa who smoked his whole life, or has diabetes, or a heart condition, has a very low chance of risk. Watch over his health and make sure he eats well and stays warm and calm.

I must conclude then that the Coronvirus 19 Panic is a Main Stream Media engineered event for the political manipulation of nations. And that China and the World Health Organization have a lot of responsibility for not giving the public the true rates of mortality, categorized has I have done over the whole population of those infected.

Show this to your pastors

This analysis shows that there is no risk for the Catholic Church in opening Her churches and celebrating Her Sacraments. It is not going to cause a plague or significantly put anyone at risk. The Church should only advise those with compromised immune systems to stay away. But if the Bishops did that, it would be obvious to the faithful, how many of the clergy are not faithful to Christ, I think.

The statistics presented here are not scientific nor rigorous but are estimations and derivatives based on the assumptions in the article. Use them only to assess whether you should be entertaining panic, but not to put yourself at risk.

+ + +

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Bergoglio consummates his apostasy from the Church of Jesus Christ

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Office of the Prefecture of the Papal Household, headed by Archbishop Gänswein still — at least on paper — has announced the ultimate and consummate apostasy of Bergoglio: the celebration of Holy Week Services WITHOUT the faithful. Here is the official statement, in the official English version, original coloring:

The Prefecture of the Pontifical Household announces that, because of the current global public health emergency, all the Liturgical Celebrations of Holy Week will take place without the physical presence of the faithful.
Furthermore, this Prefecture informs that until April 12 the General Audiences and the Angelus presided over by the Holy Father will be available only in live streaming on the official Vatican News website.

That is right, Holy Week for Bergoglio, but not for thee!

The sheep of the smells and bells, the poor of the peripheries of Vatican City: DON’T YOU DARE COUGH ON ME!

This is the latest UNMISTAKABLE SIGN that the man never had the petrine munus, which is first and foremost a CHARISTMATIC GIFT to govern the Church.

Let those who have eyes see!

But this perfidia completa — complete betrayal — something the enemies of the Church have dreamed of, is not just something you outside of Rome can scoff at. As Giuseppe Pellegrino, the English language translator of Antonio Socci’s book, remarks on twitter:

The true contagion is not the Coronavirus 19.  The true contagion which needs to be cleansed from the Church is Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his false claim to the papacy!

For those of us who know that Pope Benedict XVI is the true pope, we can wryly remark that the faithful are better off not getting anywhere near Bergoglio lest they catch his spirit of heresy and apostasy.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screenshot of the webpage of the Prefecture of the Papal Household, which oversees liturgical celebrations at which the Roman Pontiff presides. You can read the page yourself by clicking the link on Giuseppe Pelligrino’s Tweet.

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